Apple just announced huge updates for all its products. Here’s when you’ll get them

iOS 18 release date

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Apple has launched new updates for all its platforms which comprises fresh operating systems for the iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and also the Vision Pro.

The recently launched software was presented at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) conducted by the company in California earlier this week.

The latest enhancements come with a series of fresh functionalities. However, what stands out the most is "Apple Intelligence". Apple Intelligence comprises a collection of resources aimed at infusing artificial intelligence into Apple devices.

Various improvements and additions are expected to come with the upcoming software updates expected to be released to the public during autumn.

Yet, early access to the updates is achievable for users who are willing to take the chance on experiencing glitches and potential technical complications that could arise from using the beta versions of the software.

Right now, the beta version for all the software updates is ready for developers to test. They can grab it by going to the Settings app on their device and selecting the beta option.

Apple warns that the beta upgrade may come with glitches that could impact performance and possibly lead to data loss. Therefore, it's suggested that individuals should take a backup of their devices before installing it.

Apple has announced that the software's public beta version will be released in July. This version is generally subject to more thorough checks, which should result in fewer potential risks.

Despite that, the software is not yet complete and carries some risks while some of its features may not function perfectly. Beta updates incorporate a special "Feedback" application designed to gather reports about such issues.

According to Apple, the complete updates will be available in the "autumn" season. Typically, the iOS and Apple Watch updates are released in September, just prior to the iPhone release, while fresh versions of MacOS normally are launched in October, making them slightly later.

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