Man Airport Disrupted - Check With Airline

Man Airport Disrupted - Check With Airline

Manchester Airport has been affected by a power outage. Passengers are experiencing disruption to their journey. Flights have been delayed or cancelled. Airport staff are working to restore power and get flights back on schedule. Some passengers have been advised to contact their airline for updates.

People flying from Manchester Airport might face problems today. They should contact their airline for updates.

Terminal 3 faced disruptions due to a power outage.

Manchester Airport updated their Twitter feed, stating the power is back and they are fixing any issues. Passengers are being helped.

Travelers should check their airline's website for the latest flight details.

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There was a power outage just before 8am today (May 24).

The terminal experienced a power outage. It happened before 8am this morning. The statement says so. Terminal 3 was affected.

Electricity is back and we're fixing things to get back on track without bothering travelers too much.

If you're traveling, it's best to check with the airline for the latest flight information.

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