India vs Australia live: Score updates from World Cup final with 241 needed to win

Ind vs Aus

AUS 99/3 Chasing 241 With Head At 43*

Siraj has just scored four runs in this over, adding to the Australian team's gradual progress towards achieving the small target. They have now reached a milestone of 50 runs for their partnership.

Aus 95/3 Chasing 241: Head On 41*, Labuschange 11*

The Kuldeep over was faced by a pair.

AUS 93/3 Chasing 241: Head On 40*, Labuschange 10*

Siraj arrives on the scene. Virat pulls off an impressive bit of fielding at the short cover. Head gently steers the ball towards third man and scores three.

The beverages come with an impressive display of lights. Nasser declares “the team's hitters won't be pleased, as they have just started to get their bearings.”

This duo from Australia have adapted nicely and have also brought a sense of calm to the game.

Aus 87/3 In Over 16, Head 35* & Labuschange 9*, Aiming For 241

Australia just landed a significant blow against India, who had previously won several rounds on points. Head swung at Kuldeep and hit a powerful six, scoring big for Australia.

AUS 78/3 Chasing 241: Head 27*, Labuschange 8*

Additionally, there were four deliveries in the over thrown by Jadeja.

Aus 74/3 Chasing 241: Over 14

Head is taking a big risk by playing Kuldeep's faster delivery, as he could easily get out with an LBW or have his stumps knocked over. The outcome of this move is uncertain. He managed to score four singles from the over.

AUS At 70/3 Chasing Target Of 241

During commentary, Ricky Ponting encouraged the Australian duo to demonstrate positive body language and try to score singles. He emphasized that accumulating too many dot balls could be detrimental at this stage of the game. Unfortunately, the Australian team had just experienced four consecutive dot balls during Ravi J's over.

Marnus has taken 19 deliveries to score four runs up until now.

AUS 68/3: Head And Labuschange At The Crease, Chasing 241

Kuldeep steps up to bowl. He manages to limit the runs to only three in his over.

AUS 65/3 Chasing 241: Head At 21* & Labuschange At 1*

As Ravindra Jadeja steps up to bowl, he aims to bowl a tricky over that will unsettle the batsman. On the other hand, Marnus L aims to slow down the pace of the game. There was a loud appeal for an LBW against Head, but Ravi failed to convince the captain to use the review system.

AUS 60/3 Chasing 241: Head On 19* And Labuschange On 0*

Perhaps Shami allowed too many runs to Head, with him scoring two boundaries, resulting in 13 runs in this over. The powerplay has concluded, and India seems to be content with their performance compared to the opposing team.

Australia Struggle At 47/3 Chasing 241: Head On 10*, Labuschagne On 0*

At one point during the event, India had odds of 7/4, but they have since returned to being favored. It is expected that Labuschagne, who likes to take his time settling in, could be the ideal candidate for the task at hand. He appears composed and self-assured during this particular over, with the exception of four byes. The Australian team still has plenty of time to catch up, and the rate they are pursuing is not particularly intimidating.

AUS Struggle At 47/3 Chase 241 Target

Shami is doing really well at the other end by getting a maiden over to Head.

AUS Struggles At 47/3 Chasing 241

When Smith views the replay, he will definitely be disappointed. I would personally be willing to pay to watch the replay. Nonetheless, the bowler executed an outstanding skill, despite the incorrect decision made by the umpire.

Smith Out For 4 With Lbw By Bumrah

Bumrah's performance was truly outstanding. He proved himself to be an excellent bowler by delivering a beautiful slower ball that cut off the batsman, Steve Smith. Even the great Smith was unable to withstand it and was caught on the crease, resulting in him being given out lbw. However, Smith should have been more careful and realized that the ball hit him outside the off stump line and with a review, the decision would have been overturned. The current state of play is 47/3.

AUS 42/2 Chasing 241: Head On 9*, Smith Yet To Score

Shami threw an inswing delivery which hit Head on his protective leg pads. However, it appeared to be moving down towards the leg-side according to my observation and they did not challenge the umpire's decision. Head has now switched to a defensive mindset as he's trying to protect his wicket and only managed to score a single run in this over. The Australian team has enough time left to play, but it would be disastrous for them to lose three wickets.

AUS 41/2 In OVER 5, Chasing 241

Steve Smith stepped onto the field after a wicket maiden. He skillfully played three consecutive dot balls.

Marsh Out For 15, Caught By Rahul Off Bumrah's Bowling

The second Australian wicket has fallen and it wasn't due to a good delivery! Bumrah has been bowling exceptionally well but it was his loose and wide ball that got the wicket. Marsh will be extremely disappointed as he carelessly played at it and nicked it to the keeper. The match is now evenly poised as two of the top three Australian batsmen got dismissed by playing risky shots. The current score is 41 for the loss of two wickets.

AUS At 41/1 Chasing 241

Mitch Marsh is a really powerful mate and once he makes contact with the ball, there's no stopping it. Shami is facing a big challenge right now because Marsh's hitting the ball with precision, strength, aggression and good judgement too. He just hit a six and then played the next one smartly by using his hips. That over got him 12 runs.

Can Shami support Bumrah, who is performing excellently on the opposite end?

