Exact date McDonald's Monopoly will return and full list of prizes is revealed


The highly anticipated game, McDonald's Monopoly, will make its comeback on September 6. Take a look at the complete lineup of rewards, ranging from monetary prizes to coupons and exciting adventures.

Last modified: 05:59 PM British Summer Time, August 30th, 2023

The much-loved game, McDonald's Monopoly, will be back at restaurants next week starting on September 6, and there is an extensive array of magnificent prizes up for grabs.

The immensely popular campaign was introduced in 2005 and operates in a manner akin to the traditional Monopoly board game.

Customers who are 18 years old or above are given an opportunity to acquire prizes by gathering game tokens from various items on the menu, including fries, wraps, drinks, and McFlurry's.

By removing the game components from these chosen products, customers have the chance to immediately win complimentary food items and even grander rewards like a vacation worth £2,000 provided by TUI.

Followers also have the option to amass corresponding property fragments in order to secure the most luxurious rewards using the MyMcDonald's app and mcdcollect.co.uk. By doing so, they will subsequently be granted an additional opportunity to emerge victorious.

To have a chance at winning, you need to participate - Last year, individuals won a total of 165 prizes per minute, with a staggering 77 million stickers being uncovered. The overall number of claimed prizes reached an impressive 10 million.

Four fortunate individuals will have the opportunity to snatch the grand cash prize of £100,000, while an additional 20 players will be vying for the second-place reward of a shiny new MINI Electric car.

The prizes available for the 'Collect to win' games vary from an Omen Gaming laptop to a cash prize of £100,000 and a MINI Electric Car.

In the meantime, the selection of 'Instant win prizes' is equally thrilling, offering fast food enthusiasts the opportunity to score various cash rewards, gift vouchers, and memorable encounters.

You must participate to have a chance of winning - A total of 165 prizes were won every minute last year, with a whopping 77 million stickers being peeled and a grand total of 10 million prizes being claimed.

This marks a significant improvement when contrasted with the six million awards that were redeemed in 2021.

Four fortunate customers will have the chance to seize the magnificent £100,000 cash prize, while an additional twenty players will be in the running to snag the second most valuable reward: the MINI Electric car.

You can get your hands on a whopping £100,000 prize by simply acquiring two properties: Park Lane and Mayfair. However, the Mayfair property stands out as the scarcest, as only a total of five have been printed.

Furthermore, 85 lucky individuals will have the opportunity to win a fabulous vacation worth £2,000k courtesy of TUI. Moreover, an impressive 200 individuals will be awarded an £80 GoApe voucher.

If you happen to be among the lucky 2,000 individuals who secure the coveted McDonald's Gold Card, you are entitled to a complimentary meal from the restaurant every week throughout an entire year.

The highly popular campaign was introduced in 2005 and operates in a manner akin to the traditional Monopoly board game.

The couple, Millie Court, 26, and Liam Reardon, 24, who are deeply in love, didn't hesitate to face off against each other in the massive dome during their first public appearance as a couple once again.

Joey Essex, the second-place finisher on Dancing on Ice in 2023, delighted the audience all day long as they waited eagerly in line for a shot at winning incredible rewards.

McDonald's Monopoly Prizes 2023: Complete Listing

Win amazing prizes by collecting tokens.

Digital fruit peel game rewards

In addition to the grand rewards, there are certainly numerous instant food victories and numerous opportunities to acquire McDonald's Merchandise.

McDonald's also disclosed that the folks living in the West Midlands had the fortune smile upon them last year, as they declared a whopping 5,400 victorious individuals in that area. London came in second place with 5,300 winners.

In honor of the game's comeback, celebrities and enthusiasts gathered today (August 30) at London's King Cross Station to test their chances of winning a variety of prizes from the Monopoly game.

The event featured a massive McDonald's Monopoly "burger" dome activity, in which individuals were invited to seize as many airborne "peelies" as they could.

The affectionate pair Millie Court, aged 26, and Liam Reardon, aged 24, on their initial public appearance as a couple once again, swiftly engaged in a fierce competition within the massive dome.

Joey Essex, the contestant who secured the second-place spot in Dancing on Ice during 2023, delighted the spectators all day long as they waited in line for a shot at winning amazing rewards.

If you feel like testing your luck, you can visit the Birmingham Bullring on Friday 1st September. But if you're not interested, don't worry because Monopoly will be available in restaurants all over the UK starting from September 6, which is just around the corner.

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