Ireland’s Bambie Thug and Croatia’s Baby Lasagna through to Eurovision 2024 final

Ireland Eurovision 2024

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Bambie Thug, the musician who has been referred to as a "goth gremlin goblin witch," has helped Ireland secure a position in the final of the 68th Eurovision Song Contest, which they haven't achieved since 2018.

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On Tuesday (7 May), the singer who goes by Bambie Ray Robinson, originally from Cork but now living in London, was able to progress to the next round after singing "Doomsday Blue" during the semi-finals held in Malmo, Sweden. This individual is 31 years old.

Ryan O'Shaughnessy has made it to the final stage of the competition for Ireland in the past with his song "Together" performed in Lisbon, Portugal in 2018. Despite his talent, he placed 16th in the competition.

Bambie presently has an opportunity to lead Ireland to victory, a feat that has not been accomplished since 1996 when Eimear Quinn won with her song "The Voice".

In their debut Eurovision show, the dancers of Bambie presented their choreography dressed in blue paint, with oversized ears and false teeth accentuating their features.

At the conclusion of the song, Bambie exhibited the trans pride flag on their outfit, subsequently, pyrotechnics burst out surrounding the stage.

The Taoiseach of Ireland, Simon Harris, expressed his admiration for the country's win at Eurovision and declared that it was time for Ireland to host the event once again.

X/Twitter made an announcement congratulating Bambie Thug on making it to the Eurovision final scheduled for tonight.

Bambie is set to be the initial Irish performer to make it to the Eurovision finals after 2018. It's high time for the Eurovision to return to Ireland and Bambie appears to be the ideal candidate for the job!

Croatia's Baby Lasagna, who is a popular choice for Eurovision 2024, has successfully qualified with his techno-rock track named "Rim Tim Tagi Dim". Finland's Windows95Man also made it to the next round in the competition.

Representatives hailing from Luxembourg, Serbia, Ukraine, Portugal, Lithuania, Finland, and Cyprus have successfully made it to the final round.

During the Eurovision event, Olly Alexander, vocalist for Years and Years from the UK, performed for the first time in the competition. His performance included a unique stage design that resembled an inverted locker room.

This marks the UK's initial performance in a semi-final. Alexander, who is 33 years old, is assured of a position in the grand finale, owing to the fact that the UK is one of the "big five" nations that provide the largest funding for the Eurovision Song Contest.

The singer has faced considerable pressure to withdraw from the competition lately due to the involvement of Israel. This is because a lot of Eurovision enthusiasts have raised objections against Israel's ongoing battle in Gaza.

During a recent interview, Alexander expressed his belief that his objectives align with those of Queers for Palestine. However, he clarified that his decision to participate or not in Eurovision would not have any impact on these issues. Therefore, he has decided to still participate in the music competition.

The people in charge of the Eurovision Song Contest have regularly refused demands to prohibit Israel from participating in light of their ongoing conflict with Gaza.

There will likely be many demonstrations happening throughout Sweden during the evening of the major championship game, set to occur on Saturday, May 11th.

Swedish-American actress Malin Åkerman and experienced Eurovision host Petra Mede will be live hosting from the Malmö Arena.

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