Danish PM Frederiksen cancels election events after attack

Mette Frederiksen

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"Cameron Fooled By Fake Poroshenko In UK"

The British foreign secretary grew wary during a conversation with an individual who claimed to be a former president of Ukraine, as he suspected the legitimacy of the individual's identity.

One hour ago, a blog section was published and it only takes two minutes to read.

Macron Aims To Deploy Western Trainers In Ukraine

The leader of France went ahead with his proposal despite the worries of the United States that it could lead to an increase in tension.

The blog was published 2 hours ago and can be read in just 2 minutes.

EU Budget Plan To Secure Ukraine Loan Gets Lukewarm Response From Governments

The notion is still being talked about before the G7 conference occurring in the upcoming week.

On June 5, it took two minutes to read this blog post.

EU Considers Using Own Budget To Secure Large Loan For Ukraine

The European Commission is concerned that a different idea presented by the United States could pose a great financial danger for taxpayers.

The blog article takes approximately four minutes to read and was published on June 4th.

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