General election 2024: 10 things we learned from the Labour manifesto

Labour manifesto 2024

The Conservative party released their manifesto earlier this week, and on Thursday, it was the Labour Party's turn to present their policies to the public. The IfG experts have shared their insights on the Labour Party's manifesto, including their plans to govern through "missions" and their stance on ethics and standards. This has all taken place three weeks before the election day, when citizens will cast their votes.

The manifesto lacked information about the alterations that Labour would implement in the organization of the government and the bureaucratic system if they win the election.

The upcoming general election in the UK is scheduled to take place on the fourth day of July. Through our analysis, explainers, and events, we delve into the processes leading up to and during an election. We also examine how political parties and the civil service ready themselves for the results, as well as the far-reaching implications for the government.

Being able to use energy efficiently will play a crucial role in achieving decarbonisation of the power grid, reaching net zero, and reducing expenses.

According to the proposals from the Labour party, those who are part of the House of Lords would be required to step down from their position upon reaching the age of 80.

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