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I'm A Celeb 2023

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The broadcast company ITV has confirmed the list of celebrities who will participate in the 2023 edition of the show "I'm a Celebrity".

The latest installment is set to premiere on Sunday, November 19th, featuring a diverse cast made up of actors from popular soap operas, television personalities, and a divisive ex-politician who now works as a host on GB News.

The aspiring contenders will aim to emulate the success of Jill Scott, who was named the ruling monarch of the jungle in December 2022.

Keep up-to-date with all the latest news and developments from the I'm a Celebrity show by checking out our live-blog.

In this section, we will go over all the celebrities who will be participating in the 21st season of I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! in Australia.

Get Me Out of Here!’ Jamie-Lynn Spears has joined the cast of the reality TV show ‘I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here!’. The show takes celebrities and puts them in the Australian jungle, where they have to complete challenges and survive with limited supplies. Spears, best known for her role on the hit TV show ‘Zoey 101’, is no stranger to the limelight. However, she has been fairly quiet since the birth of her daughter in 2008. It will be interesting to see how Spears handles the challenges of the show and if she can re-launch her career through her appearance on it. --- Jamie-Lynn Spears is now part of the cast in the famous reality TV show 'I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here!'. In this program, celebrities are brought to the jungles of Australia to execute difficult tasks and survive with minimal resources. Spears, who is famous for her work on the well-known TV show 'Zoey 101', is not new to fame. But since the birth of her child in 2008, she has kept a low profile. It will be exciting to see how Spears will fare in the show's challenges and if this opportunity will give her career a boost.

Jamie-Lynn Spears, a 32-year-old American artist, achieved recognition for her role in the Nickelodeon show Zoey 101. However, she is generally acknowledged as the younger sibling of vocalist Britney Spears.

Jamie-Lynn has been making news for the past ten years because of the conflict with her sister. Her sister spoke out against her after she was released from her conservatorship in 2021.

Jamie-Lynn wrote a very successful book about her life, but Britney accused her of profiting from using her name. This made Jamie-Lynn feel like people have formed many wrong ideas about her. In an interview with ITV, Jamie-Lynn shared that she thinks being on I'm a Celebrity will give viewers the chance to see who she really is.

She expressed that this is a chance for her to express her true self and engage in something exceptional, which could bring about incredible moments.

The person didn't mention Britney specifically, but they said that their family gave them permission to join the show. They talked to their family and children before agreeing to be away for the duration of the program.

In the jungle, she claimed she would maintain a tough exterior, saying: "I believe that my greatest attribute is how difficult it is to upset me emotionally. Unless you're one of my kids or my closest relatives, nothing you say can truly harm me. I can handle a plethora of negative situations without letting them bring me down. So, I believe it's a beneficial trait to have in a setting where numerous challenges are thrown your way!"

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Get Me Out of Here!’ In this blog post, we will be discussing Sam Thompson's appearance on the popular reality show 'I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here!' Sam Thompson's participation in the show has caused a lot of excitement among fans. This is due to his charming personality and his previous appearances on other reality shows. During his time on the show, Sam Thompson has been faced with various challenges, including physical challenges and survival tasks. Despite this, he has managed to remain positive and upbeat throughout his experience on the show. Many fans have also been impressed with Sam Thompson's ability to make friends with his fellow contestants. He seems to be well-liked by all of the other celebrities on the show, and has even formed some close friendships with a few of them. Overall, Sam Thompson's appearance on 'I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here!' has been a great success. He has managed to entertain viewers with his personality and his impressive performances in the challenges he has faced. We can't wait to see what he will do next on the show!

Sam Thompson is a well-known personality, aged 31, who gained popularity through his participation in the reality TV program Made in Chelsea on E4. He also became popular on social media by sharing amusing videos with his friend Pete Wicks.

Throughout the years, he has made countless appearances on various entertainment programs like Celebs Go Dating and Celebrity Big Brother, where he was able to secure third place. Moreover, he now has his very own gig on Hits Radio.

Additionally, he is responsible for overseeing the official Love Island podcast and is romantically involved with Zara McDermott, a previous participant on ITV2's Love Island, who was recently voted off from the reality dancing competition Strictly Come Dancing.

Thompson expressed that being a part of I'm a Celebrity was a surreal experience and something he had always dreamed of. He mentioned during his ITV interview that he eagerly accepted the offer to join the show, and in fact, he didn't need any convincing since he was already a huge fan.

He also anticipated that he would be participating in numerous Bushtucker Trials because his friends and family would select him. "I believe they will all be taken aback once they discover I am partaking in this programme, but without a doubt they will all vote for me to undergo a trial since they will want to undermine me every time," he remarked.

