Ikea is paying real people $16.80 an hour to work at its virtual Roblox game

Ikea Roblox

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Ikea is providing individuals the chance to work in their newest store, without ever leaving their cozy abodes.

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Photo The Independent

Ikea, the well-known Swedish furniture company, has revealed the release of a new online shop on the gaming platform, Roblox, known as "The Co-Worker Game." It is said to be an interactive experience and is set to be launched on June 24th. As per the announcement released on Monday, it is stated that gamers would be able to work in Ikea's virtual world during this immersive experience.

Ikea is planning to employ ten individuals who will form a team to work for their virtual store. These workers will receive a fair wage of £13.15 per hour (which is equivalent to roughly $16.80 USD), the same amount that traditional Ikea employees in London earn. These employees will have the opportunity to utilize their skills and assist customers, while also climbing the ladder and moving between different departments, just as they would if they were working in the physical store.

Employees have the capability to provide simulated adaptations of Ikea's well-known Swedish meatballs within the video game or remodel Ikea retail spaces.

Darren Taylor, the people and culture manager of Ikea UK and Ireland, expressed excitement about their brand's launch of paid work on Roblox. He emphasized the idea that Ikea approaches careers differently, and that their unique philosophy is reflected in their online game on Roblox. Unlike other companies, Ikea does not have a predetermined career path for its employees. Instead, their workers have the freedom to switch departments, change roles, and advance in any direction of their choosing. This approach to career development is applicable both in the virtual game world of Roblox and in the real world. Ikea values the many opportunities for learning and growth, which is why their presence on Roblox aims to showcase the various career possibilities available through their brand.

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Photo The Independent

The virtual job application period began on June 3 and ends on June 16. Remote interviews are scheduled for June 14 through June 18. Applicants must be at least 18 years old and reside in the United Kingdom or Ireland. Those who work at brick-and-mortar Ikea stores are not qualified to apply.

Roblox is an incredibly popular online gaming platform that promises to unlock your creativity and imagination, as stated on the Microsoft Store. It enables individuals to personalize their game characters and engage in exciting mini-games. Although Roblox can be downloaded for free on various devices such as Android and iOS mobile phones, Xbox game consoles, and Windows computers, players also have the option to splurge on virtual goods and customizations. Techcrunch reveals that Roblox's user base extends to millions, mostly between the ages of eight and 18, although its primary target audience is nine to 15-year-olds.

Ikea announced in December 2023 that they will be investing over £35m to improve the wages and bonuses of their employees in the UK. As part of this plan, the hourly pay of Ikea's staff received a boost of 10% earlier in the year. This pay bump upped the pay of workers in London from £12 to £13.15 an hour.

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