"AUS Off To A Solid Start With 29/1 Chasing 241"

Bumrah displayed exceptional skills during the match, showcasing his dominance with the white ball at the start. His impeccable ball control allowed him to shape the ball towards the left-handed batsmen and then gently tease it away. Marsh was left struggling to keep up and was beaten several times during the over, proving to be inadequate in generating any edge. Mitch eventually managed to get off the strike, leaving Head to face a challenging situation. Trav, on the other hand, was expected to maintain focus and handle the pressure. Bumrah was able to recover brilliantly after a challenging initial over, earning much-deserved applause.

AUS 28/1: Head And Marsh On 8 And 5, Chasing 241

Mohammed Shami is having a hard time controlling the swing of his deliveries. He seems to be searching for that perfect, magical ball with every new attempt. Unfortunately, his performance has been quite shaky, as evidenced by the numerous wide deliveries and byes that have occurred during this over alone. Despite feeling pumped and excited, Shami is struggling to maintain his composure and needs to take a moment to settle down. To make matters worse, Marsh has just smashed one of his wide deliveries to the extra cover fence, further adding to Shami's frustration and lack of confidence.

Warner Out! Shami Bowls Him C Kohli

India was in need of a fast start, and they certainly got it. The crowd is going wild with excitement. A ball was thrown wide, and Warner attempted to hit it with force. However, Virat managed to execute an exceptional catch at slip while diving to the left. In my opinion, Warner should have left the ball alone and waited for a wide. He had to stretch for the ball, and that was the conclusion of his innings. The score is now 14/1 with one wicket down.

Aussies Off To A Good Start, Chasing 241

Jasprit Bumrah begins by getting some movement on the ball straight away. He manages to get David Warner out with the first ball as it edges and flies between the first and second slip. Virat Kohli, who is standing at the first slip, took some time to react. It seems like he and second slip player Gill decided to leave it for each other to catch, but it was Kohli's responsibility. Unluckily, four runs were conceded as a result of this. Warner then strikes the next ball for three via the covers. Bumrah, still searching for some swing, overthrows and Head hits the ball through the covers for well-deserved three runs. Excitement is brewing amongst the crowd as Head hits another one through off and scores a total of thirteen runs from Bumrah's over.

"This Is The Game, I'm Certain"

During the initial ten overs, the total score can be quite intimidating, especially if you lose your players early on due to the environment and circumstances. However, I believe that if David Warner and Travis Head take charge and showcase their dominance, the Australian team will emerge victorious in this match. They are currently making their way to the pitch.

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I concur with the statement that Head and Marsh will start the game aggressively without any hesitation. It's crucial to score runs from the outset of the game and build momentum to sustain their performance against spin bowlers till the end.

There are various types of entertainment happening during halftime.

Where Is Your Money Now?

Good day, Tyers speaking for the Australia response. Although India has a chance given the playing field, weather, and the skilled bowlers they possess, P Cummins would undoubtedly have eagerly accepted the offer to win by achieving a total of 241.

Australia Chases 241 To Claim Sixth World Cup

The trainers and administrators of Australia, including George Bailey, Dan Vettori and Andrew McDonald, were all grinning as they stepped onto the field. The seven bowlers representing Australia were exceptional. For the second time in a row, a sluggish and tacky pitch prevented the big hitters from scoring big, but Australia cleverly used this to their advantage. They were also backed up by their strong field players, which are likened to lions, kangaroos, or emus.

India's fate in the current tournament rests on the shoulders of their bowlers. Up until now, their bowling performance has been impressive, having successfully bowled out teams such as Australia for 199, Pakistan for 191, England for 129, Sri Lanka for 55, and South Africa for 83. This gives hope, especially since scoring runs off anything other than a brand new ball has proved to be quite difficult.

Alan Tyers is going to assist you throughout the remainder of the game.

Ind 240 All Out With Siraj Taking 9 Wickets Over 50

Kuldeep makes contact with the ball while standing on his back foot and scores a single from Hazlewood's delivery. Siraj receives the loudest cheer in two hours after hitting Hazlewood's ball straight down the field for a four.

In the cricket match, Hazlewood throws the third ball aggressively, and Siraj hits it towards the mid-off for one run. Kuldeep tries to hit the slow bouncer, but he misses it. The players have two balls left to play.

Kuldeep hits the high pitched ball from the outer part of the off stump and sends it over the square leg area for a point.

Wow! Kuldeep got out after scoring 10 as he was unable to make it back for the second run on the last ball.

Australia requires 241 runs to win, which is a daunting number to achieve.

Adam Zampa pitched 20 overs during the game against England and India at the Modi Stadium, and only let one ball through for four - impressive! He now shares the record for the most wickets in a World Cup, having taken 23 during the 2007 tournament, on a level playing field with Muttiah Muralitharan. We've been critical of England for not taking risks when playing against Australia, but India seems to be suffering from even more severe nerves. Pat Cummins mentioned wanting to quiet the crowd, and his team has achieved just that. The atmosphere feels like a test game, and it's clear that the quietness is having an impact on the India players' state of mind. The anxiety and tension seem to be spreading throughout the team.

"India Scores 232/9 With Kuldeep Taking 8 Wickets And Siraj 3."

After a few balls from Cummins, there was only a single point added to the score. Additionally, Cummins hit Siraj with another bouncer and it appeared to barely miss trimming his nostril hair.

