Manhunt for Kyle Clifford as BBC commentator John Hunt's family killed

John Hunt

Photo credit to Hertfordshire Police

Investigators are actively looking for Kyle Clifford, age 26, and are asking for the public's help in finding him. If you have any information on his whereabouts, please reach out to authorities.

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Three females who lost their lives in a residence in Hertfordshire were identified as the spouse and two children of BBC racing analyst John Hunt.

Carol Hunt, aged 61, along with Hannah Hunt, aged 28, and Louise Hunt, aged 25, were discovered with severe injuries in a residence on Ashlyn Close in Bushey. The incident occurred shortly before 7:00 PM BST on Tuesday, and unfortunately, all three individuals passed away at the location.

There is currently a search efforts to locate Kyle Clifford, who is 26 years old and from the Enfield region. He is being sought in relation to the fatalities.

It is said that he may be in Hertfordshire or the northern part of London, and he is said to have a crossbow with him.

John Hunt's spouse Carol, who was 61 years old, along with his daughters Louise (located at the top right) and Hannah, tragically lost their lives.

A high-ranking police official previously mentioned that the fatalities were being considered as homicides.

Chief Superintendent Jon Simpson stated that there is a possibility that additional weapons were also utilized in the incident.

Mr. Clifford parted ways with the British military after a brief stint in 2022, according to information obtained by the BBC.

Chief Superintendent Simpson stated that the main goal of the police was to ensure the safety of the public and to find Mr. Clifford.

He mentioned that the three women were thought to have been killed in a "specific incident"

Chief Superintendent Simpson asked Mr. Clifford to "please call the police by dialing 999."

He referred to the event as a "terrible occurrence" and mentioned that armed police and specialized search teams were participating in the search for the suspect.

Video seems to capture Kyle Clifford as he was discovered following the crossbow assault.

Earlier, Detective Superintendent Rob Hall stated that the investigation is still in its initial phases and efforts are being made to locate Kyle Clifford, who is believed to be in Hertfordshire or north London.

Because of how serious the situation is, I urge anyone who knows his whereabouts to get in touch with the police right away.

"If you think you spot him, it's important not to go near him and instead call 999 immediately. He could still have a weapon with him."

He also asked for anyone who was near Ashlyn Close between midday and 7:00 PM on Tuesday, and who might have information to help the investigation, to contact authorities.

Police blocked access to Ashlyn Close on Tuesday evening while they began their investigation.

Local representative Louise Nicolas posted on Facebook, expressing her sorrow at the tragic news of three women losing their lives in a violent incident.

"If anyone needs to talk to us or needs assistance, please feel free to contact us," stated Ms. Nicolas, a member of the Liberal Democrat party who represents the North Bushey area on Hertsmere Borough Council.

It is important to note that this investigation is ongoing, so it is best to refrain from speculating about the situation on public forums.

Authorities combed through Lavender Hill Cemetery in Enfield as part of their investigation to locate the suspect.

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