Read Keir Starmer’s speech launching Labour’s ‘core retail offer’ for voters

Keir Starmer

Thanks to everyone for the warm reception. Personally, I found the stories shared very interesting and emotional, whether it was viewed on a screen or experienced in person. All of the stories were about transformation.

I am amazed by Nathaniel's ability to maintain his composure and grace, as well as his admirable commitment to uplifting others. His presence truly inspires us all, and we are grateful for his attendance. It is worth noting that Nathaniel's accomplishments go beyond what he shared with us—he actually played his trombone while participating in a marathon! As a music teacher, his dedication and passion for his craft are evident.

Thank you, Rob, for sharing your experience on housing and highlighting the significance of having a home as a fundamental source of security. Having a base to start from helps individuals to improve and enhance their lives significantly, as it undoubtedly did for me.

Haruna, your story is about transformation. To switch from one political party to another is a significant decision, as it entails metamorphosis.

We made some adjustments to the Labour Party with the intention of making it more beneficial to those who work for a living. Our ultimate goal is to have the chance to make changes throughout the country that will benefit the working people.

I won't provide you with any tricks or shortcuts. The current state of the country is a result of the poor decisions made by the Tories, and there's no easy way to fix it. However, the Labour Party has undergone a transformation and has developed a strategy to lead us towards a better future.

I have aspirations for our country, and as with all aspirations, the journey begins with taking the first steps. These steps entail working towards greater economic development, revitalizing our National Health Service, ensuring secure borders, reducing the cost of living, creating safer communities and providing prospects for the younger generation.

Everyone is fed up with 14 years of constant failure and the same old cycle that just goes around in circles. The constant conflicts and divisions only lead to more chaos and this takes a toll on people's lives.

Meet Will, a firefighter residing in Milton Keynes. Recently, we grabbed a cup of coffee together and he expressed his ambition to own a home, which is a common and reasonable goal. Despite balancing two other jobs, Will is struggling to achieve this due to the adverse effects of governmental policies on his financial situation. He is feeling overwhelmed and voiced his concern by asking, "What more can I do?" Sadly, he is bearing the brunt of these circumstances.

There are many who share the same opinion. Alder Hey Hospital, which is located in Liverpool, is an exceptional hospital that caters to children. You may have personal experience of this hospital or heard about its outstanding reputation; it is truly remarkable.

I recently visited a hospital that caters to children. The layout of the wards is amazing, especially the one that specializes in heart operations for children aged 0-2 years old. Witnessing these delicate surgeries on such young children was truly awe-inspiring. Despite their size, these children possessed immense courage. The NHS team working in that ward were exceptional and performed operations that seemed impossible. This experience was truly humbling, uplifting, and reassured me of humanity's potential for greatness.

However, I left the hospital feeling extremely upset when I discovered that the primary reason for children aged between 6-10 visiting the hospital was to have their decayed teeth extracted. It was astonishing to learn that a greater number of children visited the hospital to have their rotting teeth removed, compared to any other medical procedure. This information left me feeling quite enraged.

The consequences of this government's actions are severe, with those working in the NHS having to pay a high cost. The team, highly skilled and competent, are being forced to dedicate their time to removing decayed teeth, which could have been prevented. These occurrences are not isolated and are happening nationwide, as highlighted in discussions held this morning. This is a significant issue which tells a much broader and complex story.

This is a tale of losing faith, optimism and belief in our nation's progress. To truly advance and move ahead as a nation, it is imperative that we work towards rekindling these fundamental pillars - hope, trust and confidence. The task at hand is to rebuild them from scratch.

You cannot address the issue through superficial methods such as quick fixes, band-aids or temporary measures, where the approach only worsens the situation instead of resolving it.

Therefore, I created a list of goals for a potential Labour government in the previous year. These objectives aim to transform our country and advance it to a higher level, making it a more desirable destination to live. The goals are ambitious and aim to establish solid plans, addressing the core issues and providing a clear direction for the new government to follow to bring about change. However, I understand these changes will not come easily. Quick fixes are effortless, but they inevitably fail to produce long-lasting results.

I'm not one to avoid difficult choices. I used to be in charge of a government agency, and we transformed it completely. Many folks doubted that it could be done, and urged us not to try. Despite this, we persevered. Similarly, we revamped the Labour Party to better serve blue-collar individuals, prioritizing the good of our country over our political agenda.

