Kirsten Dunst: “It’s not hard to get roles. Most things aren’t very good"

Kirsten Dunst

Kirsten Dunst arrives in a black Chevrolet 4x4 that's already running. She's wearing all black attire, including dark sunglasses, and beckons with a command to hop inside the vehicle.

We had initially decided to grab some coffee, however Dunst had a change of mind. It's now a little after 3pm on a Friday in the beginning of March, and the sun is shining. She's just come from a meeting with her oldest son's teacher and he's doing excellent! This news has her in a positive mood - it might be the good news or possibly even the strong-smelling raspberry energy drink she's sipping on in the car's cup holder. "I'm only able to drink half," she explains, "but it does keep me going for the day."

The day is almost over, and the idea of going to a bar comes up. "How about we grab a drink?" I propose. She declines, saying she doesn't want to drink before her interview as she might say something inappropriate. However, she still likes the idea of going to a bar. With a playful tone, she presses down on the gas pedal and quips, "I hope I don't get pulled over for breaking the speed limit to get there quicker."

While the car was still on, she instructed me to attempt to open the door of a dingy and shut-looking tavern situated close to her domicile in Toluca Lake, which was only a brief drive away. Unfortunately, my attempt was fruitless. Disappointed, she informed me that we would have to go to a less trendy place now.

She frequents a family-friendly whiskey bar called "The Uncool Place". She suggests entering through the back, which is a common move for regulars. Her children love the cheese toasties. The decor is not trendy; the upholstery is brown plaid, old-fashioned tankards hang on the ceilings, and there are wooden duck carvings on the walls. There may even be antlers! It's a break from the typical LA scene. There's a disclaimer on the menu stating that they don't cater to gluten-free or vegan diets. Dunst tells me that the place fills up around 5 pm with parents and their kids who stop by on their way home from school.

She had a change of mind and said, ``Perhaps I'll go and get a beverage,'' as she waited in the queue for the bar. I proposed having a margarita, and she agreed, saying that the bar served excellent margaritas.

We head back to our secluded table with two amazing margaritas. Dunst's energy increases as she catches sight of some familiar faces - a pair of parents she just encountered at the parent-teacher gathering. "Oh wow, that's hilarious," she exclaims. "It's like parent-teacher conference straight to the bar. I'm relieved to know I'm not the only one."

I express my wish for her to have a successful interview despite her choice to drink for the first time during it. Her response is that the outcome is her own responsibility. We cheer our drinks together.

Dolce & Gabbana designed everything that I'm wearing, and I'm sporting a pair of trainers created by New Balance.

Let me clarify something for you: there's no need to stress about Kirsten Dunst. She's doing great. She's smoking cigarettes in the smoking area at the Oscars amazing. She's leading upcoming A24 blockbuster films impressive. She's even covering back-to-back magazines impressive.

However, that is only a brief glimpse into Dunst's daily life. In the San Fernando Valley, away from the prying eyes of the public, she enjoys activities such as watching movies at the theater (she particularly enjoyed the movie Anyone But You), playing tennis, grabbing some cheesy toast and margaritas at her local spot, and dining out with her husband, Jesse Plemons, who is also an actor. Despite entering the entertainment industry at a young age of three, she still manages to participate in ordinary, but lovely, activities.

Dunst recently did an interview that caused controversy when it was shared through various news sources and a quote was taken out of context. The quote made it seem like Dunst wasn't doing well. In reality, she simply mentioned that she had taken a break from acting and had only been offered roles as a sad mother since her acclaimed performance in The Power of the Dog, for which she received an Oscar nomination. Her character in the film was a sad mother in a dusty Montana setting during the 1920s.

The presentation of the situation was inaccurate, as it suggested that Dunst's break from work was caused by limitations in the roles available to her, or, at worst, that she was having difficulty finding work.

I inquired about Kirsten Dunst's well-being to confirm her state. She responded by elongating the word "good" with a genuine emphasis.

She states that getting roles isn't a difficult task. However, she chooses not to work on projects that she thinks are not good enough. In her opinion, it's necessary to be honest here. Plemons makes a joke about her only working with talented filmmakers, as she has only worked with Alex Garland, Jane Campion, and Sofia Coppola in the past seven years. Dunst isn't sure if she agrees with that statement, as she doesn't feel the need to work anymore. She has been in the industry since the age of three, and most people who have worked as long as she has are already retired. Therefore, she believes that she has the right to choose her projects selectively.

The outerwear is made by the brand Loewe. The footwear is from the manufacturer New Balance.

Furthermore (which is quite important), she has been taking care of two young children. She believes that she hasn't had any gaps because she has been solely focused on being a mother. She starred in two films in the past two years: Power of the Dog in 2021 and Civil War this year. During the filming of Civil War, she also gave birth to her second son. "Our youngest turned one while I was filming Civil War. It takes a while for a woman to recover, and my body still wasn't fully recovered during filming." Currently, she is trying to balance her work and being a mother. "I'm either changing a diaper or doing an interview. There is no in-between."

