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When is iOS 15 coming out? Latest release date for Apple iPhone update and all we know about the features

The tech giant will make iOS 15 – which includes a bunch of new features – available this month

Apple is expected to announce its next generation of iPhones on Tuesday, and there will be a brand new iOS update to go with them.

The tech giant will make iOS 15 – which includes a bunch of new features – available this month.

However, it has also been forced to rush out another update, iOS 14.8, to fix a bug that could have allowed government agencies to install spyware onto people’s phones and monitor their behaviour.

It is highly recommended that iPhone users update their device to iOS 14.8 now, even if they plan on upgrading it to iOS 15 at release.

When is iOS 15 being released?

Apple announced iOS 15 back in June and made the beta available to download the following month.

The company is holding its online event to reveal the new iPhones at 6pm on Tuesday, and it feels very unlikely the new operating system will be rolled out before then.

The phones are expected to go one sale on Friday 24 September, meaning iOS 15 will need to be live before this date.

Therefore it will launch some time between Tuesday 14 and Friday 24 September.

Apple will probably reveal exactly when it will drop at the keynote, but insiders have suggested the most likely dates are Monday 20 or Tuesday 21 September.

What new features does it have?

The new operating system will give Safari a complete visual overhaul, and make it more user-friendly by moving the search bar to the bottom of the screen.

There is also a new home screen that can show any tabs you have open on other Apple devices, so you can browse on your computer and then pick up where you left off on your phone.

FaceTime is getting a big upgrade. It will now offer spatial audio to make people’s voices appear to come from their position on the screen, so your video chats will feel more natural. 

It will also start to look more like Zoom, enabling you to see all participants in a grid view, schedule calls, and share links to calls that can be accessed via browser on Android and Microsoft Windows devices.

Focus moments will allow you to tailor the notifications you receive based on where you are and what you are doing. For example, you can set your phone to a business meeting-style setting, which will stop you from receiving notifications that are not relevant to what you are doing until you are finished.

A LiveText feature will enable you to copy and even translate text from an image.

The weather app is being overhauled, giving you notifications for rain, thunderstorms and snow, and there are a host of new privacy features.

Apple Maps will be upgraded, with more elevation data, road colours, driving directions, rich labels, 3D landmarks and improved night mode.

You can also pin nearby public transport stops and station information to your iPhone and Apple Watch devices, and receive automatic updates and notifications as you ride and approach your stop.

When travelling via foot, a new augmented reality feature enables you to scan nearby buildings in the area, with the iPhone’s camera, to understand the precise positions for more exact walking directions.

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