Who is Jasmine Paolini? Inside the Wimbledon star's home life

Jasmine Paolini

Professional tennis player Jasmine Paolini has been performing exceptionally well lately, making it to the final round of the French Open in June. Alongside fellow Italian player Jannik Sinner, they both made history by reaching the semifinals of a major tournament at the same time. Now, Paolini is focused on achieving victories at Wimbledon, a tournament that she has found challenging in the past.

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If you didn't already know, Wimbledon is held on a grass court, which is quite different from clay or hard surfaces. Jasmine hasn't had much success at Wimbledon before: She has been eliminated in the first round of the tournament in 2021, 2022, and 2023. However, she is showing signs of improvement as the competition goes on.

"This court, it's challenging to play on, it's difficult to navigate," she told the media at the Eastbourne International tournament, according to Express. "It's a unique style of tennis, but as my coach mentioned, it's still the same game."

As Jasmine seeks to claim her first victory at Wimbledon, she will have the support of her mother, Jacqueline Gardiner, and her father, Ugo Paolini. Who exactly are the parents of Jasmine Paolini, and how have they impacted her journey in the world of tennis? Let's explore to find out more.

Jacqueline Gardiner And Ugo Paolini Are Her Parents

Jasmine came into this world in the small village of Castelnuovo di Garfagnana in Tuscany, in January 1996. Her dad, Ugo, hails from Italy, while her mom, Jacqueline, has a mix of Polish, Danish, and Ghanian ancestry, as reported by Tennis365.

Jasmine started playing tennis when she was only 5 years old after her parents encouraged her to pick a sport. "I remember my dad and mom telling me I had to choose a sport to participate in," Jasmine shared with WTA Insider. "In Bagni Di Lucca, there were tennis courts and a swimming pool, so because my uncle played tennis, I decided to give it a try."

Jasmine mentioned that she has had a great time playing the sport ever since she began, and has formed close connections with fellow members at her nearby tennis club.

Mom Taught Her Polish

Jasmine can communicate in three languages - English, Italian, and Polish. She credits her fluency in Polish to her mother, who regularly spoke to her in that language when she was a child. "I can now speak Polish, but some words have slipped my memory," she shared with WTA Insider.

As a result, Jasmine is able to communicate with Polish players on the tour, such as Iga Świątek or Magdalena Fręch. However, she requests them to speak at a slower pace for her to fully comprehend. "There are times when I want to express something in Polish but end up saying a single word in English," she explained. "My mind gets confused easily."

Various Italians Have Mentored Her

Jasmine is part of a tight-knit tennis community with strong Italian connections. She is trained by Renzo Furlan, a former professional tennis player, and partners up with Sara Errani for doubles matches. Additionally, Jasmine is reportedly close with Tathiana Garbin, a former pro player and current selector for the Italian national team, as reported by AS.

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