Suella Braverman in spat with Kemi Badenoch over 'breakdown' jibe

Kemi Badenoch

There is a dispute between possible Conservative party leader contenders Suella Braverman and Kemi Badenoch. Mrs. Badenoch claimed that the former home secretary had a highly visible mental breakdown.

According to The Times, Mrs. Badenoch brought up concerns about Rishi Sunak and Mrs. Braverman during a shadow cabinet meeting, criticizing them for publicly attacking the party during the election campaign.

Mrs. Badenoch expressed disappointment that the conversation had been made public and emphasized the importance of having a confidential environment for Conservatives to address their issues.

Answering on a social media update, Ms Braverman stated: "I'm curious to find out if Kemi believes I am experiencing a "very public nervous breakdown," along with the hashtag: "We do not leak".

In the recent shadow cabinet meeting on Tuesday, Mrs. Badenoch expressed concern that some of her fellow members were not fully understanding the magnitude of the party's significant loss in the general election. This resulted in them having the fewest number of MPs in history.

She also criticized Mr. Sunak for not consulting with cabinet ministers before deciding to hold the election in July, and for leaving the D-Day commemorations early.

Following the release of her remarks, Mrs. Badenoch seemed to stand by her criticisms.

"We had a lot of people agreeing in the government meetings, but then arguing when not in the room," she wrote on social media.

"We must shift the culture and start being truthful with each other in private discussions, and then stand together in unity as we move forward."

Suella Braverman responded with another message on social media, stating: "Kemi and the other members of the cabinet should not have agreed with Rishi as they led the party to failure."

The lack of accountability is the main issue causing our problems.

"It wasn't the fault of another person."

As of now, no one has openly announced their candidacy to take over from Mr. Sunak. He has expressed his intention to continue as leader for as long as the party supports him.

Conservative Members of Parliament are remaining secretive about their potential support.

However, the possibility of the competition bringing the party together has been ruined by the public argument between Mrs. Braverman and Mrs. Badenoch.

A senior member of the opposition party who attended the meeting on Tuesday where Ms. Badenoch criticized Mr. Sunak, stated: "We are all aware of Kemi's intentions."

One person mentioned that a co-worker suggested to her in private that she should try to be less harsh in order to gain the support of her colleagues.

Many people have been annoyed by Mrs. Braverman's behavior.

She penned a piece the day before the election that portrayed Mr Sunak in a very negative light.

A recent address has upset some members of the Conservative party, including Ben Houchen, who serves as the mayor of Teesside.

During an interview with Times Radio, he stated, "If the Conservative party chooses to follow someone like Suella Braverman as their leader, it is likely that we will be in opposition for a long time."

There is no specific timeline for the leadership contest yet, but many MPs are starting to agree that a lengthier process would benefit the party.

A former member of the Cabinet expressed the desire for the party conference in October to give members the opportunity to evaluate the strengths of each candidate.

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