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Kit Harington

Kit Harington's Nude Scenes Spark Camera Crackdown

Written by Jordan Beck for Mailonline

Blog Post: July 7, 2024 Time published: 1:54 AM (BST) | Last updated: 1:54 AM (BST)

Kit Harington's revealing nude scenes in his latest West End production have supposedly prompted theater management to take measures to prevent the audience from taking photos of the actor without clothes on. They have reportedly hidden cameras and warned of legal consequences for anyone attempting to snap a picture of the star in the buff.

The actor from Game of Thrones, who is 37 years old, is currently starring in Slave Play at the Noël Coward Theatre. Audience members will be given a unique sticker to cover their phone cameras when they enter the theater.

According to a source who spoke to The Sun, Kit's involvement in the sex scene is quite surprising. The stage is filled with mirrors, allowing the audience to see his private parts from various perspectives.

The situation went on for over ten minutes, and the bosses appeared to be very worried about it being filmed and shared online, which is why they used stickers.

Management is very keen on protecting his privacy, so they've warned that legal action will be taken against anyone caught filming.

Kit Harington's revealing nude scenes in his latest West End production have reportedly prompted theater officials to take measures to prevent audience members from taking photos. Cameras have been hidden and audience members have been warned of potential legal consequences for trying to capture the actor in the buff. Kit performed similar scenes on stage in 2016.

The actor from Game of Thrones is currently starring in Slave Play at the Noel Coward Theatre. Audience members will receive a special sticker to place over their phone cameras before entering the theater. (Shown in the photo with co-star Olivia Washington)

Kit is known for being a true professional who never breaks character when it comes to doing nude scenes.

MailOnline reached out to the theater for a statement.

The performer in the production is starring with Olivia, who is 33 years old and also happens to be Denzel Washington's daughter. The play follows the story of three couples of different races who seek therapy to improve their relationships. This therapy involves acting out scenarios on a made-up plantation from the past.

The play Slave Play, which explores themes of race, identity, and sexuality in modern America, was widely successful when it premiered on Broadway in 2019. However, it also sparked controversy, leading to a petition calling for its cancellation.

The Guardian reported that some people said the play trivialized chattel slavery and upset at least one person in the audience.

Although Slave Play faced backlash, it still managed to secure an impressive 12 Tony nominations in 2021.

Lately, the creators of the West End show have faced criticism for treating audience members like children by offering guidance on how to breathe.

The advice suggests that breathing is an effective method to make you feel peaceful. You can try inhaling for 4-6 seconds, holding your breath for 4-6 seconds, and then exhaling for 4-6 seconds.

According to someone familiar with the situation, the intimate scene that Kit is involved in is very surprising. There are numerous mirrors set up on the stage so that viewers can see his private parts from multiple perspectives.

Prior to labeling the actor as a 'true professional' and someone who 'stays in character' even when disrobing (pictured with wife Rose Leslie),

The image shown is of the Noel Coward Theatre.

The website also provides "grounding activities", such as performing a "body scan" to observe the feelings in different parts of your body and moving your fingers around.

Furthermore, audience members are encouraged to immerse themselves in the natural world by grounding themselves with their feet firmly planted on the ground and their backs resting comfortably in their seats. Additionally, the theater has confirmed that the seating area will remain accessible for an extra 15 minutes post-show to provide viewers with a quiet and contemplative space.

The London performance of the play, originally from Broadway in 2019, sparked controversy in February when it revealed plans to have two shows exclusively for black audience members to enjoy without feeling judged by white spectators.

Frank Furedi, retired professor of sociology at the University of Kent, mentioned that it is becoming increasingly common to treat adult audiences as if they are children by suggesting that they could be deeply affected by watching a dramatic performance.

Professor Jeremy Black, who wrote the book A Brief History Of History, raised a question about the use of trigger warnings. He is unsure if he should include warnings on his books about slavery and the slave trade.

A representative from Delfont Mackintosh, the company that owns the Noel Coward Theatre, mentioned that they have shared a website link to the play where the producers have posted details, assistance, and materials for audience members who want to learn more before attending.

The producers of the play chose not to give a response to The Mail on Sunday's requests for comment.

Lately, the creators of the West End play have been criticized for treating audience members like children by offering guidance on proper breathing techniques.

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