Watch out Porsche Taycan: Lotus Emeya revealed as twin-motor, four-door GT

Lotus Cars Limited

Introducing the innovative four-door Lotus, marking the return of electric prowess after the Carlton era.

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Introducing the fresh Lotus Emeya, which has a top speed that is 17 miles per hour lower compared to the previous sedan model bearing the Lotus emblem and four doors. That notorious delinquent from the 1990s - as if there hasn't been enough discussion about it - was a Vauxhall that received modifications from talented experts in Norfolk, who perceived it to be excessively fast for regular streets.

According to, there won't be any discussions in Parliament or media efforts to remove this car from the roads, thanks to the modern era of driving. However, you may still have some personal deliberation regarding the Emeya's shape and overall design.

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And how that discussion comes about strongly relies on your personal opinion about the Eletre SUV, from which this fresh Emeya evidently draws its appearance. The twin-headlight design is perched on a resemblant fang-shaped front, flowing back across the four-door outline to unveil a comparable single-line brake-light design. If the Eletre had experienced the weight of an object pressed upon it, the Emeya would be the outcome.

Similar to the automobile mentioned and the Porsche Taycan it is clearly designed to compete with, the third completely new Lotus is filled with an abundance of power and advanced technology. Lotus informs us that the Emeya is equipped with two electric motors - one with a single speed in the front and another with dual speed in the rear - allowing for all-wheel drive at all times. These motors are powered by a 102kWh battery, which can be charged quickly using a 350kW DC charger, adding 93 miles of range in just five minutes. The power is managed through a two-speed gearbox, and the Emeya also boasts large, high-performance brakes.

Lotus boasts an impressive power output of 892bhp along with a torque of 726lb ft. It can go from 0 to 62mph in just 2.78 seconds and has a top speed of 159mph. It may not reach the renowned 176mph achieved by the Lotus Carlton, but it is still incredibly fast for everyday driving situations.

And it will supposedly have the capability to quickly analyze the actual surroundings, similar to an enthusiastic narrator reciting credit card terms and conditions. The flexible air suspension can analyze the road at a rapid rate of "1,000 times per second", continuously adapting the shock absorbers to provide a drive that Lotus promises will be both "assured and pleasant".

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The excellent performance of the Emeya is achieved through smart utilization of aerodynamics techniques. Utilizing an active front grille helps diminish resistance, while simultaneously cooling the batteries and brakes. Additionally, an active air lip is implemented to enhance downforce at high speeds, resulting in a thrilling driving experience with remarkable front-end responsiveness, according to Lotus.

Additional aerodynamic enhancements are achieved through the utilization of an active rear diffuser and a rear spoiler. The rear diffuser draws inspiration from the world of motorsport, while the rear spoiler features a dual-layer configuration that is 10mm broader than the already wide Eletre SUV. This setup enables the Emeya to generate a remarkable 215kg of downforce. Additionally, there are eight vents strategically placed on the body of the Emeya to ensure a streamlined airflow both over and beneath the vehicle.

Within the entity, there exist clear elements inspired by Tesla, focused on a sizable central touchscreen and an audio system for the car provided by KEF. It has an appealing appearance, with a neat and orderly design. Additionally, it includes an active noise cancellation feature to eliminate unwanted sounds from the surrounding environment. The interior boasts luxury materials like aluminum, Alcantara, and leather. Lotus also highlights the utilization of a new type of thread derived from leftover cotton scraps from the fashion industry.

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Lotus also refers to a 55in "projected augmented reality head-up display," which, without any additional clarification, we can assume is a sophisticated HUD that shows navigation, advanced driver assistance systems, obstacle alerts, lane departure assistance, and more.

According to Lotus Group CEO Feng Qingfeng, we are combining our extensive history with advanced performance and modern technology in order to redefine the standards for luxury electric vehicles. Our goal is to create a driving experience that is truly exceptional and tailored to the needs of drivers.

Not only boundaries that are discussed in parliament, mind you.

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