John Lewis Christmas advert

The much-awaited John Lewis Christmas Advert is finally here!

Every year, the release of John Lewis Christmas Advert has become a tradition. This year's ad, which premiered on November 13, has already drawn much attention. The advert features a heartwarming message of kindness, hope, and love, which has touched millions already.

The storyline of the advert follows a young boy and his friendship with an unlikely companion, a young dragon. The main message conveyed is that the joy of giving is greater than receiving, and small acts of kindness can have a significant impact. Once again, John Lewis has managed to touch the hearts of people in a way that only it can.

What makes this year's John Lewis Christmas Advert special?

This year's ad is unique in many ways. Firstly, it has been revealed that John Lewis has partnered with Waitrose to produce the advert. The two retailers' collaboration marks the first time the two brands have come together for their iconic Christmas campaigns. Additionally, the music used in the advert is an original composition by Dan Smith, lead singer of the English Indie rock band, Bastille.

Moreover, the partnership with charity organization, FareShare, is another aspect that makes this year's advert special. John Lewis has pledged to donate £1 million to FareShare and other charitable organizations as part of its Christmas campaign. The company's efforts to give back to society and spread the message of kindness and hope align perfectly with the true spirit of Christmas.

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