Lizzo says she 'quits' a day after being criticised for headlining Biden fundraiser


Lizzo, the popular American celebrity, recently announced her decision to step back from the limelight due to false information circulating about her. She faced backlash for performing at a charity event in support of President Joe Biden, which triggered negative comments.

On her Instagram, Lizzo expressed her sentiment of feeling unwelcome in the world. She shared that she is starting to feel like she doesn't belong.

She expressed her weariness towards constantly dealing with the pressures and expectations of both her personal life and online community. It was unclear whether she intended to depart from the music industry or disengage from social media altogether.

After receiving criticism for her appearance at a Biden fundraiser, Lizzo spoke out in response. This backlash was linked to various accusations of unprofessional behavior against her.

Lizzo is facing allegations of sexual misconduct and fostering an unwelcoming workplace setting.

According to NewsNation, Ron Zambrano, a legal representative for three individuals making accusations, expressed his disappointment in Lizzo being selected to headline an event with such serious claims against her.

Lizzo, who made an appearance at Radio City Music Hall last Thursday, has refuted the accusations being made against her.

Lizzo expressed in her social media post that her desire is to create music that brings joy to people and contributes to making the world a better place. However, she is beginning to have doubts about whether or not she is welcome in this world.

The woman who is 35 years old expressed that she always has to deal with false information. She stated that these lies are being spread for the purpose of gaining popularity and attention.

She mentioned that she experiences being the subject of ridicule constantly and is being criticized by individuals who are unfamiliar with her.

"She said she never agreed to this and she's decided to resign."

Lizzo, a music industry icon renowned for her promotion of self-confidence and acceptance of one’s physical figure, has previously responded to negative remarks about her outward appearance.

Lizzo was the focus of rumors regarding her eating habits and consuming too much fast food, leading to accusations of body shaming last year.

"I'm really close to losing faith in everyone and contemplating giving up," she expressed previously.

Last August, Lizzo and her production company faced legal action from ex-dancers – Arianna Davis, Crystal Williams, and Noelle Rodriguez. They alleged that Lizzo had engaged in sexual misconduct and that she facilitated an uncomfortable workplace environment.

The vocalist declared that the allegations were "untrue" and "unthinkable."

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