Yesterday, there was a section on the blog about Josie Gibson and her appearance on the show 'I'm a Celebrity'. Today, we're going to talk about Josie again, but we're going to use different words. Josie Gibson is a person who became famous after winning a reality TV show called 'Big Brother'. She appeared on the show 'I'm a Celebrity' which is a different reality TV show. The show is about celebrities who have to live in the jungle. They have to complete challenges and tasks in order to get food and comfort. Josie was on the show in 2011. She did well on the show and was popular with the viewers. She was funny and made friends with some of the other celebrities. She also did well in the challenges and won some of them. After the show, Josie became even more famous. She was asked to be a presenter on TV and also wrote a book. She is still a popular celebrity today, and many people remember her from her appearance on 'I'm a Celebrity'.

Josie Gibson, a 38-year-old celebrity, gained popularity after winning the reality TV show Big Brother in 2010. She then pursued a career as a TV anchor. Josie is widely recognized for her frequent appearances as a co-host on the ITV daytime program This Morning.

The person expressed that they are experiencing anxiety regarding their upcoming appearance on the show. They mentioned to ITV that they constantly think about how they are actually going through with it and how they may have taken on too much. They have completed challenges for This Morning before, but this one feels more significant and is starting to feel more tangible.

Gibson is feeling a lot of fear towards the insects, but she believes that she can conquer this feeling because she is eager to discover new things about herself.

The woman who is a parent to one child also mentioned how difficult it will be for her since she's anxious about not being able to communicate with her son named Reggie. However, she added that her workmates from This Morning, especially Alison Hammond, who was also once a participant, have been a great support to her during this trying time.

According to her, Alison Hammond, who participated in the event in 2010, has also provided her with abundant guidance.

She encouraged me to give it my all. All the people at This Morning assured me that I'll enjoy it a lot. They were the main reason why I decided to do it! Their continuous support was amazing and I'll miss all of them when I'm gone.

The television personality Fred Sirieix recently appeared on the popular reality show 'I'm a Celebrity'. The show features a group of celebrities who are placed in a jungle setting and must complete various challenges in order to earn food and other luxuries. While on the show, Sirieix demonstrated his survival skills and impressed viewers with his ability to adapt to the difficult conditions. He also spoke about his experience as a chef and shared some tips on how to cook a delicious meal using only basic ingredients. Overall, Sirieix was a popular and well-respected contestant on the show, and his performance was admired by many fans.

If you watch Channel 4's First Dates or BBC Two's Million Pound Menu, you might recognize Fred Sirieix. He used to be the big boss at the London Hilton restaurant with a Michelin star, but that ended in 2019. Now, he's often seen hanging out with famous chefs Gordon Ramsey and Gino D'Acampo on ITV's Gordon, Gino and Fred: Road Trip.

Getting ready for his jungle adventure, Sireix revealed that despite being scared, he agreed to star on the show because he doesn't want to be held back by fear. During an interview with ITV, he stated that being separated from his loved ones, comforting items, and being restricted to drinking solely water while also having no access to coffee, wine, or his favorite steak with mustard - in fact, no steak at all - will be a test of his endurance.

I view this retreat as a chance to focus on my well-being. It presents a unique opportunity to delve deep within my own thoughts and gain a new perspective on life while being in an unfamiliar setting.

Sirieix mentioned that he is frightened of various things. He added that undertaking tasks that push you beyond your comfort zone can be a positive experience, despite the difficulties. In order to prepare for his appearance on I'm a Celebrity, he has been training intensely for the past three to four years, going to the gym, boxing, and approaching his training with a machine-like mentality. He highlights that this show entails a long-term commitment rather than an impulsive race, indicating that he is prepared for the challenges that lie ahead.

When asked about his fellow cast members such as Ramsay and D'Acampo, Sirieix stated: "They're most likely going to mock me and tease me relentlessly. I have a feeling they will select me to participate in the challenging tasks!"

Let's talk about Nella Rose on the TV show 'I'm a Celebrity'.

At 26 years of age, Nella Rose is a noteworthy TV host and YouTuber with an impressive following of over 750,000 subscribers.

Before, she was the host of Catfish UK and the Brit Awards red carpet. Currently, she is presenting the digital series Tapped Out for Channel 4.

Rose expressed that she has been a fan of I'm a Celebrity since her childhood. However, the thought of being in the jungle scares her as she is afraid of almost everything.

"I'm extremely scared, but I'm attempting to consider the more significant elements," she informed ITV. "In this lifetime, you must confront your anxieties. Although I may scream throughout, I'll still have the people's nourishment in mind, and I'll make every effort to do my best."

When asked about her responsibilities in the camp, Rose stated that she intends to maintain high levels of morale and humor. She further asserted that she will make efforts to steer clear of disputes as she finds them uncomfortable to manage.

British politician Nigel Farage appeared as a contestant on the reality television show 'I'm a Celebrity'.

