US ex-President Jimmy Carter's wife Rosalynn dies aged 96

Jimmy Carter

The ex-first lady of the United States, Rosalynn Carter, addressed a crowd in New Delhi back in 2006.

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Rosalynn Carter, the wife of former US President Jimmy Carter, has passed away at the age of 96.

The Carter Center announced that she passed away calmly with her loved ones present, according to a declaration.

It was announced on Friday that she had checked into a facility that provides hospice care in Georgia. She was keeping company with her 99-year-old spouse, who has been in hospice care since February.

In May, it was determined that Mrs Carter suffers from dementia.

In July, the couple who has been married the longest celebrated their 77th wedding anniversary.

Mr. Carter stated that Rosalynn was his partner in all of his achievements. They were equals in everything they accomplished together.

When I required guidance and a push to move forward, Rosalynn shared her wise advice and cheered me on. With her presence, I was confident in having someone who cared for me and believed in me.

Born on August 18th, 1927, Mrs. Carter's original name was Eleanor Rosalynn Smith.

On the seventh of July in 1946, she tied the knot with President Carter and together they became parents to four offspring.

Chip, the son of the Carters, expressed that his mother was a caring parent, an exceptional first lady, and someone who dedicated herself to helping others as well.

Our family is deeply saddened by her departure, and she will be greatly missed by numerous individuals who now have improved mental health assistance and access to caregiving resources.

In addition to having to grieve the loss of one of her grandsons in 2015, she is also survived by a total of 11 grandchildren and 14 great-grandchildren.

During the 1960s, when Mrs. Carter's husband embarked on his journey in politics, starting as Georgia state senator, governor, and eventually president, she dedicated her efforts to shed light on mental health issues and eliminate the negative associations that come with it.

During her time as first lady in Georgia, she worked as part of a group appointed by the governor with the goal of bettering the services provided to individuals struggling with mental illness. As the first lady of the United States, she was named the honorary chair of the President's Commission on Mental Health, which played a crucial role in the passing of an act in 1980 that provided funding for community-based mental health centers.

Following their departure from Washington, she and her spouse established the Carter Center in 1982, utilizing it as a platform to further her commitment to various charitable causes such as mental health, vaccinations for infants, and other humanitarian efforts.

The pair played important roles in the Habitat For Humanity organization, assisting in the construction of dwellings for impoverished households.

In 2002, their efforts to help others were acknowledged and appreciated as Mr. Carter was given the Nobel Peace Prize.

During a C-SPAN interview in 2013, she expressed her desire for the continuation of their legacy beyond her position as first lady. She emphasized the importance of the Carter Center as a significant part of their lives.

Our guiding principle is to promote peace, combat sickness, and foster optimism. It is my aspiration that my efforts have made a difference in the realm of mental health and have provided some measure of relief for those grappling with mental disorders.

The United States President, Joe Biden, and his wife, Jill Biden, paid a visit to the former President of the country, Jimmy Carter, in Georgia during the year 2021. On their way out, Mrs Carter was spotted outside her residence.

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