Cummins throws the ball and Siraj hits it towards the area between the bowler and mid-on for one run. Kuldeep manages to hit a shorter ball that was pitched outside the off-stump, to the square leg region and score one run.

Siraj joins the queue to defend a hit towards his chin, which goes towards the fine leg and he earns a single point. Meanwhile, Kuldeep changes the angle of his bat to hit the ball towards the third man and gains a single point.

Indians Score 227/9 With Kuldeep Taking 6 Wickets

Suryakumar was constantly struggling to keep up with the pace of the game and the absence of fast bounces made it hard for him to pull off successful hits. When the second slow bouncer was deemed a wide, Hazlewood tried a new tactic and threw a pitch up, allowing the right-handed player to hit two through the point. However, Hazlewood ultimately stuck to his initial plan and managed to score against Suryakumar.

Siraj comes onto the field and scores a single point, marking his first point. With only twelve balls remaining, can they manage to score six more points?

Suryakumar made 18 runs but was caught by Inglis and bowled by Hazlewood. The ball was a short bouncer that the keeper easily caught, and the pitch was not in great condition. This is true for both teams, but it's not making for an exciting game. Suryakumar's dismissal brings the total score to 226/9.

India Scores 223/8, Suryakumar Hits 16, Kuldeep Gets 6

Kuldeep hits Cummins' ball and takes one run, so Suryakumar remains on the field. Suryakumar skillfully hits the slow bouncer ball and gets one run. Kuldeep misses the next couple of balls. However, he manages to play the fast yorker ball. Cummins requests an appeal of leg-before, but it won't be fruitful unless Kuldeep's foot is made from the same wood as the English willow tree.

IND 221/8: Suryakumar Scores 15, Kuldeep Takes 5 Wickets

However, the moment was short-lived. He bats the initial ball off his wickets behind the square leg and moves forward to score a single run. The following delivery catches Suryakumar off guard, but he still manages to take a single after hitting the ball with the leading edge. The cover point fielder obstructs any chances of scoring a third single by obstructing two defensive shots.

Kuldeep's skilful batting technique results in India gaining two more points. Additionally, a faulty delivery by Starc outside the off-stump requires him to bowl an extra ball, leading to a seven-ball over. To take advantage of this opportunity, Kuldeep expertly maneuvers the ball through the mid-wicket area for a single, causing Starc's overall figures to settle at 10-0-55-3.

Let's not forget that India was able to defend 229 against England, but Australia's first three players are showing much more explosive performances.

"IND Scores 215/8 With Suryakumar's 14 And Kuldeep's 1"

If the total score is not too high, Smith and Labuschagne will be able to play Test innings if needed.

The over begins with two deliveries from Zampa that neither score any runs nor result in wickets against Suryakumar. However, Suryakumar manages to hit a single through midwicket. Bumrah unfortunately gets caught out, leaving Kuldeep as the last batsman to take his turn.

Wow, the batsman who uses their left hand just earned a point off the final delivery. I thought the other team, SKY, would keep the strike for themselves, but they have chosen to make Kuldeep face the challenging last over from Starc, which will have a reverse swing.

Zampa successfully pinned Bumrah with a slider, resulting in an lbw. The crowd seemed to lose hope, appearing quite anxious. The current score after Bumrah's dismissal is 214/8.

India Scores 213/7 With Suryakumar's 13 And Bumrah's 1

Starc bowled three dot balls, causing Shami to try and hit a big shot towards cow corner. However, the ball swung in the opposite direction, resulting in his dismissal. Following this, Bumrah came on to the pitch and hit his first ball towards midwicket for a single run. Suryakumar did the same to keep the strike for himself.

Shami was caught by Inglis off of Starc's bowling, scoring 6. He moved his front leg back to hit the ball hard, but unfortunately hit it straight to the wicketkeeper and was out. This brings the total score to 211 for 7 wickets lost.

Update: India Scores 211/6 With Suryakumar And Shami At Bat

Cummins has remained in T20 mode and hasn't let up on his return. he is utilizing pace off and Suryakumar scores a single off his leg and manages to pull another one. Shami skillfully directs two balls toward third man, with the second one coming from the blockhole.

According to Eoin Morgan, a score of 245 would make for an exciting game. Harsha Bhogle questions if 241 would be a good score as it made for an enthralling match four years ago.

India Scores 207/6 With Suryakumar At 10 And Shami At 4

Cummins smartly deploys Starc to utilize the reverse swing that Hazlewood had achieved from this end. Starc capitalizes on it immediately, resulting in two wides as the ball spins past Rahul's legs. Following Rahul's departure, Shami exploits the angle and gains four runs by striking the ball off his pads, marking the third four in the game since the 10th over. It should be noted that Rahul's ability to reach the ball he did would not have been feasible for a lesser player.

Rahul was caught by Starc while he was batting at 66 runs. Starc's delivery was exceptional, coming from the round wicket and causing the ball to curve inwards before straightening off the pitch and barely brushing the edge of Rahul's bat. This occurrence caused the team's score to decrease to 203/6.

India Scored 200/5 With Rahul's 66 And Suryakumar's 9

Suryakumar enjoys doing the sweeping technique in cricket. However, Zampa is not a fan of this technique and prefers other ones. There must be a compromise. Suryakumar expertly hits a low full toss and directs it towards the fielder, earning a single point for his team. Rahul also helps by driving the ball twice, adding to India's score of 200. In order to have a feasible score to defend, India must aim for a rate of eight points per over from this point on. That is my prediction, at least.