Today holds great significance as it marks the beginning of a journey towards achieving our aspirations, particularly the aspiration to improve the state of our nation. These initial actions allow us to confidently face the public and declare that this is just the beginning of the changes we plan to enact - changes that are fully prepared, financed and have already been set into motion. They are our commitment to making the changes that our society truly deserves.

The first step towards economic growth is having a stable economy. This means implementing strict rules for spending, in order to maintain low levels of inflation, taxes, and mortgages. Failing to control the economy will ultimately harm the working class.

Liz Truss was unable to maintain her grip on the economy, which resulted in negative consequences for those who work. Soon after she introduced her mini-Budget, I went to Wolverhampton with a youthful couple who had a toddler. They hoped to add another child to their family and were searching for a suitable house to purchase. They secured a tentative loan for it, which was within their budget, and were looking forward to their upcoming plans.

Liz Truss caused a significant economic downturn. Her mortgage offer skyrocketed, causing financial strain, and ultimately leading to cancellation of our plans to purchase a new home. We are now stranded and unable to move forward.

However, they also made a major and impactful choice. They determined that having another child was beyond their financial means. This choice will be with them for the entirety of their lives. I will not permit a future Labour administration to inflict similar harm onto those who are employed.

It's not only looking back, Rishi Sunak hasn't taken note of the teachings. His suggestion to eliminate National Insurance entails a substantial £46 billion deficit. I can hardly believe I'm saying this, but stability necessitates change, and it has to be our initial course of action.

The next important task is to reduce waiting times in NHS. This issue is extremely grave and cannot be emphasized enough. There are approximately eight million urgent surgeries and medical appointments that are pending. This staggering number directly impacts every person in this room, everyone who is watching or listening, as well as those who know someone who is suffering the same plight. This is the highest number recorded till date and bears testimony to the severity of the situation. We see this concern everywhere and I personally witness it whenever I step out.

Last Sunday, I embarked on a journey from London to Manchester. Truthfully, I set out on a mission to witness Arsenal's triumphant victory over Manchester United at Old Trafford.

As we stopped at Knutsford service station, I stepped out of the car and headed inside to grab a cup of coffee. Suddenly, a lady recognized me and motioned for me to come over. She pointed out her ingrowing eyelid, which was visible due to the swelling and redness. She described the immense pain and discomfort it was causing her. She shared that she had been waiting for an operation for 18 months already, and just learned that she would have to wait an additional 12 months.

She was very insistent that I win the election and take action on this issue. It's a common problem, with various versions of the story involving knee or hip operations, among others. Many people are suffering and we need to address it. This means covering the cost of 40,000 operations and appointments every week by cracking down on tax avoidance and eliminating non-dom tax status.

The third step is to create a fresh Border Security Command as the authorities can't manage to control our borders. It's shocking that in just this year, 8,000 individuals have risked their lives by crossing the Channel in a dinghy. This unfortunate and dangerous feat is a record number.

First of all, it's important to state that absolutely nobody should embark on that voyage. This presents both a challenge and an opportunity for governments and aspiring political leaders, as it requires a response. There are a few different approaches that can be taken to address the issue at hand. You could opt for a superficial solution that won't actually resolve anything, or you can adopt a comprehensive strategy that truly addresses the root of the issue.

The government has opted for a flashy solution, known as the Rwanda plan. It comes with a hefty price tag, an exorbitant one at that. The goal is to remove fewer than 1% of the individuals who arrive by small boat. This implies that the vast majority, over 99%, will not be expelled as a result of this strategy.

If you believe that criminal gangs aren't deceiving the individuals they're trapping, it's apparent that you've never had an encounter with such groups. These gangs are despicable since they're acquiring massive amounts of money by putting some of the most helpless people in precarious boats and enabling them to pass through our borders undetected. Consequently, it's crucial to take decisive action against these gangs and permanently dismantle their operations.

The Border Security Command is important because it has fresh resources and increased authority, including the ability to combat terrorism. Although the term "small boats" is frequently used, the current boats in use are actually quite large, and are even being custom made. These boats are typically kept in Europe and transported to the north coast of France by notorious gangs, who then cram them full of vulnerable people in exchange for payment. It's a truly despicable practice.

