Killer Mike releases statement following Grammys arrest: ‘I have confidence I will be cleared of wrongdoing’

Killer Mike

Killer Mike, a rapper from America, has issued a declaration following his detainment at the Grammys.

A person who is 48 years old outshined popular celebrities like Drake, Nas, Travis Scott, and 21 Savage to take home the best rap album award, and also won two other awards for his track Scientists & Engineers. He was awarded the best rap song and best rap performance titles. But unfortunately, after the awards ceremony took place at the Arena in LA, he was seen being taken away in handcuffs.

The police in Los Angeles verified that he got caught and registered for minor physical attack, then set free afterward.

According to a source within law enforcement who chose not to reveal their name, a security guard reported that Killer Mike purportedly shoved her to the ground while attempting to pass by her at an entrance to a venue. This was reported by Rolling Stone.

After the event occurred, Killer Mike, otherwise known as Michael Render, spoke to Rolling Stone and expressed that there was a lot happening at the time. Due to this, there was some confusion about which door he and his team should have entered. They encountered a security guard who was excessively enthusiastic about his job. However, Killer Mike and his team are entirely confident that he will not be found guilty of any wrongdoing.

One of the people who work with the rapper said: "We faced a problem because Mike was held back and accused of a minor crime after receiving his awards. There was a lot of confusion about where to go when we were trying to get into the place. A security guard was too enthusiastic and Mike kept walking towards where he needed to be. We think people are exaggerating what happened, but we know that when all the details come out, it will show that Mike didn't do anything wrong and he will be proven innocent."

As for his victories, Render included: "We feel extremely pleased and are enjoying this time of success."

Aside from his individual musical journey that started with his performance on Outkast song "Snappin' & Trappin'" in 2000, Render is recognized for his partnership with Run the Jewels, a duo that has dropped four albums.

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