India Score 197/5 With Rahul At 64 And Suryakumar At 8, Over 40

The fast bowlers of Australia have the ability to put pressure on the batsmen towards the end of the game with their reverse swing, cutters, bouncers and yorkers. Hazlewood has been consistently bowling towards the right-handers, using the angle to restrict them to just three singles off four balls that are played towards the leg side. Abbott comes in for Maxwell and does an excellent job fielding at midwicket by diving to save three runs, while Starc saves a boundary by stopping the ball with his efforts at third man when the batsman thickly edges his shot.

India Scores 192/5 With Rahul Scoring 61 And Suryakumar 6

Suryakumar attempted to sweep the delivery but failed as the ball went past his legs. Luckily, it also escaped Inglis and they got a bye in addition to the wide. Rahul scored a single towards cover, while Suryakumar was taken aback by a massive leg break but managed to hit it towards midwicket. He ended the over with a sharp square cut that sailed past third-man for four runs. This means that they have only managed to score two boundaries in the last 29 overs.

"India Scores 182/5 With Rahul's 58 And Suryakumar's 1"

Hazlewood is still playing very well and not allowing India to score any runs easily. However, India is worried about their weak tail-end batsmen and Australia's strong performance in the field and with the ball. It might be a good idea to take a risk and move one of the lower-order batsmen up in the order, like how Mark Wood did, to try and change the momentum. Even if it doesn't work, at least they tried, but if it does work and the batsman can score a quick 20 runs, it could be a game-changer with two great batsmen, Sky and Jadeja, still to come.

Right now, the choice to start by bowling is being shown to be a completely correct decision. The captain's leadership and Pat Cummins' bowling skills are both excellent. He is leading the team by example.

Indian Team Scores 179/5 With Rahul's 56 & Suryakumar's 0

Cummins has saved three overs of Starc for the final phase of the game, and he re-introduces Maxwell, whose ability to make the ball drift and keep a tight line results in five consecutive deliveries that the opposition batsman fails to score off. Finally, Rahul manages to hit one down to the long on position for just a single run.

It was a complete waste of time as his foot remained planted and he did not even come close to the edge.

To get Rahul out by catching or stumping him, he didn't use the bat.

"India Score 178/5 With Rahul's 55 And Suryakumar Out At Over 36"

Hazlewood is now making use of reverse swing and Rahul is taking advantage of the angle to hit the ball through mid-on and score a single. Thanks to Maxwell's inaccurate throw, they were able to run for a second time, making it two runs in total. They are now taking advantage of the confusion caused by the overthrowing and attempting for another run with Jadeja, but the mid-on fielder did not catch the ball, resulting in another extra run.

Don't worry about the run-out occurrences, Hazlewood's usage of reverse swing proves effective against Sky, India's powerful finisher. However, is he able to execute this technique with the ball curving at the last moment?

Jadeja has been caught out by Hazlewood on 9 runs after Inglis batted. However, Hazlewood repeats the same style of delivery for the next ball, making it hard for the left-hander to hit. The score is now 178 for 5 wickets lost.

The ball was so close to the bat, it was only an inch away. Strangely, Steve Smith called it from cover instead of the wicketkeeper and the bowler.

Jadeja was caught by Inglis off the bowling of Hazlewood.

"IND 173/4 With Rahul At 50 And Jadeja At 9"

Jadeja is doing what he excels at, taking two quick singles by hitting the ball to the mid-on area, and then Rahul scores fifty runs by executing a tip and run technique. He manages to stay on his toes, lightly tapping the ball into the offside area, and charging through to the other end of the pitch. It took him 86 balls to reach fifty, but it's well known that a solid foundation in a World Cup final can lead to great things - just like Javed and Imran did in 1992.

India Score 169/4 With Rahul And Jadeja Contributing

Heading back to the cricket pitch, Head returns to bowl as he approaches the right-handed batsman from an angle known as "round the wicket." His bowl hits the square area and bounces off Rahul's rear for two points due to leg-byes. Rahul proceeds to hit the ball with the same angle through midwicket, earning himself a single point. On the other hand, Jadeja hits the ball to the point, gaining another point.

In the blog post, Shane Watson, who won the World Cup in 2015, is asked what score would be tough for Australia to chase. He thinks that anything above 270 would be challenging on this particular field, but only if there isn't too much dew that would spoil the chances of Kuldeep and Jadeja's spin.

33 Over: IND 165/4 With Rahul On 47 And Jadeja On 6

Starc gets the ball after a break and changes his angle to Rahul by approaching from an alternative side, who defends two deliveries and then manages to score a single by hitting the ball through point. Jadeja accepts the challenge of hitting the ball over mid-on's head, however, he hits the ball with the tip of his bat, but still manages to complete a single. Furthermore, the fielder at the point boundary who has prevented 15 runs, stops a ball from going over the boundary, leading to only a single. This requires a lot of effort and hard work.

India Scores 162/4 With 32 Overs Remaining

It's time for the second drinks break, following Zampa's seventh over. India has only managed to score four singles. What are your predictions for the outcome of this match?

