Insurance firms RSA and NLGIC announce rebrand - Campaign Middle East

Insurance firms RSA and NLGIC announce rebrand - Campaign Middle East

RSA Middle East and NLGIC have revealed that they are joining forces under a fresh name, Liva.

The rebranding process occurred after the fusion of the two insurance firms in July of the previous year.

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NLGIC, a company located in Oman, focuses on providing insurance products related to health and life. On the other hand, RSA offers solutions for general insurance. By combining the portfolios of these two companies, they aim to establish themselves as a multi-line insurer with the introduction of the new brand, Liva.

The fresh label, Liva, intends to capitalize on the current impressive reputation of RSA Middle East and NLGIC by broadening its product range and extending its influence.

Sharing his excitement about the new brand, Martin Rueegg, the CEO of Liva (formerly known as NLGIC Group), expressed his enthusiasm for the brand's inception. He mentioned how Liva aims to reshape the insurance industry according to the current circumstances, building upon the established reputation of NLGIC and RSA Middle East.

"Liva goes beyond being the fusion of two reputable insurance entities. We represent progress, the future of insurance, enriching the experiences of a diverse and interconnected society on a global scale."

The fresh label intends to strengthen the company's mission - empowering individuals to confidently embrace the lifestyles they desire, fully equipped for any unforeseen circumstances.

He further states: "The term 'Liva' signifies 'safeguard' or 'existence', representing precisely what we furnish to our clients - safeguarding their lives so they may fully embrace them."

"We have utilized our unique capabilities to establish a robust brand image that will propel us towards achieving our aspirations for growth."

As part of the brand refresh, Liva will also be getting a fresh new look with a redesigned logo.

The rebranding effort will encompass the NLGIC Group's affiliated companies, namely NLGIC, RSA Middle East, and Al Ahlia Insurance Co. These companies operate in five nations: the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Kuwait.

The complete procedure will occur within a span of four weeks during which the products, branches, and offices of all four companies will experience the transformation.

Additionally, the organization declared that although rebranding will take place, the services provided to all clients will remain unaffected, and all current policies with RSA Middle East and NLGIC will stay the same.

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