According to her, individuals tend to perceive you based on the most recent thing you've done. This is a valid point. It is comparable to the latest interview you conducted - it appears that many people constantly want to discuss it. To be honest, it can be tiresome.

In the blog, the actress expressed her frustration with being typecast as a sad mother. She imitated a baby voice to convey how others perceive her in Hollywood. She explained that after appearing in the movie Melancholia, she was only offered roles that capitalized on her portrayal of a depressed woman. To break out of this mold, she decided to try her hand at comedy. The actress believes that she is capable of playing any type of character and is not afraid to take on challenging roles. She prefers to work with new, innovative directors and would rather take a risk with an unconventional project than settle for something ordinary. Performing in the latter type of production would only lead to her feeling down in the dumps.

I reckon that folks appreciated her straightforward approach when it came to superhero flicks, I comment. She had mentioned that she might take on another one simply because "the remuneration is quite sizeable." One doesn't often hear such candid remarks. "Really?" she chuckles happily.

"Seriously? That's why individuals make those films!" The identical chuckle once more, with a slightly elevated volume.

She did Spider-Man in 2002 partly because of this reason, but the situation was different back then when the modern comic-book-movie era began. There was a greater level of sincerity to the project at the time. She explains that they were making an indie film in the guise of a superhero movie because Sam Raimi, who directed the movie, was a cult director. The whole process felt more innocent.

Was she invited to return for Spider-Man: No Way Home? "No, nobody asked me. I would have liked to be asked."

She isn't familiar with it, so she's unsure of the specifics, but she's intrigued by the notion of approaching the Mary Jane/Peter Parker dynamic from an unconventional angle. "It could be interesting to explore a Tobey [Maguire] and me pairing in a unique, indie-style superhero flick," she suggests. "Something akin to the movie Chronicle's vibe. That could definitely work."

As a result of consuming a margarita, the individual known as "she" is feeling inspired. This person has received requests to produce another Bring It On project from fans. However, in order for this to happen, the script must meet specific requirements and the team is uncertain about their roles. The director, Peyton Reed, has been consulted in regards to this matter.

According to her, in the current film industry, it is a logical move. She wonders why not? "Mean Girls" was remade, and she believes that currently, women who are of her age group are the strongest audience, in a strange manner.

The jacket is designed by Dries Van Noten while the hat is from Dsquared2.

During Dunst's 38 years in the acting industry, she has witnessed and experienced significant changes. However, she has also made a conscious effort to maintain a sense of individuality that makes her unique. This includes embracing her natural appearance, displaying an affinity for unconventional movies, and cherishing her relationships with loved ones who view her simply as Kirsten - not a famous actress. As evidence of this last point, she even took time out of an interview to call and check on a friend's husband whose wife was giving birth.

Dunst was raised in the San Fernando Valley, just a short car ride away from our current location. When she was a teenager, she and her best friend would make a regular trip on foot to a diner called Patys, where they would enjoy milkshakes together. Dunst's mother managed her acting career during her teenage years and would secretly follow behind them in her car to ensure their safety. Looking back, Dunst feels that her childhood and teenage years were very innocent and protected. Her acting career, which started at the age of eight with Bonfire of the Vanities and skyrocketed with Interview With a Vampire when she was 12, did not disrupt her daily life too much. She only had brief absences from school, and the most stressful part would be forgetting her locker combination upon her return. With plenty of close friends, Dunst was able to leave behind any unnecessary drama and focus on what truly mattered in her life.

According to Dunst, the Valley is the most ordinary place to live in Los Angeles. That's why she came back here after living in New York for a while when she was in her twenties. Dunst said, "Just look around," and added that the people who live here aren't like those who drink Erewhon smoothies and wear athleisure in Calabasas. Dunst thinks that you could mistake the Valley for any other normal town on the West Coast of the USA, even though it's only one mile away from the Warner Bros water tower. Everyone in the Valley wears smart-casual clothes and looks like they're all wealthy. However, there's no sense of pretension in their appearance. Dunst calls it "silent luxury." She also said, "There's definitely a different look on the other side of the hill."

Dunst never tried to copy that appearance, even when she was extremely famous and it would have been understandable if she was influenced by popular styles or the actions of those around her.

Every garment produced by the fashion brand Miu Miu.

She had a significant moment that changed her life in a Waitrose store in London, oddly enough. This happened immediately after the release of Spider-Man, when someone asked to take a photo of her. She reflects, "At that moment, I realized everything was about to change." This marked a turning point for her.

She considers herself fortunate that she is not facing the same level of fame as young people do today. Nowadays, it is much more challenging for young individuals due to everyone having a smartphone, making it difficult for them to express themselves freely.