Indians Score 158/4: Rahul At 43, Jadeja At 3

During Cummins' sixth over, India tries their best to face his challenging and uncomfortable deliveries. Rahul successfully executes a pull shot for two runs and later hits one through cover using the back foot. Jadeja also manages a single through his wristwork on a pull shot. However, towards the end of the over, Jadeja struggles to face a quick bouncer but somehow manages to get a run out of it.

India At 152/4 With Rahul At 39 And Jadeja At 1, Over 30

Rahul managed to hit two singles straight down the ground, while Jadeja scored one for himself as well, all with the help of Zampa. Even though Jadeja was tricked by Zampa's googly, he managed to avoid getting stumped by keeping his foot grounded just in time before Inglis could take off the bails.

Jadeja's foot was positioned far back from the line.

Zampa dismissed Jadeja, caught by Inglis.

"Tim Wigmore's Tale Of Pitch Protest"

India Scores 149/4 With Rahul On 37 And Jadeja On 0 At Over 29

Slowing down the pace of rebuilding can lead to trouble when a wicket is lost. Morgan suggests that it's best to continue hitting aggressively to keep the bowlers guessing. However, some teams, such as the India teams from 2015 and 2019, often revert to traditional methods at the worst possible moment.

Ravindra Jadeja makes his way onto the field to create a challenge for the bowlers by having a combination of left and right-handedness.

The atmosphere was completely quiet except for the cheers of around 24 Australians, including the players, when Kohli was caught out by Cummins with a score of 54. The ball was pitched at a distance, and due to the nature of the pitch, the batsman was unable to play either a straight or a cross-bat shot. As a result, he attempted to hit it at an angle similar to what Root does, but ended up falling like Root generally does against Cummins. This resulted in an FOW of 148/5.

Kohli And Rahul Propel India To 146/3 At 28th Over

Adam Zampa bowls his over brilliantly, conceding only four runs.

Kohli And Rahul Score 51 And 34 Respectively For IND At 142/3, Over 27

Rahul finally managed to break free and score a boundary after 16 overs of struggling. He smashed the ball over his shoulder with a paddle shot while dropping down on his knee, managing to escape from the manacles. The crowd was thrilled and started cheering for the team, with everyone forgetting about milestones for a moment. The atmosphere was tense, though, as the game remained unpredictable.

"India Scores 135/3 With Kohli At 50 And Rahul At 28"

"Wow, this prison has amazing security measures. It seems impossible to escape," remarks Harsha Bhogle as he watches Rahul hit a cover drive off Zampa. The ball was heading towards the boundary until Warner, who is 37 years old, sprinted and managed to limit the run to just two. Earlier, Kohli hit a four down to long on, achieving his fifth consecutive fifty. Maxwell is going to bowl for a second consecutive over - that's quite something!"

Indian Team Scores 131/3 With Kohli And Rahul Leading

Eoin Morgan expressed his opinion that India should display more determination. Even if they are approaching batting with caution, they should aim for a strike rate of 100 whilst gathering one point per ball until they initiate their offensive. Unfortunately, India is currently batting at a rate of .50, and they've only managed three singles off Maxwell's one-over spell, despite his return to the game.

India 128/3: Kohli On 47, Rahul On 24

The team made a switch in their bowler, swapping in Marsh for Head after only one over. Kohli managed to score a single point by hitting the ball with his knee, while Rahul hit a low hit to long on. The Australian team continued to show impressive speed and agility in their fielding. Kohli scored another single point by quickly hitting the ball with his bat, and Marsh finishes his two overs with no successful hits. India is struggling to make progress.

India's Scorecard: 125/3 With Kohli On 45 And Rahul On 23

Referring to Dhoni, Cummisn's decision to give his bowlers one-over spells embodies Dhoni's approach. Currently, Starc is back and manages to tackle another over past India for the cost of only one run for Rahul towards the sweeper located at cover. Kohli then captures a two and a single behind square towards the long leg and third man correspondingly. It's noteworthy that there's no swing at all now.

Indian Score - Kohli 42, Rahul 22 - 121/3

Cummins took an unconventional approach by using a seventh bowler in just 22 overs. He gave the ball to Travis Head who threw offies to the two right-handers from a round the wicket position. The same approach was taken by Joe Root who previously managed to score five for eight in a Test match by targeting the stumps in a similar manner. Kohli managed to get a single through midwicket and Rahul hit a gentle shot to the right of the fielder.

Australia has managed to take another wicket with minimal losses.

India At 119/3 With Kohli And Rahul Scoring 41 And 21 Respectively, Over 21

Sunil Gavaskar made a valid argument, although he often appears as if he works for BCCI. He believes that people who are worried about the lack of boundaries lately should not be concerned because Rohit's rapid runs have allowed them to continue at a speed of 5.66 runs per over. Although their pace may be slow at the moment, they both have the ability to accelerate from 40 to 180mph in seconds. The key is to be present and make progress. In Hazlewood's fifth over, they only scored four singles by skillfully placing the ball in gaps rather than simply tapping it for runs.

India's Score: 115/3 With Kohli And Rahul Contributing

Cummins made a clever decision in his captaincy by bringing on Mitchell Marsh, who is known for his exceptional bowling technique. India are currently playing conservatively, struggling to score at a reasonable rate. Marsh's performance is preventing India from gaining the upper hand, which is a smart decision from an economic perspective. During the tenth over, India failed to hit any boundaries, only managing to work the ball into the onside for two runs.

