MGM Resorts: Slot machines go down in cyber-attack on firm

MGM Resorts: Slot machines go down in cyber-attack on firm

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The MGM Grand is among the impacted holiday destinations.

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Authored by Tom Singleton and Joe Tidy

Patrons of MGM Resorts have experienced difficulties with slot machines and booking rooms online after the company suffered a cyber-attack.

The company reported that specific programs were deactivated as a result of a "security breach."

However, the organization declared that its establishments are still functioning.

A guest staying at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas shared that she accidentally went into a different room due to the malfunctioning of the hotel's digital keys. She added that the hotel staff had to provide her with a physical key instead.

She informed the BBC that the staff provided her with a free stay as a form of compensation.

She also shared a TikTok video that displayed the casino games and slot machines in the resort being turned off.

There are individuals who resorted to expressing their dissatisfaction through social media platforms due to their reservations being cancelled. Additionally, they were unable to conduct check-ins, make credit card payments, or access their MGM accounts. An unsatisfied customer shared that he had to depart from MGM Grand to locate some cash to purchase food.

On a website called X, MGM Resorts announced that they have started looking into a matter with the assistance of well-known cybersecurity professionals. The company previously went by the name Twitter.

The declaration stated that we informed law enforcement and carried out quick measures to safeguard our data and systems. This involved the closure of specific systems.

The business declared that they are still investigating the cyber-attack to determine its extent and type.

In a later announcement, it was stated that their resorts, which offer various amenities such as food, shows, and gambling, are still running as usual.

The statement mentioned that the individuals staying in the hotel can still enter their rooms, and the personnel at the front reception are available to aid them if necessary.

The primary webpage of the business is not working. On the front page, a notice displays stating that the webpage is "presently not accessible" and instructing clients to reach out to the business via phone or external websites.

The company's resorts' websites feature comparable notifications. They possess accommodations and gambling establishments situated throughout the United States, including prominent sites in Las Vegas.

MGM Resorts has acknowledged a digital security breach for the second time in the past few years.

Last year, a cloud service from the company was hacked by cybercriminals. They were able to get their hands on over 10 million customer records, which included personal information such as names, addresses, and passport numbers.

It remains uncertain if there has been any theft of similar information due to the recent cyber-attack.

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