Javier Milei: Argentina's far-right outsider wins presidential election

Javier Milei

Argentina's Javier Milei stated that today they are returning to the path that once empowered their nation.

Javier Milei, a 53-year-old far-right libertarian who was not previously part of the political establishment, has been voted in as the new president of Argentina by the nation's citizens.

After almost all the ballots had been tallied, Mr. Milei prevailed in the critical run-off with just under 56% of the votes. His left-leaning opponent, Sergio Massa, trailed behind him with 44%.

The surprising win of the new member is said to be "a huge shift in the political landscape."

Similar politicians, such as former US President Donald Trump, have expressed their support for Mr. Milei's views. Trump once praised Mr. Milei's ability to "restore Argentina's greatness."

Jair Bolsonaro, the ex-leader of Brazil, expressed his belief that a bright future was in store for the entire South American region.

Mr. Milei, who has been referred to as "El Loco" by his opponents, has pledged to implement significant modifications that entail discarding the national currency, the peso, in favor of the dollar and "exploding" the central bank.

He has suggested reducing social assistance and reducing administrative work by shutting down several ministries such as culture, women, health, and education.

The upcoming president aims to relax firearm legislation, eliminate the legality of abortions (that were approved in Argentina last year), and approve the trading of human organs. These are all controversial social matters.

The win of Mr. Milei occurred during a severe economic downturn that has caused the annual inflation rate to escalate to 143%, with 40% of the Argentinian population currently facing poverty.

Prior to the election, surveys had indicated that Mr. Milei had a slight edge over Mr. Massa. However, the significant difference in votes in his favor, by over 11% based on preliminary results, has taken many people by surprise.

The economy minister in the previous left-wing government, Mr Massa, quickly acknowledged the loss, stating that "the outcome is clearly not what we anticipated".

Experts suggest that Mr. Milei's forceful manner and his commitment to eliminate the ruling class, which he holds responsible for the difficulties in the nation, resonated with citizens who were disenchanted with the traditional political factions in Argentina.

According to his triumph speech to his followers, this concept of luxury and excess has reached its conclusion, and there's no going back. He assures a fresh start for Argentina.

"Once being the wealthiest nation globally, we are currently placed at number 130. Half of the Argentine populace lives under the poverty line whereas the other 10% have been reduced to destitution. It's time to abandon this detrimental system of hierarchy. We must adopt the Libertarian model to reclaim our position as a dominant player in the world stage," stated the speaker.

He additionally declared that the modifications he planned to make would be significant and prompt.

While on the campaign trail, the ex-economist and commentator waved a chainsaw in the air as a representation of their intention to reduce expenses.

Voters in Buenos Aires have embraced Milei's message as he clinched a win. A celebratory atmosphere filled the streets where his supporters could be heard expressing their eagerness for change. AFP news agency interviewed a woman who shared her tiredness of seeing the same faces in politics and her belief that Milei's success will be good for both him and the country.

The reason why these Argentineans elected Javier Milei is unclear, but it may have been influenced by his libertarian views and economic stance. Despite Milei's controversial approach, many Argentineans are fed up with the country's economic struggles and may be looking for a change. Additionally, Milei's charisma and ability to communicate his ideas effectively may have won over voters. Whatever the reason, Milei's election has brought new attention to the debate over economic policy in Argentina.

Nonetheless, economists have been cautious, stating that only a few seats in Argentina's Congress are held by Mr Milei's party. Therefore, he will have to bargain with the same politicians he criticized and assaulted during his campaign.

Although he speaks out against the traditional power structures, Mr. Milei has previously demonstrated a willingness to reconcile if it benefits him politically.

After winning the first round, he ceased to go after the candidate who secured the third position, Patricia Bullrich of the conservative party. Instead, she supported Mr Milei in the second round.

During his speech after winning, he expressed his gratitude towards Ms Bullrich and also the previous conservative president, Mauricio Macri, who had supported him.

However, even though his followers marched through the streets of Buenos Aires shouting "change!", some people are concerned about the potential consequences of Mr. Milei's win on Argentine society.

When he selected Victoria Villarruel as his running mate for vice president, it came as a surprise to advocates fighting for human rights in the country. During military rule from 1976 to 1983, around 30,000 individuals were either killed or disappeared under suspicious circumstances.

Ms. Villarruel, hailing from a family with a military background, has provided legal representation to officers who were found guilty of committing crimes against humanity. She has also put forth a suggestion to remove a museum that honors the victims of Argentina's military dictatorship.

On the 10th of December, Mr Milei and Ms Villarruel will take an oath to begin their four-year mandate.

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