Australia has been doing exceptionally well with their fielding in this final. They are fierce and quick like tigers and the catch made by Travis Head off Rohit was one of the best of the World Cup. Additionally, Cummins has been bowling beautifully. This is a true test of India's nerves with all the pressure they are facing. The stadium is filled with tension and it is very quiet. However, there was a small break when a pitch invader ran onto the field (which is rare in India because of the high fences) and hugged Kohli. The pitch invader wore a T-shirt with the slogan "stop bombing Palestine."

India At 113/3 With Kohli And Rahul On 38 And 18 Respectively

Australia has decided to call back Hazlewood after he had a tough time during his first spell against Rohit. Hazlewood has been able to take Kohli's wicket five times in 10 games, but unfortunately, Kohli has been able to maintain an average score of 69.40 against him.

Taking it easy and being consistent is what's happening now. The bowler delivered six singles in that over. The way they're rebuilding the score reminds me of Dhoni's style.

India's batting lineup has a long tail, beginning with their No. 8 player. While four of their bowlers are exceptional, their batting skills are lacking. However, this hasn't been a significant issue for India thus far in the tournament. It may become a concern today, though. Captain Kohli is undoubtedly aware of this and will likely choose to play it safe for several overs.

India 107-3 With Kohli And Rahul At Bat

Maxwell takes over from Zampa and continues to increase the pressure on Rahul by hitting his toes with flat, accurate throws. He only makes a mistake once, and Rahul takes advantage by hitting the ball off his back foot for two runs before softly tapping it towards the long on fielder to retain the strike.

India's Score: 104/3 With Kohli And Rahul Batting

India remains calm and strategically takes three individual runs while Australia persists in putting pressure through their fielding efforts, with Cummins expertly executing his cutters and slower bouncers.

Protester Invades Pitch For Free Palestine

Indians Score 101/3 With Kohli And Rahul On The Pitch

As Kohli hits a century, he's the only one among the Indian team to wear a smile. He was able to make a shot by waiting for a googly to come and tapping it down towards long on for a single. Zampa creates pressure by forcing Rahul to take a quick jab to avoid a very full ball. The game pauses to take a break, and some players are enjoying a drink. On social media, some Indians are excessively worried about the outcome and making negative predictions. There are also rumours about brandy being served, potentially around the neck of a St. Bernard.

Kohli And Rahul Score For IND: 97/3

Rahul hits a slow bouncer that bounces once before going to the fine leg for a single. However, Cummins quickly puts some strength back in the next bouncer to Kohli, causing him to hit it just past midwicket. The crowd held their breath when they saw the ball nearly go to the fielder, but it luckily went past him, much to their relief.

Cummins used a variety of gun techniques and pace changes to successfully prevent KL from scoring any runs, ending with three consecutive dot balls.

India At 94/3 With Kohli On 30 And Rahul On 7

Rahul and Kohli are making a comeback and have established a solid foundation against Zampa. Despite being a leg-spinner, Zampa has not managed to produce significant turn. The pitch is not as challenging as anticipated, and it's just slow and similar to Lord's in 2019, which was also quite tricky.

The Indian cricket player Rohit Sharma has been playing remarkably well during the World Cup. It's not just about the number of runs he has scored but also the way he plays that sets the tone for the team. He starts scoring fast right from the beginning, sets an example for his team, and helps his teammate Virat Kohli to play at his own pace. Unfortunately, Rohit was out too soon, along with Shreyas Iyer, which put Australia in a better position. If only he could have played a few more overs, it would have really helped India win.

India Scores 89/3 With Kohli And Rahul Leading

Cummins keeps changing his pace and length, managing to bowl four deliveries that result in no runs at the start of the over. Eventually, Rahul manages to hit the ball for a single by using a pull shot. Kohli then faces a ball that floats in the air before dipping near his feet, resulting in a yorker. Kohli manages to hit the ball using his bat and guides it towards the corner, allowing him to take a single.

"India At 87/3 With Kohli And Rahul"

Cummins removes Maxwell from the bowling and instead brings in Zampa, who starts off decently but doesn't produce much spin. They manage to score five singles off his bowling by hitting the ball into the gaps and trying to recover. Considering the length of the game, they have plenty of time to recover and establish themselves.

India Scores 82/3 With Kohli And Rahul In Play

Australia reversed the situation and ruined the celebration with incredible fielding and sticking to their strategies. KL Rahul and Virat are the strongest pair for India, and if the Australians can dismiss them without conceding too many runs, they have a good chance of securing the No6 position.

Australia seems to have done their homework and they are very happy about the dismissal of Iyer, who was caught by Inglis after a delivery by Cummins that only earned 4 runs. Unfortunately, Iyer got stuck on the crease too soon in his innings and wrongly estimated the fuller length, resulting in a static push that led to a feathered edge into the keeper's hands. As a result, India's score is now at 81/3.

"IND 81/3 With Kohli And Iyer Scoring"

In the beginning, Rohit hits a powerful six off Maxwell by moving forward towards the pitch. He then predicts that Maxwell will bowl a fast ball and hits it through the cover. Unfortunately, Maxwell manages to dismiss Rohit in the next ball. As a replacement, Iyer enters the game and scores four runs with an elegant back foot drive.

