50 Flights Cancelled From Heathrow By BA Due To IT Issue

50 Flights Cancelled From Heathrow By BA Due To IT Issue

There is a "technical issue" causing problems for many British Airways travelers. They are experiencing flight cancellations and have to wait longer at Heathrow Airport. Thousands of passengers are affected.

On Thursday, more than 50 flights from west London's airport got cancelled. Many flights coming in were also delayed for over an hour.

BA had a problem, but the details aren't clear. People think it was with their computer systems. The systems show info about the planes.

The airline had to cancel some flights at Heathrow due to a technical problem. Most flights still flew today.

We talked to customers affected by the problem. We gave them two choices: refund or another flight. We're really sorry for what happened.

Passengers at Heathrow are lining up for help. Some can't check-in online.

The airline cancelled most flights to places with many departures. This lets customers travel easier.

The people who work for BA customer service on Twitter said that the airline's systems are getting better. But BA didn't say if that was true or not.

The airline and airport tried to reduce problems from the first day of a three-day strike by security guards at Heathrow who are in the Unite union. But there were more troubles. Friday is supposed to be the most crowded day for departing flights in the UK since 2019, says Cirium.

Heathrow has confirmed that the IT problem they are experiencing has nothing to do with the ongoing strikes. The contingency plan put in place by the airport has been successful in keeping the security queues moving smoothly.

A spokesperson from Heathrow said that there's a technical problem with British Airways' systems. They said that there are more airport workers available to help passengers in the terminals. British Airways is trying to fix the issue.

BA has had various problems with their computer systems, such as one time in December that caused many long-distance flights to be cancelled. But, their most famous problem was during a holiday break in May 2017, when many passengers were stuck because they accidentally shut down their computer systems.

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