‘Late Night With The Devil’ Is New On Streaming. Here’s Why Horror Movie’s Star Says It’s Relatable

Late Night With the Devil

In a particular scene from "Late Night with the Devil", we can see the characters of Lilly, portrayed by Ingrid Torelli, Jack Delroy, played by David Dastmalchian, and June Ross-Mitchell, acted by Laura Gordon.

The lead actor, David Dastmalchian, from the recently released film Late Night with the Devil, stated that the movie's horror theme can strike a chord with viewers because everyone has their inner demons to battle. It is a relatable concept.

The popular indie horror movie, which received a fantastic 97% "fresh" rating and an 82% positive audience score on Rotten Tomatoes when it was released in theaters on March 22, will now be available for streaming on Shudder starting this Friday.

Dastmalchian is well-known to fans for his impressive performances in various films, including The Dark Knight, The Suicide Squad, and the Ant-Man trilogy. Additionally, outside of his successful acting career, he has also written the popular Count Crowley: Midnight Monster Hunter comic book series.

Additional content from Forbes features an interview with the star of "Late Night With The Devil," who explains why his horror movie can be described as a mix between Johnny Carson's style, Jerry Springer's showmanship, and "The Exorcist" plot. The article was written by Tim Lammers.

The latest issue from Dark Horse Comics focuses on the difficulties faced by Jerri Bartman, a horror show host on late-night TV who is dealing with addiction. Despite her struggles, she discovers a new sense of meaning by becoming a monster hunter. During a recent interview conducted over Zoom preceding the opening night of Late Night with the Devil at cinemas, Dastmalchian shared that his character, Jack Delroy, from the movie, has many similarities with his role as Count Crowley.

Dastmalchian expressed that the concepts driving Count Crowley with Jerri Bartman are similar to those in Late Night with the Devil. Both shows explore how characters grapple with personal struggles such as uncertainty about themselves, dependence on alcohol, nervousness and sadness, intense excitement, and ultimately feeling as if their inner demons are taking physical form within their surroundings.

Dastmalchian mentioned that the problems encountered by Jerri in Count Crowley and Jack in Late Night with the Devil are relatable to the audience, even though they are not as fictional.

Dastmalchian remarked that everyone can connect with this topic in their daily lives, particularly when struggling with personal demons. He questioned the internal dialogue that causes self-doubt, instills fear, and fosters insecurity. Dastmalchian inquired about deciphering reality from imagination, separating genuine threats from harmless objects. Overall, he was inquiring about what genuinely exists and what is merely a mental fabrication.

Dasmalchian mentioned that despite the contrasting tones of both stories, there is an entertaining, unspoken connection between them through a chain of ideas.

Delroy's Haunting 1977 Halloween Broadcast: Late Night With The Devil

Late Night with the Devil is a found-footage movie that shows the scary last episode of Night Owls with Jack Delroy. This TV show was broadcasted during the 1970s and was at times a strong rival of the iconic Tonight Show hosted by Johnny Carson.

After witnessing a decline in ratings and the show adopting the same over-the-top approach as Jerry Springer and Morton Downey, Delroy endeavors to reclaim his former success with a Halloween special on October 31, 1977.

Therefore, Delroy goes above and beyond to create a terrifying episode featuring a cast of characters including psychic Christou (played by Fayssal Bazzi), skeptic Carmichael Haig (played by Ian Bliss), parapsychologist June Ross-Mitchell (played by Laura Gordon), and her young patient Lilly (played by Ingrid Torelli) who appears to be possessed by a malevolent entity.

Additional content from Forbes: Learn how the actor from "Oppenheimer" related to their character on "Dark Knight." By Tim Lammers.

Increasing the anxiety is the connection Delroy has with a well-known group that engages in supernatural practices, as well as the personal struggles he faces regarding the passing of his spouse, Madeline (portrayed by Georgina Haig). These challenges add to the already daunting task of the TV personality's final effort to rescue the program.

Dastmalchian disclosed that Jack is fully aware that his success will determine the future of the careers of numerous individuals. Moreover, the recent demise of his wife, who meant everything to him, has added an enormous burden on him to ensure that Night Owls is a long-lasting success. Jack perceives saving the show as crucial to his existence.

At the end of the day, Dastmalchian explained that Delroy is ready to take risks and even make a deal with the devil if it means securing his life and leaving behind a strong legacy. He posed a hypothetical situation: if someone asked you if you would break your own beliefs about what is right and wrong to save your life, the legacy of someone you loved deeply, and your own legacy, would you do it? Would you be prepared to push the boundaries of what is considered acceptable for the greater good?

Late Night with the Devil is a movie created and helmed by Cameron and Colin Cairnes that you can watch on Shudder.

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