I have been the director of public prosecutions for five years, where my main task was to successfully bring criminal gangs, including terrorist organizations, to justice. To accomplish this, I collaborated closely with law enforcement agencies throughout Europe, as the gangs we went up against were highly sophisticated. Nevertheless, we succeeded in successfully disabling these gangs.

I refuse to believe that it's not feasible to dismantle the wicked gangs who transport individuals in small vessels across the Channel, and we will shatter their operation.

The fourth step is about Great British Energy. The issue at hand is quite apparent and can be described as a classic case of temporary solutions in politics. This problem surfaced about a decade ago when the Conservative government declared their intention to remove environmentally friendly measures by saying they would "cut the green crap."

As a consequence, they reduced funds for environmentally-friendly British energy, prohibited the utilization of offshore wind, and disregarded home insulation programs, leaving us in a highly vulnerable state.

Due to the shift in global affairs, particularly the Russian incursion into Ukraine, our nation was particularly vulnerable compared to others, resulting in higher-than-necessary household expenses for you.

I won't allow that to occur if Labour becomes the governing party. Therefore, we'll launch Great British Energy to utilize eco-friendly British energies, regulated by the public, producing profit for the public, contributing to long-term developments, and ensuring affordability for good.

In step five, we need to address the issue of antisocial behaviour. Throughout my professional career both as a prosecutor and a politician, individuals have often downplayed the significance of this behavior by labeling it as "low level". This is a misconception.

If you sense that leaving your house through the front door at night is unsafe and uncomfortable, or strolling down your street is nerve-racking, it can greatly impact your life. It's not a minor concern; it's a vital one that can restrain so many individuals.

I realized this fact while I was visiting the sixth form college in Stoke. During my conversation with young girls aged between 16 to 17, they expressed their concerns regarding antisocial behavior. It was not the topic we were discussing initially, but they brought it up. These girls shared that they don't feel secure while walking on their high street during the daytime. This is a significant matter for them, as they feel unsafe due to antisocial behavior.

Losing control of your streets creates a sense of chaos. It is essential to take action against antisocial behavior by adding 13,000 more officers in your community. These officers will have new powers and work to maintain the safety of your streets.

Lastly, we have step six which involves the hiring of 6,500 additional teachers. This will be funded by eliminating the tax benefits currently enjoyed by private schools. It's important for us to equip our children and youth with the necessary skills for their future careers and lives.

This calls for a complete overhaul to ensure that the skills imparted to individuals are relevant to their practical needs. It is crucial to focus on instilling creativity, confidence - a game-changer attribute, and resilience, which are imperative for all kids and youth.

It is important to focus on the fundamentals. The leader of the government often emphasizes the necessity of studying mathematics until the age of 18. Judging from his plans to reduce taxes by £46 billion without a financial plan to support it, he may well need to heed his own advice.

The main issue at hand is that we don't have an adequate number of math teachers in our high schools for students up to the age of 16. The same goes for other important teachers. This situation is quite alarming.

As someone who was the pioneer in my family to attend university, I understand the significant impact that education can have. Within my electoral district, there exists a locality called Somers Town, which some of you may be familiar with and some may not. It's situated between Kings Cross and Euston stations and is acknowledged as one of the most underprivileged regions, not just in the UK but in Europe as a whole.

The students attending schools in Somers Town have the ability to gaze out of their school windows and observe their playground. They can also view the development of large companies within the vicinity, such as Google's impressive facility being constructed. The Guardian building is also visible to these children, however, they are unable to fathom the possibility of ever having a job within such establishments despite their close proximity. Although it is only a few hundred yards away, it is a concept they cannot comprehend.

I desire that each child, regardless of their upbringing, believes that triumph is achievable for them. It shouldn't be necessary for them to alter their identity to thrive. As members of the Labour Party, we will tirelessly work to secure a future that is suitable for these children.

Here we are, holding a card with six steps to bring about change in our country. The message we carry can be delivered to every household in the country, along with the message that decline is not a foregone conclusion. Our political actions have the power to create a difference. Let's take this message to every doorstep and make the argument for a brighter future.

By electing the Labour party, Britain's future can significantly improve. Put an end to the confusion by choosing Labour. Start a new phase by voting for Labour. Labour can bring back the essence of politics being a public service. Endurance, motivation, and taking these initial strides will help us reconstruct our nation under the leadership of Labour.

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