Nigel Farage, who is 59 years old, is a former leader of UKIP and the Brexit Party, which was later renamed Reform Britain. He is known for his controversial opinions. Currently, he hosts his own show on GB News.

Throughout the years, Farage has often stirred up trouble by expressing opinions that some people label as "racist" and "xenophobic". He has been invited to appear on the program one year after the previous health secretary, Matt Hancock, finished third in the competition, and rumor has it that Farage has been offered a staggering £1.5 million to participate. If he does take part, he would set a new record as the highest-paid celebrity ever to appear on I'm a Celebrity.

Farage admitted that there are "millions" of people who dislike him, however, in an interview with ITV, he expressed his desire to clear up any misunderstandings about his character and prove that he is not a "cruel" person. Farage explained that his main offense was going against the conventional viewpoint and being the only one to object to Europe as a destination for the UK. As a result, he has been unjustly targeted. Farage is optimistic that his detractors might change their perspective of him, but he admits that it is a risky endeavor.

He went on to say: "Furthermore, the notion that the qualities I epitomize - unkind, petty, unpleasant, the 'insular nationalist' - all of those allegations that have been hurled my way throughout the years are simply unfounded. If we can eliminate some of those misunderstandings, then that would also be beneficial."

Farage expressed worry regarding the way his campmates perceive him. He mentioned that they may already have certain notions about him, which could lead to a chilly atmosphere. Farage admits that he cannot be someone he's not and will remain true to himself.

Farage expressed that he comprehends why Hancock agreed to participate in the program, remarking that he did so while facing considerable negative attention. The ex-politician himself expressed interest in joining the show to challenge his abilities in the jungle, expressing the possibility of discovering his true self as a result.

Grace Dent recently shared her thoughts on the popular reality TV show 'I'm a Celebrity'. According to Dent, she believes the show is a "ridiculous and problematic spectacle". She explains that while it may be entertaining to some viewers to watch celebrities participate in humiliating challenges and live in harsh conditions, there are underlying issues with the show's format. Dent points out that the show perpetuates harmful stereotypes, particularly when it comes to gender and ethnicity. She notes that the women on the show are often portrayed as weak, helpless and emotional, while the men are seen as strong and capable. Additionally, she highlights how non-white participants are frequently subjected to "exotic" challenges, which she believes is problematic and reinforces negative stereotypes about people from different cultures. Furthermore, Dent claims that the show's popularity is largely due to the schadenfreude of viewers, who relish in watching celebrities suffer and fail. She argues that this is not a healthy form of entertainment and that it sends a message that it's acceptable to derive pleasure from the misfortune of others. Overall, Dent urges viewers to reconsider their support for 'I'm a Celebrity' and to question the harmful messages it may be sending. She believes that we should strive for more positive and uplifting forms of entertainment that don't rely on demeaning and exploitative practices.

Grace Dent is a person who's famous for her work in broadcasting, writing, and reviewing food. She's had her works featured in The Guardian and Evening Standard through restaurant articles. Additionally, she's been a guest judge on MasterChef UK.

Dent had strongly criticized I'm a Celebrity before, and now her fellow food critics will be shocked to hear that she has decided to participate in the show.

Despite feeling a strong sense of fear, Dent revealed that she agreed to participate in the show after going through a period of struggle and hardship for the past few years.

During an interview with ITV, she shared that her father suffered from dementia and she was the one who took care of him until he passed away. Additionally, her mother was diagnosed with cancer and she also lost her. These experiences have given her great strength and resilience. With this new challenge ahead of her, she feels ready to face it head-on. As she has grown older, she has come to realize that life is meant to be lived to the fullest. This realization is one of the reasons why she decided to accept this challenge.

In the blog post, Dent expressed her readiness to face a potentially challenging eating task while in the jungle. She anticipates having to consume unappetizing items, possibly worse than what she has encountered in high-end restaurants. Dent even joked that she might write some harsh critiques about jungle food after overcoming this challenge.

She mentioned that she will take on the responsibility of cooking at the camp even though she expects some challenges. "The taste of food comes from various herbs and spices, and unfortunately, I won't have any of those ingredients. It's hard to make an alligator's foot tasty without any seasonings. I'm already fantasizing about the delightful meal I will have once I leave this place. I'll go to an elegant restaurant and indulge in some mouth-watering dishes while wearing a stunning dress."

Marvin Humes talks about his experience on 'I'm a Celebrity'. Marvin Humes recently shared his thoughts on his time spent on the popular television show 'I'm a Celebrity'. The former JLS band member and radio presenter spoke about the challenges he faced during the show, such as the physical tasks and living conditions that were quite different from his normal lifestyle. Despite facing difficult challenges, Humes expressed that he had a great time on the show and appreciated the opportunity to grow and learn about himself in a new environment. He also shared that his experience on I'm a Celebrity taught him to appreciate the little things in life and not take them for granted. Overall, Humes believes that taking part in 'I'm a Celebrity' was a valuable experience that allowed him to push himself out of his comfort zone and connect with viewers in a new way.

