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Kyle Clifford

Update: Hunt For Kyle Clifford, 26, After Bushey Triple Murder

Police were summoned to Ashlyn Close in the London outskirts shortly before 7pm on Tuesday and discovered three severely injured women who all passed away at the location.

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A big search is happening for a 26-year-old man from North London after three women were killed in a town where people travel to work.

Kyle Clifford, a resident of Enfield, is being sought by authorities for his involvement in the deaths of the women who were discovered with fatal injuries in a home on Ashlyn Close in Bushey. The incident occurred shortly after 7pm on Tuesday night, as reported by Hertfordshire Police.

The police have warned the public not to approach him as he may still have a crossbow. Investigators think he could be in North London or Hertfordshire.

Police and paramedics, along with two helicopters, were dispatched to the scene in an attempt to rescue the women, who were family members. Unfortunately, all attempts to save them were unsuccessful and they passed away on site.

A neighbor mentioned that she wasn't close to the victims, but they were a pleasant family. "We would often see them walking by every day and they would always greet us," she explained. "It's so tragic and unexpected what happened."

One person who lives here mentioned: “I saw 11 police cars, a team of officers armed with weapons, four ambulances, and a fire truck. Whatever took place, it must have been serious because everyone is feeling very unsettled”

Detective Superintendent Rob Hall of the Major Crime Unit for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, and Hertfordshire expressed that the incident has been extremely challenging for the family of the victims. He requested that their privacy be respected during this difficult time while they try to cope with the situation.

We are currently in the beginning phases of this investigation, and we are actively looking for Kyle Clifford in Hertfordshire or north London. It is important that anyone who has information on his whereabouts contact the police as soon as possible due to the seriousness of the situation.

"If you think you spot him, do not go near him and call 999 immediately. He could still have a weapon."

Mr. Hall also mentioned, "We will keep investigating in the upcoming days to understand completely what happened. I also want to encourage anyone who was nearby to come forward with any information."

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Press Conference Scheduled During Manhunt

A briefing from Hertfordshire Police is anticipated to take place within the next hour.

The briefing at 12.30pm will be led by Chief Superintendent Jon Simpson.

Home Secretary Calls Killings 'truly Shocking'

The Home Secretary, Yvette Cooper, expressed deep shock over the tragic deaths of three women in Bushey.

In a post on X, previously known as Twitter, she mentioned: "The tragic deaths of three women in Bushey last night are extremely distressing."

I am keeping the family and friends of those who have been killed and the community in my thoughts.

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I am continuously receiving updates. I encourage everyone to help Herts Police by sharing any information they may have about this case.

Police Search For Clues In Manhunt

Police are present at a crime scene where three women were murdered on Tuesday night, according to John Dunne's report.

It is believed that the victims are connected, but authorities have not revealed any information about how they are related to each other, or the connection that suspect Kyle Clifford had with them.

Suspect's Childhood Friend Shocked By Manhunt

A friend from Kyle Clifford's childhood expressed surprise upon learning about the police search for him in connection with three murders.

In an interview with Sky News, the woman, who preferred not to reveal her identity, recalled her familiarity with Kyle from their teenage years. She mentioned that he appeared average to her during that time, as they would often attend the same social gatherings and spend time together in Enfield.

She mentioned that she was "totally surprised" when she read the news earlier today.

Neighbors Shocked By Police Search For Clues

A police helicopter is flying over Bushey and the nearby area as they search for a suspect. John Dunne is reporting on the search intensifying.

A person who lives across from where the crime happened mentioned: "The people in that house are friendly. We see them bringing groceries in and say hi, but we don't really talk much. It's strange to now see that our neighborhood is a crime scene."

Another resident, a parent of two children, also commented: "It's really upsetting that we feel afraid to leave our homes."

A person who resides nearby described the murders as "heartbreaking".

Riaz, a man who is in his 50s and chose not to share his last name, commented that his wife called him at 6 o'clock while he was at work. She told him there were numerous police cars down the road, which was unusual for their neighborhood, and she was very upset.

I arrived in the early evening and noticed the cars, leading me to realize that something terrible had occurred.

The road was peaceful and calm, yet there were more than twelve cars parked there. It was unsettling, but any tragic event like this can impact your emotions.

Police Fear Suspect With Crossbow

Police have stated that Kyle Clifford, a man from north London, is being searched for in connection with the deaths of three women in Bushey. It is believed that he may have a crossbow in his possession.

A spokesperson from the Hertfordshire Constabulary told the Standard newspaper that they think Kyle Clifford might have a crossbow.

Police previously stated that he might be carrying a "weapon" and advised the public to avoid approaching him.

Instead, they are being instructed to dial 999 right away if he is spotted.

Clifford, who resides in Enfield in the northern part of London, could possibly be located in either the northern regions of London or in Hertfordshire.

Neighbor Fears Suspect Is Loose

According to a report by John Dunne, Laurence Brass, a council member in the area, stated that the residents were very scared.

The former judge expressed fear that the person has not been caught yet. This type of incident is unexpected in Bushey, a wealthy neighborhood with a lot of greenery.

"We simply cannot comprehend how these events could have occurred in this location."

The helicopter ambulance came down in a park close to my backyard, causing chaos and the authorities are being quiet about it.

Authorities are searching for 26-year-old Kyle Clifford in relation to the suspected murders.

Two Air Ambulances Dispatched To Location

On Tuesday evening, two medical helicopters were dispatched to the scene in an attempt to rescue the three women.

A representative from the East of England Ambulance Service mentioned that multiple emergency vehicles and aircraft were dispatched to the location. This included three ambulances, a rapid response vehicle, an ambulance officer vehicle, the Hazardous Area Response Team, the Essex and Herts Air Ambulance, and the London Air Ambulance.

First Look At The Scene

The initial photo depicts a large number of emergency personnel at the peaceful dead-end street where the murders occurred.

Law enforcement officers are currently seeking Kyle Clifford, 26 years old, who resides in Enfield, a neighborhood in the northern part of London. They believe he may be involved in the fatalities.

The police were summoned to a house in Ashlyn Close around 6:55pm. When they arrived, they discovered three women who were badly hurt. The East of England Ambulance Service also came to the scene to help.

Neighbor Claims Victims Were 'friendly Family'

A person who lives nearby, and wishes to remain anonymous, mentioned that they were not close to the victims but found them to be a welcoming family.

She explained that they would greet us every morning as they walked by.

The recent events are truly tragic and incredibly surprising.

Authorities have stated that the three females who were murdered on Tuesday night are believed to be connected, however, they have not provided information regarding their ages or the nature of their relationship.

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