Jimmy Carter leads tributes after former first lady Rosalynn Carter dies aged 96

Jimmy Carter

Renowned Rosalynn Carter, who served as the First Lady during the presidency of Jimmy Carter, is currently receiving hospice care.

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On Sunday, Rosalynn Carter, who was the spouse of the ex-president of the United States, Jimmy Carter, passed away at the impressive age of 96.

The Carter Center shared the news of the former first lady's demise after just two days of her admission to hospice care, which took place at the couple's residence in Plains, Georgia. Rosalynn's beloved husband, kids, over twenty-two grandchildren and great-grandchildren survive her, and she also leaves behind an impactful legacy of fighting for better mental health.

Ninety-nine-year-old Jimmy Carter, who is currently receiving hospice care, expressed his appreciation for his spouse in a statement released by the Carter Center. He declared that Rosalynn played an equally vital role in all of his achievements.

She provided me with sagacious counsel and motivation when I required it. While Rosalynn was alive, I constantly felt beloved and backed up by someone.

Chip Carter, the child of the couple, expressed that his mother was not only affectionate and an outstanding First Lady, but she also had a remarkable humanitarian spirit. He stated that her selfless deeds and empathy towards others were a model for every citizen of the United States.

Former First Lady Rosalynn Carter Dies At 96

The ex-First Lady, Rosalynn Carter, has passed away at the age of 96.

Rosalynn Carter: A Political Advocate, For Jimmy Carter And Beyond

Folks in Washington who like to talk a lot were a bit confused when Rosalynn Carter became first lady. They gave her the nickname "Steel Magnolia."

She was a devoted follower of the Baptist faith and a mother to four children. Despite her small stature and timid personality, she exuded a gentle smile and a warm Southern accent, earning her the nickname "magnolia." However, she was also a driving force in propelling Jimmy Carter from a simple peanut farmer to becoming the victorious candidate of the 1976 presidential election. This element of her character was referred to as her "steel."

Although it may seem evident and overused, that term most likely underestimated how significant her influence and contribution were during the Carters' early years, their presidency, and their continued involvement in promoting worldwide humanitarian efforts, such as promoting peace, democracy, and eliminating diseases, spanning over a period of four decades.

For over 77 years of marriage, Rosalynn Carter acted as the business and political partner, as well as the closest confidant and best friend to the 39th president, until she passed away at the age of 96 on Sunday.

John Bowden on 19th November 2023 at 11:00 PM wrote an article.

Christie First GOP To Discuss Rosalynn Carter In 2024 Candidacy

On Sunday, ex-Governor of New Jersey Chris Christie expressed kind admiration for the previous first lady, and was the sole potential Republican nominee for the 2024 election to have shared such sentiments when his message appeared on Twitter.

We are extending sincere condolences to the Carter family for the loss of former First Lady Rosalynn Carter. She was a great inspiration for dedicating oneself to public service without self-interest, and her relationship with President Carter served as a wonderful example of a truly loving partnership. Mary Pat and I are praying for her, as well as for President Carter and their whole family.

Melania Trump, who was once a first lady, released a statement, but Donald Trump's Truth Social feed stayed silent.

Democrats Continue To Pay Homage

Rosalynn Carter, who used to be the first lady, and her spouse Jimmy are highly respected by Americans, specifically those who align themselves with the Democratic party. Their unwavering support for charity work like Habitat for Humanity has made them beloved by countless individuals in the country.

Democratic representatives in the House took to Twitter to share their grief following the announcement of her passing on Sunday.

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Melania Trump Speaks On Ex-first Lady's Demise

On Sunday, Melania Trump, who served as the previous first lady of the United States, was one of the Republicans who took part in honoring the memory of Rosalynn Carter.

Ms. Trump wrote in the blog that Rosalynn Carter has passed away, leaving a significant legacy as a mother, wife, and First Lady. We will always remember her selfless attitude and dedication towards her family, husband, and nation. Rest in peace, Rosalynn Carter.

After half an hour, her spouse did not post a related declaration.

House Leader Praises Carter For Compassion And Service

On Sunday, Hakeem Jeffries, the head of the House Democratic group in New York, paid his respects to Rosalynn Carter and sent heartfelt thoughts and prayers to her family.

John Bowden posted a blog on November 19, 2023 at 9:20 PM.

Schumer Praises Carter As A Humanitarian

On Sunday, Chuck Schumer, the leader of the Senate majority, paid tribute to the former first lady and acknowledged her lengthy history of serving her country beyond her husband's presidency.

Reaction Of Politicians To Rosalynn Carter's Demise

When the announcement of the passing of Carter was made public, the Republicans and Democrats wasted no time in expressing their sympathy to the family.

One of the earliest politicians to express his condolences was Chuck Grassley, a senator from Iowa belonging to the Republican party. He took to Twitter to share the news and wrote that he was saddened to hear about the demise of Former First Lady Rosalynn Carter. Grassley also acknowledged her noteworthy work as a leader in mental health advocacy, habitat for humanity, and supporting various other noble causes.

The senator remarked that the level of dedication shown by her to her spouse, Pres Jimmy Carter, for 77 years is incomparable. He concluded by wishing blessings from God for the entire Carter family.

Democrat Kathy Hochul, the Governor of New York, was also one of them:

John Bowden posted on November 19, 2023 at 8:52 PM.

"Carter Center's Complete Statement"

The announcement of death from the Carter Center is presented completely below:

On Sunday, November 19, former First Lady Rosalynn Carter passed away at the age of 96. Mrs. Carter was known for being a strong advocate for mental health, caregiving, and women’s rights. She passed away in her home in Plains, Georgia, in the company of her family. Her passing was peaceful.

Jimmy Carter, the 39th President of the United States and the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize in 2002, was Mrs. Carter's husband for 77 years. He is now 99 years old.

President Carter stated that Rosalynn was his equal partner in every success he experienced. He mentioned that she provided him with sensible advice and motivation when necessary. The President found comfort in knowing that as long as Rosalynn remained on this earth, he had someone who cared and stood by him.

Her offspring Jack, Chip, Jeff, and Amy endure her passing alongside 11 grandchildren and 14 great-grandchildren. One of her grandsons passed away in 2015.

According to Chip Carter, his mother was not only an exceptional First Lady and caring mother, but also a remarkable humanitarian. She devoted her life to serving others and showing compassion, setting a positive example for all Americans to follow. Although her family is deeply saddened by her passing, many people who now have better access to mental health care and caregiving resources will miss her greatly.

The timetable for the memorial and funeral services will be shared with the press and uploaded on the website www.rosalynncartertribute.org at the earliest convenience. This website commemorates the late individual, and it features the certified virtual register for condolences from relatives and friends. Additionally, the site provides avenues for giving commemorative presents, alongside a legitimate life history and images ready for download.

Megan Sheets wrote a blog post on November 19th, 2023 at 8:36 PM.

Family Praises Rosalynn Carter After Passing At 96

The loved ones of Rosalynn Carter, such as her spouse Jimmy and offspring Chip, showcased their admiration for the ex-first lady through an announcement by the Carter Center declaring her passing on Sunday.

Megan Sheets wrote a blog on November 19, 2023 at 8:33 pm.

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