MGM cyberattack leaves thousands of guests on the Las Vegas strip LOCKED OUT of rooms at hotels like...

MGM cyberattack leaves thousands of guests on the Las Vegas strip LOCKED OUT of rooms at hotels like...

Cyberattack At MGM Locks Out Vegas Guests At Mandalay Bay And Bellagio; Aria's Slots Down

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Firstly posted: 7:23 PM BST, 11th of September 2023 | Revised: 9:38 PM BST, 11th of September 2023.

Reports indicate that a cyber attack has affected MGM Resorts on the Las Vegas strip, resulting in thousands of guests being unable to access their hotel rooms.

MGM Resorts International has an impressive number of approximately 48,000 rooms located on The Strip. Among the company's various properties, noteworthy ones comprise Mandalay Bay, the Bellagio, Luxor, and MGM Grand.

The system failure, identified on Sunday evening, has impacted the functionality of the corporation's electronic mail service, booking system, access credentials, and wagering devices in the casino.

On Monday, the company released a statement stating that they had discovered a problem with their cybersecurity systems. Upon discovering the issue, they promptly commenced an investigation with aid from top external cybersecurity professionals.

We informed the authorities and immediately took measures to safeguard our systems and information by shutting down specific systems. We are still probing the situation and putting in a lot of effort to uncover the extent and nature of the problem.

It seems that the malfunction in the system is having an impact on the slot machines in the establishments owned by the organization.

Reports indicate that visitors staying at MGM Resorts along the Las Vegas Strip were unable to access their hotel rooms as a result of a cyber intrusion.

An employee who works as a concierge for the famous Bellagio hotel has informed NBC News 3 that their complete system is not functioning properly both inside and outside of the hotel, and there is no definite timeline for when the issue will be resolved.

According to the hotel staff member, all computer activities are presently being accomplished by hand.

In the meantime, visitors staying at MGM properties have turned to social media to express their concerns about the issue, as numerous individuals have reported their inability to gain access to their assigned rooms.

The video depicts the ARIA casino with the slot machines turned off while the power shortage persisted prior to 4pm Eastern Standard Time.

The largest source of employment in Nevada is MGM, which possesses the majority of the casinos located on the Strip.

At the moment, the website of the business cannot be accessed and individuals who want to book a stay or service are being advised to phone for reservations.

on the Las Vegas Strip as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact travel and entertainment. People who have stayed at the hotels owned by MGM have used online platforms to discuss what is going on in Las Vegas as the pandemic persists and affects the tourism and entertainment sectors.

The automatic teller machines and credit card terminals are not working - eateries located in the premises are solely accepting paper money and guest room bills have been temporarily halted.

Visitors informed 8NewsNow that they couldn't gain access to their rooms and purchase snacks because the system was down on Sunday evening.

Several people have reported that they were unable to retrieve their ticket and collect their winnings after using the slot machines at the casino.

The power shortage seems to be impacting MGM establishments situated in places other than Vegas. This includes the Borgata located in Atlantic City, New Jersey, and Biloxi based in Mississippi.

In 2019, MGM experienced a hack where it was reported that 142 million guests were impacted.

Previous reports mentioned that Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter, along with Justin Bieber, were among the individuals involved in the security breach.

ZDNet has confirmed that the infiltration did not compromise any financial data. An MGM representative shared that the majority of the data breach consisted of personal information such as full names, home addresses and email addresses.

"Cyberattack At MGM Locks Las Vegas Guests Out; Aria Casino's Slots Affected"

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