"I'm feeling fantastic. And they seem excessively concerned about their brand, don't they?" she shares. "It's odd to me. Going to the extent of filtering one's face and other similar things."

Dunst has been resistant to other people trying to change her appearance. When she was making Spider-Man, a person in charge took her to the dentist unexpectedly and suggested she get her teeth straightened. "I refused because I liked my teeth," she explains. At the movie's premiere in London, Dunst wore a black dress by Rodarte and dark lipstick. Sony, the studio that financed the film, gave their feedback. "They said I looked very goth and didn't like it. I think it's because they wanted me to look like a young woman who would appeal to a wider audience at the movie theater." But Dunst didn't care. "That's not who I am. I never tried to be someone else."

Dunst attributes her ability to endure this level of examination partially to her bond with Sofia Coppola. Coppola, who hired Dunst for The Virgin Suicides in the late 1990s, aided in developing her resilience. At 16 years old, Dunst believed herself to be neither cool nor attractive, but Coppola thought otherwise and expressed her admiration for Dunst's teeth.

Having an older sister figure who looked out for her and who she admired deeply was a huge influence on Dunst. Hearing the words "You're perfect as you are" from this person helped Dunst to tune out all of the other negative thoughts and comments. Looking back now, Dunst realizes that this support had a significant impact on the choices she later made. She didn't feel the need to change her teeth or alter her appearance to conform to society's standards.

Even now, I am certain that I will not deform my face to the point of looking unusual. Understand what I'm saying? I prefer to age gracefully and portray substantial characters.

The outfit consists of a coat and trousers made by AMI. The shoes are from No.21.

During one of our conversations, I informed her that while conducting my research, I stumbled upon a profile written about her back in the early 2000s, just before Spider-Man hit the big screens. The writer described her as "unformed" and a "giggly girl", and appeared to have some issues with the extent of her knowledge regarding films. At the time, she was only 19 years old.

Dunst doesn't dwell on the past, but she recalls how challenging it was to be a young woman in the limelight during a time when it was common for women to be objectified. "Now, I can take pleasure in my work as an actress in this industry. However, in the past, I had doubts about myself. I didn't feel like I belonged."

The actress has had some unpleasant experiences while working on some projects. For instance, during the filming of Spider-Man, the assistant director persistently referred to her as a "girly girl." Although the comment was made in a teasing manner, Dunst was not amused. Years later, while working on Civil War with the same assistant director, Dunst confronted him about it. She expressed her discomfort with the "endearing" nickname, to which he apologized sincerely. However, Dunst made it clear that the nickname was not flattering in any way.

The author of the blog shared that she had a bad experience during a meeting with a director for a movie when she was a teenager. She chooses not to give many details about it but mentions that the director asked her an inappropriate question. She does not want to dwell on the negativity of the situation. Despite this experience, she feels fortunate that she has not had anything truly horrendous happen to her in regards to people abusing their power. Furthermore, she has never been put in a situation where she was alone with someone who could potentially do something unusual. When this situation occurred, she immediately complained to her mother and refused to work with the director again. She now knows how to navigate situations when people try to misuse their power, but she can't tolerate anything that is unethical or abusive.

There were additional difficulties. During her rise to fame, there weren't many chances to work behind the camera. This is different nowadays, as actresses such as Sydney Sweeney and Margot Robbie have taken up producing as a significant aspect of their careers and are profiting from it financially. (It's been reported that Robbie gained $50 million from her producer role in Barbie alone.)

Dunst expressed her regrets about not being a producer for the movie Bring It On. Even though she took a risk as an actress to bring some significant star power to the film, nobody asked her to take on that role. Despite the movie's massive success, there were no discussions about her becoming a producer on the subsequent sequels, which generated straight-to-video films. Dunst laments the missed opportunity but acknowledges that she did not gain any benefits from it.

After more than two decades, Dunst has experienced every aspect of the movie industry and has decided which roles she wants to accept or decline. She has a clear vision of the type of movies she desires to be a part of and is willing to be patient for opportunities. "My ultimate goal is to collaborate with Paul Thomas Anderson and Justine Triet, among other filmmakers who have a genuine desire to make a difference with their work."

Dunst was seen smoking at the Oscars with Triet three days after our interview.

She also intends to collaborate with Plemons, but she values her personal life and won't allow work to completely take over. She admits that she lacks the motivation to spend all day on the phone, as the entertainment industry can be unfavorable. Ultimately, she's content with simply enjoying time with loved ones.

