Reform UK candidate apologises over Hitler neutrality comments

Ian Gribbin

An applicant of Reform UK has said he's sorry for his statement that Great Britain would have been "much better off" if they accepted Hitler's offer of remaining neutral in World War Two instead of facing the Nazis in combat.

Ian Gribbin, who is running for the party in Bexhill and Battle, also expressed on the internet that women are the ones who rely on others for support and should not receive access to healthcare.

According to BBC's findings, an article on the Unherd magazine website in 2022 criticized Winston Churchill as "abysmal" while also complimenting Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

At first, Mr. Gribbin refused to speak, but he later expressed his regret and withdrew his previous remarks, without any reservations. He also acknowledged the distress that his statements had caused.

According to him, he was disturbed by the way people misinterpreted his comments. He specifically mentioned how his mother came from a family of Russian Jews who escaped from persecution.

When the remarks were initially revealed, a representative from the Reform UK party proposed that they were not supportive statements but instead "points in debates that took place from a distance."

During a press conference, the head of the party, Richard Tice, was questioned about comments made by individuals. He stated that the party will examine and inquire into any behavior or statements that were deemed inappropriate or foolish.

The leader of Reform UK, Nigel Farage, stated that all political parties will encounter difficulties with screening candidates because the election timing was unforeseen and did not allow enough time for thorough background checks.

In July 2022, Mr. Gribbin expressed his opinion on the Unherd website that if Britain had accepted Hitler's offer of neutrality, then things would have been better for them today. He stated that Britain's perspective on international morality was misguided and that they should focus on their own people instead.

During that very month, he expressed the following sentiment: "We must rid ourselves of the glorification of Churchill in Britain and come to terms with the fact that his policies and military tactics were exceedingly terrible."

Last month, he made negative comments towards women, posting on the messaging section of the website: "Are you capable of working and covering the expenses yourself like responsible members of society?"

80% of taxes are paid by men, while 80% of tax revenue is spent by women. Overall, as a whole, you only receive from society.

"Let's hear less griping from those who rely on others for support."

He stated that men provide financial support to women simply for existing (error in original statement included the misspelling "breath" instead of "breathe").

He wrote in January 2022, stating that 80% of taxes are paid by men while 80% of expenses are incurred by women.

Let's balance out the scales by ensuring women do not have access to healthcare until they have the same life expectancy as men. It's only fair.

In December of 2021, he penned a statement referring to women in the military as being close to inducing nausea (sic), and viewed them as a complete hindrance.

Before the invasion of Ukraine, he expressed admiration for President Putin. He wrote in January 2022 that Putin had displayed a level of wisdom that many of us could only aspire to.

He comprehends the connections that establish societies with greater stability. He expressed that the inconsistency of the West is absurd since we observe on a daily basis the immense economic injustices that resulted from our misguided neo liberal concepts.

Back in February, Mr Gribbin expressed his wish for politicians in the West who are of the same caliber as the one he admires.

At first, a representative from Reform UK stated that the BBC engaged in "offence archaeology" to uncover a collection of statements made by Mr. Gribbin on various topics.

The articles were crafted to include perspectives and truths that may cause discomfort to some. However, this does not imply that they were intended as endorsements; rather, they present counterpoints for discussions held from afar.

The majority of the British establishment, along with the BBC of that era, agreed with his view on what the UK could have accomplished during the 1930s from a historical outlook. It is likely that his perspective is accurate.

Once again, I am not endorsing anything, but merely reminding people of the truths that are often overlooked.

Regarding the matter of feminism, his statement is clearly ironic, as anyone should be able to recognize from a great distance the humorous intention behind it.

The BBC knows about 16 people who were previously considered as political candidates for Reform, but are now not running due to making improper or offensive remarks.

In comparison, the Green Party has a count of eight, while Labour has five. The Conservatives have three, and the Liberal Democrats have two. The Workers Party of Britain has one.

Plaid Cymru has decided not to support one of their candidates due to their social media posts. However, since this decision was made after nominations had officially closed, the candidate will still appear as a Plaid representative on the ballot.

A comprehensive rundown of the contenders vying for the Bexhill and Battle seat is available on this website.

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