Rosalynn Carter, wife of Jimmy Carter and former first lady, dies aged 96

Jimmy Carter

Rosalynn Carter, the spouse of former President Jimmy Carter, has passed away at their residence in Georgia at the age of 96.

Carter, who grew to be a prominent spokesperson for mental health in the country during and after her spouse's term as president, was determined to have a condition known as dementia in May.

Last Friday, her kin released a statement revealing that she had been admitted for hospice care at their abode, aka the property they have dwelled in since Jimmy Carter got elected as a Georgia state senator way back in 1962. With end-of-life treatment being carried out, she has now joined her 99-year-old spouse in their Plains one-story home.

The ex-leader has been receiving hospice care in that place since February, having rejected any additional medical treatments for his personal health concerns.

On Sunday afternoon, the Carter Center released a statement from Jimmy Carter where he expressed that Rosalynn was his partner and had played an equal role in all of his accomplishments.

I received valuable advice and positive reinforcement from Rosalynn whenever I was in need of it. Knowing that she was still around made me feel cared for and bolstered.

According to the announcement, Mrs. Carter passed away in a peaceful manner with her family present at 2:10 pm ET. Those wishing to pay their respects can visit the website to leave messages in an online tribute book.

According to Chip Carter, who happens to be the second child of the couple, their mother was not only affectionate towards her family but she was also an exceptional first lady. In addition, she was an outstanding humanitarian who lived a life of service and empathy, setting a precedent for all citizens of America.

Our family and countless others who benefit from improved mental health care and caregiving resources will deeply feel the loss of her absence.

Rosalynn Smith, who used to be the first lady, was given birth to in August 1927 with the name Eleanor. She was born in Plains, a petite countryside town with less than 600 inhabitants, which is also where her spouse was brought up and came from.

Throughout his time in politics, she was an incredibly devoted supporter, standing by his side during his tenure in the White House and his later years as a highly regarded diplomat on the global stage. However, she also established herself as an individual with her own passions, working tirelessly in fields such as mental health awareness and social equality.

In 1987, she established the Rosalynn Carter Institute for Caregivers, and continued to be involved in the group until her advanced age.

The Carter Center, an organization that advocates for human rights which was founded by the couple, expressed their appreciation for her efforts in a previous announcement made this year about her dementia diagnosis.

For a significant part of her life, Mrs Carter has been at the forefront of advocating for mental health in the country. It has been acknowledged that she identified over 50 years ago that the stigma surrounding mental health often prevents people and their loved ones from accessing the critical support they need.

Our wish is that by sharing updates about our family, it will spark meaningful discussions not just at home but also within medical facilities throughout the nation.

Rosalynn Carter and her spouse were strong advocates of Habitat for Humanity. They helped spread awareness and gathered funds for the Carter Work Project, which was named in their honor. They were also actively engaged in construction projects and proved to be some of the best volunteers in this regard.

The last time the couple was seen out in public together was during the Plains Peanut Festival in September. This was only a few days before Jimmy Carter turned 99 years old. During the festival parade, they rode together in the back of an SUV.

Jimmy Carter and his spouse were already acquainted through their respective families when they crossed paths at a Maryland naval academy during World War II. After tying the knot in 1946, they jointly operated the Carter family's peanut farm until Carter's political aspirations took root.

In 1977, when Carter was inaugurated as President, she chose to wear the same outfit she had previously worn when he was elected Governor of Georgia in 1970.

In 2021, the couple marked their 75th wedding anniversary. They had four offsprings - Jack, Chip, James, and Amy. When Carter became the president, their sons were already grownups. However, their daughter Amy, who was only nine years old, received extensive media coverage. As a result, she became one of the most renowned White House's child residents.

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