The Reimagined Registry: Revolutionizing Patient Care and Research through Real-World Data, Upcoming Webinar Hosted by Xtalks

The Reimagined Registry: Revolutionizing Patient Care and Research through Real-World Data, Upcoming Webinar Hosted by Xtalks

Attend this free online seminar and discover the importance of real-life data (RWD) and the significant part that patient registries play in collecting it. Explore advanced registry designs and see how they are implemented. Additionally, participants will gain insights into how different registry methods can impact clinical research and patients.

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A new webinar series titled "What are the Consequences of Not Investing in Real World Evidence?" has been announced by PRNewswire-PRWeb. The series will explore the risk of inaction and the benefits of real-world evidence to return on investment.

Real-life information (RWD) is valuable and its utilization is on the rise. This begs the question - is it only a luxury to have, or is it a necessity? PicnicHealth is conducting a four-part online seminar to redefine the worth of producing RWE and to address the issue of the risks associated with not taking action.

Patient record systems have been useful in providing authentic data and a way to study characteristics and outcomes of certain diseases over time. However, it is now becoming more evident that traditional registries have their drawbacks, such as difficulty obtaining data and having a limited representation of patients. There is also a risk of bias when referrals are made, and it can be burdensome for both patients and healthcare facilities.

In this online seminar, we will delve into the novel methods utilized by present-day researchers in reinventing the registry so as to surmount challenges and produce powerful research findings through the integration of data. Distinguished panelists from patient advocacy organizations, biopharmaceutical firms, and healthcare technology companies will expound on the importance of putting patients at the center of research and fostering collaboration across sectors.

The presenters will offer their distinct points of view on the recent development of registries and showcase relevant examples illustrating how RWD is altering the way patient care and research are carried out.

Come and participate in this online seminar to gather knowledge about unique techniques to tackle problems and hindrances that come with conventional methods of patient registers. Learn also how to obtain reliable research findings by incorporating combined information.

During the webinar, a group of experts will share their thoughts and insights on how to tackle the challenges of using traditional registries to obtain extensive research insights from combined data. The panel will include Heather Fitzpatrick Medlin, who is the Senior Director of CureDuchenne Link, Kristen Morris, who is the VP of Medical Affairs and Community Engagement at CureDuchenne Link, Clara Lam, MPH, the Asset Lead for Breast, Oncology Outcomes Research, Evidence Generation, Publications & Partnerships at Global Medical Affairs for AstraZeneca, Dr. Dan Drozd, who serves as the Chief Medical Officer at PicnicHealth, and Evelyn Pyper, who specializes in Evidence Strategy at PicnicHealth. Expect to discover innovative strategies to overcome the usual obstacles that plague traditional registries during this informative virtual event.

Sign up for the online seminar happening on Monday, September 25, 2023, at 10 in the morning Pacific Daylight Time (12 in the afternoon Central Daylight Time/1 in the afternoon Eastern Daylight Time).

If you want to know more about or sign up for this event, check out The Reimagined Registry: Changing the Game for Providing Care to Patients and Conducting Research through Genuine Data.

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