MGM resorts suspected ransom attack forces system shut down

MGM resorts suspected ransom attack forces system shut down

MGM Resorts International is in a frenzy to bounce back after encountering a serious cyber threat on Monday. As a result, a few of its network systems needed to be closed down. The company's websites went offline, and only cash was being accepted by the slot machines. It also seems that visitors couldn't operate their digital room keys, resulting in many being stranded outside their rooms.

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MGM released a statement on Monday at approximately 11:30 a.m. Eastern Time regarding an assault on X (formerly known as Twitter). The incident resembles a situation from the well-known Ocean's Eleven movie franchise.

According to a blog post, MGM resorts have recently come across a problem related to their cybersecurity affecting a few of their systems.

As soon as we discovered the problem, we immediately started researching with the help of top-notch outside cybersecurity professionals. We also informed the authorities and took swift measures to safeguard our equipment and information, which included turning off particular systems," as per the corporation's statement.

"We are still investigating and putting in great effort to understand the extent of the situation," was the final statement.

Throughout the day, it seems that the websites for all 31 MGM resorts and the primary MGM Resorts International website have been inaccessible. However, it's worth noting that the company appears to have authority over these website addresses.

MGM has recently published guidelines for their consumers that include the contact details of reservation queries and other MGM-related facilities via phone.

The application of MGM rewards is currently experiencing issues as it is not functioning properly. This app is designed to enable members to make reservations, generate digital keys for unlocking rooms, plan entertainment, secure pool cabanas, and discover dining options.

The MGM Rewards app declares that it is presently going through maintenance and as a result, digital keys cannot be accessed or used. If any help is required, kindly approach the front desk for assistance.

It is not clear if all electronic key cards are no longer working or if only the feature to use digital keys without a physical card, which MGM provides for their guests and stores on their mobile devices, is affected.

To give an idea of how many rooms are involved, the MGM Grand in Las Vegas has over 5,000 guest rooms and 750 suites, as stated on their company information sheet.

A user with the handle @LasVegasLocally, who appears to have ties to multiple insiders at MGM, shared a message around 7 p.m. Eastern Time on Monday regarding the digital keys. The post stated that "an MGM Resorts security employee reported that the system responsible for tracking open guest room doors is currently experiencing technical difficulties."

Beforehand, a video was shared again that displayed numerous slot machines that are not functioning on a specific MGM casino level. A few X users have brought to attention that the ATMs situated in the resorts are not working and neither are the casino cashiers giving out cash withdrawals.

MGM resorts suspected ransom attack forces system shut down - Figure 2

After some time, @LasVegasLocally made another post on X, stating that MGM has affirmed that "dining, entertainment and gaming" are functioning normally. However, the post also mentioned that "all the websites are still down though." According to the company, their guests are now allowed to enter their rooms, but some other users on X have reported that the Rewards app is still not functional.

At the moment, there is no official information regarding the reason behind the event. It is unclear whether a malicious individual or group has taken credit for the attack. It is also uncertain when the business will be back to its regular operations.

Furthermore, even though it was only gossip at the moment of posting, @LasVegasLocally has asserted that "an informant has disclosed that the individuals who hindered MGM Resorts' computer systems are demanding a significant amount of money as a ransom." As a result, this has prompted additional speculations on X about MGM possibly settling the ransom discreetly.

Reports from the nearby press informed us that since Sunday morning, the FBI has been communicating with MGM and the Nevada Gaming Control Board.

Another person on the internet has shared information about gossip that "Caesars Entertainment got hacked recently in the exact same way, and they gave $30 million as ransom to avoid facing the same issues as MGM."

Cybernews has made contact with the main headquarters of MGM and is currently anticipating a reply.

In addition to the hotel and casino resorts situated on the Las Vegas, Nevada strip, MGM International also manages its distinctive resort entertainment complexes in several other states such as Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, Maryland, Ohio, and New Jersey.

According to Philadelphia 10, a nearby news source, there seem to be troubles at the MGM Borgata in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Although the casino itself is apparently vacant, visitors are still able to access their rooms.

Additional well-known MGM hotel brands include Bellagio, Mandalay Bay, New York-New York, and Park MGM.

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