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“Felipe no”: Love Island USA fans react as Felipe Gomes got dumped after Courtney picked Bryce

The latest episode of Love Island USA Season 4 picked up from where last week's episode ended. In the episode, the islanders were put through a recoupling where the girls had to choose their partners.

By the end, Bryce and Felipe landed in the bottom two and Courtney had to pick one of them, sending the other home. She had earlier partnered up with Felipe, but the new bombshell’s arrival last week changed her mind. She picked Bryce over Felipe and dumped the latter.

Although Felipe didn’t get much screen time during his stay on the show, he left fans heartbroken with his exit. Some of them even blamed Mady for choosing Andy instead of Felipe.

Can’t believe Felipe went home before Andy. Mady should’ve picked him even if it were a friendship couple. #LoveIslandUSA
Fans upset at Felipe's unexpected eliminated

In the July 31 episode of Love Island USA 2022, none of the girls picked Felipe Gomes: Neither Sereniti, who he was initially paired up with, nor Courtney, who was his current partner. While saying goodbye to others, he kissed both the aforementioned ladies before his exit.

Viewers were upset with Felipe's departure since they wanted to see more of him. One fan even pointed out how people with good hearts have been eliminated so far. Prior to Felipe, Valerie and Tyler had been dumped. This is the first time on the show that no newcomer has been eliminated.

Take a look at some reactions to Felipe's elimination:

I’m gonna miss Felipe. His energy was good & looked like pure vibes. Even his exit was dope. #LoveIslandUSA
I need the producers to stop with this dumpings please we’ve lost Valerie, Tyler, and Felipe back to back. A damn mess #LoveIslandUSA
Noooo I didn’t Felipe would be the one leaving the villa ???? #LoveIslandUSA
Felipe Gomes’ journey on Love Island USA

On day 1 of Love Island USA, Sereniti had picked Felipe. While she was pretty serious about getting to know her partner, he made it quite clear that he was not interested in Sereniti. The one and only most-talked about moment starring Felipe was when he sneaked out of the villa to go on a date with a new girl.

The episode showed Sereniti looking for him before she found out that he was going on a date. The two later had a discussion about their pairing and decided to stay friends and nothing more.

Felipe later had a thing for Courtney and was rooting for them as a couple. However, viewers felt that he was not on the show to find love, but wanted to have more se*ual experiences.

He recently grabbed fans’ attention for his similar looks to newcomer Bryce. Viewers claimed that the two had a resemblance.

Who is Felipe Gomes?

Felipe Gomes is a 32-year-old model from Sao Paulo, Brazil, who is currently residing in Dubai. He has worked with several reputed modeling agencies like Elite Model Management Miami, MMG Models, Independent Model Management and many more.

He also walked the red carpet at the 75th Cannes Film Festival (2022). In April, he did a show for MICHAEL CINCO Dubai at LA Fashion Week and has worked with multiple luxury brands, including Jacques Bogart, Bulgari, and John Bell & Croyden.

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He was dumped from Love Island USA Season 4 after surviving two weeks in the villa. Following his exit, the remaining islanders include Sereniti, Chazz, Zeta, Jeff, Courtney, Bryce, Timmy, Mady, Sydney, Andy, Isaiah, Jesse, Deb and Bria.

Love Island USA Season 4 airs a new episode from Tuesday through Sunday at 9 pm ET on Peacock.

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