Singer Halsey 'lucky to be alive' after health struggles


Halsey, a singer who has been nominated for a Grammy award, expressed her gratitude for still being alive despite having health issues.

Even though the woman who is 29 years old didn't specify her health situation, she suggested on Instagram that she had received a diagnosis for two illnesses: lupus and leukaemia.

She was captured in a sequence of pictures and clips while being inside the hospital and expressed that she had the impression of being a senior citizen.

In brief, she shared that she is fortunate to still be alive, and also revealed her upcoming album in the caption.

Halsey made known her latest health status as she revealed her fifth album's release and unveiled its primary track, The End.

The singer expresses in her lyrics that she has been told by doctors that she is unwell every couple of years.

The American performer and songwriter, who goes by the name Ashley Nicolette Frangipane, is recognized for her hit song Closer alongside The Chainsmokers and her first album, Badlands, which reached platinum status in the United States.

She stated in the Instagram recording that she had decided to allow two additional years for her sickness.

I will experience a new beginning when I reach the age of 30 and I plan to live a healthy life without any illnesses.

"I plan to appear incredibly attractive, feel highly motivated, and relive my twenties during my thirties."

Halsey has talked before about experiencing ill health, mentioning: "For most of my adult life, I've been feeling unwell."

However, in 2022, she disclosed that her health deteriorated during her pregnancy with her son, Ender, in the preceding year.

According to her statements, she has received medical attention for various health issues such as the abnormal growth of tissues outside the uterus (endometriosis), genetic disorders affecting skin, joints and blood vessels (Ehlers-Danlos syndromes), an autoimmune disease causing dry eyes and mouth (Sjogren's syndrome), and a condition where the body's mast cells release harmful chemicals (mast cell activation syndrome).

In her recent post, she hinted that she is currently receiving treatment for lupus and leukemia. She tagged both the Lupus Research Alliance and the Leukaemia and Lymphoma Society to bring attention to her illnesses.

Halsey posted a video where she is shown getting therapy in a medical facility. In her latest music track, she sings about having "poison" in her bloodstream and receiving therapy.

There exists various forms of leukaemia, which is cancer affecting the white blood cells.

The NHS cannot identify the root cause of leukaemia. The ailment can make individuals more vulnerable to infections and weakened.

Usually, chemotherapy is utilized as a form of treatment for this.

The NHS claims that lupus, the other ailment she mentioned, is intricate and not well comprehended. It can be highly dangerous and impacts various body parts.

In the past, Selena Gomez has shared details about her lupus illness. She revealed that in the year 2017, she underwent a kidney transplant, which was essential to treat the health condition.

Some varieties of lupus solely impact the skin, but the expression typically pertains to a more serious kind of the ailment - lupus erythematosus (SLE).

This impacts various areas of the body such as the skin, joints, and organs within the body.

Many individuals may harbor the ailment undetected for an extended period until they experience an abrupt exacerbation.

Signs of this condition comprise of severe exhaustion, skin eruptions (especially on your face, wrists, and hands), and discomfort and swelling in the joints.

Even minor instances can cause discomfort and greatly affect one's standard of living.

However, the indications can resemble those of other typical health issues, hence making it a challenging task to accurately identify.

Following the disclosure of her story on the internet on Tuesday, Halsey received swift support from her fans.

The article she wrote received over one million likes and garnered thousands of comments.

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