At the age of 38, Marvin Humes first gained popularity as a member of the boyband JLS during their performance on The X Factor in 2008. The band came in second place, but went on to split up in 2013. However, in 2019, they reunited and recently finished a tour.

During the last ten years, Humes has demonstrated his presenting abilities on the radio station Capital and worked with his partner, Rochelle Humes, who is a singer from the band Saturdays. They have co-hosted various episodes of This Morning and a music quiz show called The Hit List on BBC One. In addition, Humes was the host of The Voice UK between 2014 to 2016.

Humes revealed to ITV that Rochelle did not trust him when he informed her about his upcoming appearance on I’m a Celebrity. "Initially, when I spoke to Rochelle about it, she assumed I was playing a practical joke on her," he expressed, going on to say, "She assumed I was insane, and even now, she struggles to grasp that I am actually going to do it!"

This is the most courageous act that I've ever attempted, and I've never pushed myself this hard previously. It's infinitely more difficult than being onstage, and this morning, I woke up with butterflies in my stomach just contemplating it.

He stated that ITV executives gave him no option but to agree since he had been wanting to be on the show for a long time.

According to Humes, his friends from the JLS band will be truly surprised by his latest achievement. This is because about a decade ago, they were supposed to do a skydiving stunt for some filming, but he was the only one who chose not to participate.

The rest of the group went for the skydive, which means that they will likely ask me how I plan to perform in the show if I also have to go skydiving.

He went on to say that despite being recognized as a former member of JLS, there are many other facets to his personality that he wishes to showcase. This is the first time he's putting himself out there in this way, and he's determined to do his very best to earn stars for his fellow campmates and loved ones watching at home. He also emphasized that he wouldn't have agreed to participate if he wasn't committed to being a team player.

Danielle Harold is set to appear on the reality TV show 'I'm a Celebrity'.

Actress Danielle Harold, aged 31, will be appearing on a new TV show after leaving her previous role on EastEnders earlier in the year. She first starred as Lola Pearce-Brown on the popular BBC soap in 2011. Her departure from the show was quite noteworthy as her character passed away from a brain tumor, earning her much praise from critics. For her exceptional performance, Harold even received the prestigious title of Best Serial Drama Performance at the National Television Awards.

Harold expressed her enthusiasm for the audience to see a different side of her than what they saw in Lola. She mentioned how it would be refreshing to just be herself and enjoy herself, as the roles she has played in the past have been quite intense.

Talking about her achievement at the NTAs, Harold expressed, "This year has been absolutely insane, and now I'm choosing to end it with something even crazier! The news has really caught me off-guard, and I'm feeling a mix of excitement and anxiety. This experience is uncharted territory, and it's definitely the most challenging role I've ever undertaken."

Harold mentioned that while she may come across as absent-minded, she is certainly not the stereotype of a foolish, blonde woman who avoids participating or taking action. On the contrary, Harold finds himself to be quite different from that description.

Nick Pickard appeared on the show 'I'm a Celebrity.'

Nick Pickard, a well-known actor in the soap industry, has been portraying the character of Tony Hutchinson since the inception of Hollyoaks back in 1995. With over 25 years of playing the character, he has become the longest-serving cast member for the show. In recognition of his stellar contribution to the series, he was presented with the prestigious British Soap Award for Outstanding Achievement in the year 2017.

Throughout the years, he has made a few appearances on various TV shows, such as Celebrity MasterChef and Celebrity Pointless. However, his participation in I'm a Celebrity will be the actor's most prominent role outside of Hollyoaks.

He expressed that being on I'm a Celebrity is an opportunity that only comes once, and wanted to reassure his followers that he is not leaving Hollyoaks to participate. He added that his bosses have been very understanding and supportive of his decision to join the show.

Pickard expressed his main emotion as excitement, but acknowledged that he is not particularly excited about consuming the testicles of kangaroos. Nonetheless, he is anticipating the challenges and obstacles that come with the show, as that is the most fun aspect of the experience. He recognizes that participating in this program is entirely new to him and is pleased that it is considered the best show to be a part of.

He mentioned that one of the reasons he wanted to join the series was because his daughter is a big fan of it.

The man said to ITV that they have been fans of this show for many years and he knew that his friend always wanted him to appear on it. It was difficult to keep it a secret, and although his friend might be angry, he believed she would also be pleased. He wanted to make her proud.

My girlfriend is thrilled as well, as this will be the longest time we will spend away from each other and it will pose a challenge.

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