MGM Resorts hit by 'cybersecurity issue,' leading to massive outage

MGM Resorts hit by 'cybersecurity issue,' leading to massive outage

On Monday, MGM Resorts announced that it experienced a problem with its online security system which led to the shutting down of computer systems in its casinos. MGM owns a range of famous casinos situated along the Las Vegas Strip. As a result of the issue, some players reported that slot machines were no longer working. People now have to make hotel reservations via telephone for MGM Resorts' overseas branches since the websites are currently offline.

MGM Resorts hit by 'cybersecurity issue,' leading to massive outage - Figure 1

"MGM Resorts has just announced that they've detected a problem with their cybersecurity system that has affected some of their systems," said the company in a statement. They stated that they "immediately took action to safeguard our data and systems by turning off certain systems" as a response to the attack. However, MGM Resorts has yet to verify the extent of the system shut down, which systems have been impacted, or provide any other details about the situation.

Some customers have shared their personal experiences regarding difficulties they faced when trying to book reservations, operate ATMs, play specific games, and utilize their mobile keys to enter hotel rooms. However, Engadget has not been able to verify these claims on its own. Even though MGM Resorts has notified the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department about the matter, the department clarified that these occurrences are usually transmitted to federal agencies.

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