Revered British Rapper/Producer Jevon Has Passed Away


Jevon, a well-liked rapper and producer from Britain, has unfortunately passed away. Those close to him have confirmed the sad news. Although we do not know the cause of his passing at this moment, we do send our condolences to his loved ones.

Jevon grew up in West London but moved to Coventry as a teenager. He had strong ties to both places. His impact as a rapper and producer transformed UK music.

He played a vital role in creating some amazing music over the last ten years, working on albums for notable artists such as Nines, Pa Salieu, and M1llionz. Additionally, he was one of the producers involved in crafting XL's New Gen compilation in 2017. Jevon's creativity is deeply influenced by his Brazilian background, allowing him to infuse his music with exciting sounds and rhythms that will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression.

Jevon received his grandfather's collection of records, which consisted of a lot of Brazilian music, after his grandfather died. These records inspired Jevon to create his own music, and he travelled to São Paulo and Rio De Janeiro for three months to record his first album, titled Fell In Love In Brasil.

When he spoke to the NME during the album's release, he shared that his grandfather, who was Brazilian, passed away three years ago. His grandad left him his record collection which only consisted of Brazilian artists. He originally intended to make an EP, but after hearing the music and feeling inspired, he started creating songs with a Brazilian sound. After having this realization, he decided to make it a full-length album. He mentioned it was a blessing to have the opportunity to do so.

After the announcement, Twitter was flooded with posts from pals, relatives, and associates commemorating the deceased artist.

May he find everlasting peace in the afterlife.

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