Rohit was caught by Head, who was bowled by Maxwell, after scoring 47 runs. It was an incredible catch that will leave you in awe. Rohit had hit the ball hard and scored six and four runs before attempting to hit it long over mid-on. He sliced his drive and Head took an outstanding catch, running backward from cover and diving headfirst to catch the ball just in time with his fingertips. This catch was so amazing that it's worth watching again and again. As a result of this catch, Rohit left the pitch, and the score became 76/2.

"India Dominates With 66/1 "

Cummins took over from Starc and continued with his good form from the previous game at Eden Gardens. He used a slower ball method in the death overs. Rohit played a smart strategy of quick singles and after a leg bye, he managed to get another single by using a short cutter shot. He had to apply some extra effort to get the ball to go far. Kohli almost fell into trouble due to the stickiness of the pitch. He closed his bat face too early and tried to chip the ball over the bowler's head. The ball just managed to fall past the bowler's follow through. This type of pitch makes it easier for caught and bowled dismissals.

As soon as the first wicket fell, the entire stadium hushed to a complete silence. It was remarkable to see how the loud and wild cheers of the 100,000 fans turned into pin-drop quiet when Shubman Gill's bold cross-batted shot was caught. Even the sound of a packet of crisps being opened in the far-off row Z could be heard. Meanwhile, Rohit is currently dominating the game with his aggressive play during the powerplay, which poses a great threat to the Australian team. In 2011, MS Dhoni, an Indian captain, won the final but now Rohit has taken on the task all by himself.

IND Leading With 61/1 After 8 Overs

Cummins makes an unexpected decision to switch to Maxwell during the Powerplay. He manages to do fairly well for five balls, resulting in three singles. However, when Kohli gets a poorly delivered ball, he responds with extreme power, blasting it past cover for a four. Hazlewood decides to quickly take off his boots and run off to the dressing room in his socks.

Indians Off To Solid Start: 54/1 In 7 Overs

On his first attempt, Kohli successfully hit a boundary using a walking flick in a flamboyant stance over midwicket, earning himself four points. Although he encountered some difficulty with his grip, he made up for it with two stunning shots: one, a back-foot punch which sailed gracefully through cover point for another four points, and for his third successful boundary in a row, a perfect off-drive which he skillfully directed, bypassing Cummins’ dive.

It's no surprise that the audience is filled with excitement. The crowd is shouting the name "Kohli!" repeatedly. Starc finds some relief when the ball unexpectedly spins and takes a leading edge, but it lands safely. Kohli runs a single.

India At 40/1 With Rohit 32 And Kohli 3

David Warner takes the position of short midwicket as Kohli faces Hazlewood's incoming delivery. Kohli manages to defend a few balls without getting anxious. He scores two singles with a midwicket flick and a square push through point. On the other hand, Rohit decides to play it safe and just works one off his pads for a single against Hazlewood's bowling.

India: 37/1 After 5 Overs

During Kohli's innings, Channel 5 was unable to broadcast the first two balls because it went to commercial. Personally, I switched to Sky for coverage. Kohli didn't swing at the first ball, but he hit the second one with his bat. However, he didn't have a strong grip on his bat, which resulted in an awkward shot. Rohit, on the other hand, didn't have any problems with timing. He hit the slower ball from Starc and the ball flew over long-off for six points.

Starc bowled a short ball to Gill, but unfortunately, it didn't bounce high. Gill chose to hit the ball with a pull shot and hit it flat straight to mid-on using the bottom 10cm of his bat. As a result of this wicket, the scorecard now reads as 30/1.

India's 30-run Start: Rohit 25, Gill 4

Travis Head is an exceptional cricketer. He has already prevented two boundaries and has now made an outstanding and nearly impossible effort to catch Rohit's pull at deep backward square. Despite being far from the fence, Head made quick progress towards the ball but was still a meter away when he lunged forward. Nevertheless, he managed to use his right palm to stop the ball on the half-volley by making a swift adjustment to his diving posture.

Despite Hazlewood's attempts to intimidate Rohit with his short deliveries, the Indian batsman remained unfazed. He responded with an impressive front foot pull shot that sailed over cow corner for an impressive six. Rohit then decided to take control of the situation by advancing down the pitch and hitting Hazlewood for a boundary through mid-on. The Australian bowler was visibly struggling to contain Rohit's powerful shots. Ricky Ponting commented that the only way for Hazlewood to regain control of the situation was to bowl a yorker.

This is a very dull and heavy delivery. It doesn't have any lift or movement.

India 18/0 After 3 Overs

Starc was the first to discover Gill's edge with the initial delivery, yet it failed to make it to slip. The bowler then proceeded to make the double teapot gesture. Perhaps he was trying to signal Marsh to move closer, but that may prove challenging since Starc's bowling speed is approximately 87mph. The ball went between slip and keeper, resulting in a run being taken. Starc managed to send a wide one past Rohit's hamstrings before the latter drove the ball for a single. Head stepped in to prevent the boundary. Gill sent a full ball past the cover, allowing for two runs to be gained. Starc couldn't achieve any swing, and his attempts to aim for the off-stump were in vain. However, when he directed the ball from the central point, it began to curve inwardly.

