Who is Luke Newton from Bridgerton's girlfriend?

Luke Newton

We've been waiting for what feels like forever, but our love for Polin is finally being rewarded with the long-awaited romance of Colin Bridgerton and Penelope Featherington in the third season of Bridgerton. However, we're curious about who Luke Newton is dating in real life.

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Yes! Bridgerton fans rejoice with a new story about the family, where two companions transform into lovers. The roles of Colin and Penelope are portrayed by Luke and Nicola Coughlin, respectively, and their relationship takes on a new meaning after spending two seasons as close friends.

As we anticipate the arrival of season three part two on the streaming service (and of course, we've already watched part one in one go), we're eager to investigate Luke's romantic past outside of the show. Which individuals has the 31-year-old from Brighton been romantically involved with?

Luke Newton's Love Life

Sophie Simnett's Acting Journey, 2016-2018

Before getting the part of Colin in Bridgerton, Luke belonged to the Disney UK family and acted in a TV program named The Lodge between 2016 and 2017. On the set, he bumped into his girlfriend Sophie Simnett, who was also a cast member. Although they didn't confirm their relationship then, they were captured in a series of affectionate pictures.

Jade Davies: 2019-2023 Journey

According to reports, Luke began a romantic relationship with Welsh performer Jade Louise Davies in 2019. Davies is an actress who is known for her work on the West End and is presently traveling across the United Kingdom with the production of Wicked.

The twosome featured in several Instagram photos collectively throughout the years. In 2021, Luke revealed to PopSugar that Jade treated him to a trip to Amsterdam during Christmas. She even crafted a scrapbook filled with cherished memories of their time together as a gift.

During that period, he expressed, "She has an incredible ability to recall things, better than I do, so it's pleasant for me to reflect and acknowledge, 'Oh, that's what we were up to on that day,' instead of solely relying on the picture in my mind."

Regrettably, it did not work out as planned. According to The Sun, the two parted ways in March 2023. A confidential informant stated that "Luke and Jade grew apart due to their inability to set aside time to focus on their relationship."

After that, the duo erased any evidence of their relationship from their Instagram accounts. Subsequently, Jade began a romantic involvement with Morgan Gregory.

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