Kirsten Dunst is known for her ability to convey deep sadness through her facial expressions. This is why many acclaimed filmmakers have chosen to focus on her face in their movies. By simply pointing the camera at her, the audience is able to feel the emotions required for the scene. In Lars von Trier's apocalyptic film, Melancholia, she plays a clinically depressed bride whose eyes appear empty and lifeless. It seems like all the light inside of her has been cruelly extinguished. In Civil War, she plays Lee, a combat photographer who is clearly exhausted from witnessing humanity's dark side. The audience is shown some of the atrocities Lee has seen firsthand: a man being set on fire, children being murdered, and a dump truck filled with bodies being dumped into a pit. Kirsten Dunst has a unique gift for conveying these complex emotions with just one expression.

According to Garland, Dunst's acting abilities are unique as it showcases a true and genuine lived experience which is quite rare. As she started her career as a child actor, people have seen her evolving and growing over the years making it easy for them to acknowledge her life and experiences. Although her journey is dissimilar to that of a combat photographer, it's still very extreme in its own way. She has managed to survive in a strange world, which is not familiar to many and in the process, she has upheld her true self.

Is Dunst aware of how she effectively conveys emotions on screen? "I suppose my eyes may look sorrowful. Or maybe I've had some experiences or misbehaved in the past. I'm uncertain," she explains. "However, I'm not a melancholy person. I'm a pragmatic person."

Garland’s reply is more lenient: “For some individuals, the soul is extensively concealed. However, for Kirsten, it is easily attainable.”

Dunst has attempted various approaches to make her acting more accessible. However, she has never tried method acting. She believes it would be challenging to maintain an accent while speaking to her children at home. She also perceives this acting technique to be more prevalent among male actors.

Dunst's Lee is recording the concluding events of a battle that transformed the United States into a distressing warzone in the movie Civil War. Dunst remarked that this movie is extremely frightening and impactful because it takes place in America, where one would never expect such circumstances to arise.

The information provided is limited, but we are aware that a leader with authoritarian tendencies (portrayed by Nick Offerman) rose to power and removed the FBI. The leader also allowed drone attacks on ordinary people. In response, an army led by the states of Texas and California staged a rebellion. Upon meeting Lee and her team, which includes Jessie played by Cailee Spaeny, their purpose is to quickly arrive in Washington and conduct an interview with the president.

The film doesn't hide the worry that motivated its creation: that the growth of fascism and the increasing divide between political factions is leading us towards a critical point. Dunst and Plemons watched it together in a cinema and she was deeply affected. "I was totally shaken. I didn't know how to react," she explains. "The movie feels incredibly true to life. It's like a cautionary tale or a story about the dangers of having the wrong individuals in charge."

The blog post states that Plemons has greatly enhanced the movie by playing a restrained and mentally disturbed soldier. Originally, another actor was meant to take on a minor role in Civil War but ultimately backed out. As a result, Plemons was available and took over the part. According to Dunst, it seemed like Plemons was doing a favor for the production team.

In their latest project, Civil War, these two actors team up again for the third time. Previously, they worked together on the TV series Fargo, where they first met in 2016, and also on The Power of the Dog. Dunst shared that during their second week of working together on Fargo, she confided in a close friend that she had a strong feeling that they would be lifelong friends. She described their connection as akin to that between soulmates.

The workplace gathering was a stroke of luck. "Forming a friendship beforehand creates a stronger foundation right from the start."

She expresses her fondness for working alongside him stating that she holds him in high regard, just as he does for her. This dynamic is well-balanced and straightforward with no nonsense involved. Any conversations they need to have always cut straight to the point.

Regrettably, Kirsten Dunst is currently experiencing a headache. The margaritas are no longer available. The bar has currently become crowded with families and their children. I give her an ibuprofen packet, and she ingests two pills. "Expressing myself has quite literally bestowed an ache in my head," she exclaims. "Furthermore, I already had therapy scheduled for today, therefore, I'm speaking excessively."

I have a feeling that she'd rather clean someone's backside than deal with another inquiry about her. Nonetheless, to conclude, there were a few statements she made regarding how filmmakers have attempted to pigeonhole her and how the public has devoured and expelled various stories about her. These remarks made me believe that she feels misconstrued. Is this true?

"I am uncertain. Everyone has their own perspective of you," she states. "It is not my responsibility to understand or be concerned about it. A lot of people tend to impose their opinions on others. Personally, I have always been authentic, and this may puzzle others because I cannot pretend to be someone else."

That's the reason why she goes against the unsaid regulations of Hollywood by openly stating that the majority of current films aren't of high quality and that people only do superhero movies for financial gain. She doesn't feel the need to put on a façade.

She can't wait to return home as she has planned a play date with her best friend's kids. However, she's enjoyed being away from home for a while. "This is like a break for me at the moment. It's really nice to be here and have a chat with someone older. Even if it's just a GQ interview, I'm happy to accept it."

"I'm doing well. Do you understand what I'm saying?"

The Elder Statesman's sweater paired great with Wolford tights, and I topped the look off with a stylish pair of shades from Dolce & Gabbana.

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