India Starts Strong: Rohit 13, Gill 0

Sometimes, the commentary may be difficult to hear. Hazlewood is now in possession of the new ball and his focus is on the corridor. Rohit adopts a defensive stance and gently nudges the ball with his bat, causing it to roll down to third man. Thanks to skilled field placements and determined fielding efforts, Zampa prevents two runs. So far, a total of seven runs have been saved.

Rohit is fed up and decides to hit a cricket ball that's delivered at a good distance towards the cover area, which earns him four points. He repeats this action in the next ball, but this time he swings his bat crosswise to the on-side and scores four more points in front of a player standing near square leg. However, he doesn't hit the ball gently and smoothly like a stroke; instead, he drags it. The player who stands near the wicket furthest to the side comes into play. After successfully scoring eight points in two balls, Rohit plays the following two deliveries carefully, defending them but then attempting a pull shot when the ball is bowled shorter and off the front foot. Unfortunately, he ends up swinging his bat too high, and the ball misses the bat.

"India Leads With 3-0 "

Starc made a significant attempt to take Rohit's wicket with an impressive inswinger, but unfortunately, it would have missed the stumps. He then turned to the umpire and gesticulated with both arms while bending his knees, but it was apparent that the ball was heading down. On the very next ball, Rohit leaned over to hit a square drive, which would have gone for four against most bowlers. However, Australia had positioned Head on the cover boundary, who quickly ran towards the ball and stopped it just before it crossed the rope. The batsmen managed to take two runs.

Rohit protected two of the deliveries, but was unable to handle a third which was angled towards him. However, he skillfully played an off-side drive that Cummins managed to stop by lunging towards his left and diving. As a result, they were only able to score a single run.

You can catch this match in the UK on Channel 5 without spending money on a TV subscription. Mitchell Starc is leading with the first new ball.

"Teams Ready For National Anthems"

Australia takes the lead. The entire audience rises and loudly chants India's name.

Flypast Is Approaching

Have you ever seen such a huge crowd dressed in their team's colors before? Nearly everyone is wearing India's blue replica jersey. If you compare it to pictures of the 2011 final in Mumbai, it's clear that things have changed a lot. Wearing the jersey has become a crucial part of watching sports in modern India, inspired by the Premier League and the growing pride in the national flag over the past ten years. Vendors were selling the jerseys outside the stadium yesterday for around 500 rupees (£5), with the names of players like Rohit and Virat being the most popular. You won't see many jerseys with Kuldeep Yadav's name on them, though.

The two teams have maintained their lineup from the semi-finals.

The Indian cricket team line-up includes Rohit Sharma as the captain, along with Shubman Gill, Virat Kohli, Shreyas Iyer, KL Rahul as the wicketkeeper, Suryakumar Yadav, Ravindra Jadeja, Jasprit Bumrah, Mohammed Shami, Kuldeep Yadav, and Mohammed Siraj.

In Australia, there are some well-known cricketers, which include David Warner, Travis Head, Mitchell Marsh, Steve Smith, Marnus Labuschagne, Glenn Maxwell, Josh Inglis, Mitchell Starc, Pat Cummins, Adam Zampa, and Josh Hazlewood.

"Australia Wins Toss"

They decided to let India start their turn at bat first. How surprising!

According to him, the playing field appears parched and moisture has played a role, causing it to become more favorable for batting as time goes on. Personally, I was certain that whoever won the coin toss would choose to bat first. Rohit affirms that India would have opted to bat first regardless.

Blue Flood Takes Over Ahmedabad

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Hello and greetings to the 48th match of the Cricket World Cup 2023, which is also known as the final game. It has been 45 days since the 2019 final was replayed in the same arena in Ahmedabad, which marked the start of this extensive tournament. Today, India and Australia are going head to head, with India having won 10 consecutive games and Australia securing eight victories in a row. The match will determine if India can win their third World Cup, thereby surpassing West Indies and becoming the second best team in CWC history. On the other hand, if Australia wins their sixth World Cup, their dominance will be elevated even further.

Australia are facing a tough challenge as they go up against India today. Despite their IPL experience and millions of fans, Australia are considered the underdogs for the first time since their first win in 1987. The Narendra Modi Stadium will not be showing much support for them. India, on the other hand, have proven to be the best team of the tournament and are dominating the World Cup like they did in 1996 and 2007. Surprisingly, they have even found the perfect team balance in the absence of their star allrounder Hardik Pandya. With the addition of Mohammed Shami, they have managed to devastate opposing teams with speed and precision.

Many people talk about how Australia's batting from No8 down is not strong enough. However, it is important to note that Australia does have a long tail which helped them against Afghanistan and in the semi-final. At this point in time, it is not solely about averages but also about the ability to win in a tough match. Both teams have this quality, as well as a lot of skill.

Where does this current World Cup stand compared to the ones before it? It has seemed like a celebration ever since India's second game, which followed their intense battle with Australia in Chennai. It's difficult to judge how the 2015 World Cup compares because my memories of it are influenced by the exhaustive days spent covering it and the excitement that filled me during the six weeks of doing so. This World Cup may not have had as many intense games as the previous top contenders, like in 1999, 2003, and 2007, but at least we can feel assured that the final will be a close one as long as Australia stays focused. Alan Tyers will be taking over for the second half of the coverage, and Nick Hoult in Ahmedabad and Scyld Berry will also provide input. As for those who criticize the quality of play, just look at the sea of blue in the stadium making noise and having a great time.

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