Haaland, Mitoma, Bowen, Son: The latest international break injury news

Haaland injury

Later this week, we will provide you with detailed updates on the injuries for Gameweek 13.

For now, we have some fresh updates about the fitness of some specific Premier League players who were scheduled to participate in the November national break.

We've already passed the midpoint of this break, and there are still more matches scheduled for Monday and Tuesday.

There's no question you've observed Erling Haaland's (£14.0m) flag at this point.

During the Thursday match, Manchester City's striker was harmed in his ankle while winning 2-0 against the Faroe Islands.

He subsequently pulled out of the Norwegian squad before their Euro 2024 qualifying match against Scotland on Sunday.

On Saturday, Haaland personally tweeted the message.

"I'm disappointed to announce that I won't be able to participate in the upcoming match against Scotland. I hope the team will excel in their performance. I'll concentrate on my recovery and endeavor to return as soon as possible."

In the meantime, Stale Solbakken, the coach of Norway, seemed to diminish the importance of the matter - and suggested that Haaland could have played against Scotland if the result had any significance.

Losing him is a major setback for the team, but we have coped without him in the past, achieving varying degrees of success. When we began the qualification process, he wasn't fit to play the first couple of games. Nonetheless, he has participated in every match since, so it was quite unlucky for us when he sustained a minor injury last Thursday.

The problem lies in the movement of his foot, but luckily it's not a severe injury. If it had been the final match, it's uncertain if he would have been able to participate.

Stale Solbakken has stated that it may be premature for Erling Haaland to resume playing, but his injury is not severe enough to end his career. The parties involved are in accordance with this assessment.

During South Korea's victory over Singapore on Thursday, Son Heung-min (£9.7m) had to receive medical attention for his ankle towards the end of the match.

The player from Tottenham Hotspur was previously suggested to be injured, but he has dismissed those claims and stated that he will be healthy enough to participate in the next World Cup qualifier against China, which will take place on Tuesday.

Our focus right now is forming a team for the upcoming World Cup tournament. Even if I feel discomfort or soreness, I am determined to not miss out on any matches.

If the ability to run diminishes, there is naught to be done except accept the situation. However, when the opportunity to run is present, it is imperative to exert the utmost effort for the benefit of the team.

I'm doing well now, I don't enjoy laying down on the field during winter. During that moment, my foot felt completely numb. Thankfully, I'm doing alright and didn't sustain any injuries.

"Kaoru Mitoma And Evan Ferguson: A Powerful Duo"

A few days ago, Kaoru Mitoma who costs £6.6 million withdrew from the Japan team. However, the type of injury he sustained was not disclosed.

This is reminiscent of his prior decision to remove himself from his country's team for reasons that were also unclear back in October. However, he later returned to the field and played a full game against Manchester City.

On this occasion, The Athletic's Andy Naylor proposes that the winger will probably not be able to attend Saturday's outing to Nottingham Forest.

Mitoma, in conjunction with the Japan Football Association, released a statement earlier this week:

As I am participating in a World Cup qualifying match, I have faith in my abilities to make a valuable contribution to the team.

Regrettably, I have come to the decision that I cannot play at my full potential. As a result, I have chosen to let my fellow teammates take my place in the game. It is a difficult choice, but it is what I believe is best.

"At this moment, my focus is on putting in a lot of effort towards recuperating as quickly as I can." - Kaoru Mitoma

Evan Ferguson (£6.1m), who plays alongside Mitoma, is back on track after suffering a back injury that kept him from participating in Gameweek 12. He was able to start on the Republic of Ireland team over the weekend.

The forward player was substituted just 55 minutes into the game due to a fresh hamstring injury that was reported.

Top Players: Trippier, Schar, Almiron & Wilson

On Sunday, the England squad saw Kieran Trippier (£7.0m) leave for personal reasons, but there was no need to worry about any injury this time. Trippier is a defender for Newcastle United.

There appears to be some positive updates regarding Fabian Schar (£5.2m) as well. He was absent from Switzerland's game against Israel on Wednesday, but he made his return to the bench during their draw with Kosovo on Saturday.

It is being reported that Miguel Almiron (£6.3m) withdrew from the Paraguay team due to injury but there are rumors that it's only a minor injury (a "grade I"). Therefore, he should be available for Gameweek 13.

However, there's more worry about Callum Wilson (£7.9m) who withdrew from England duty before Trippier. Several media sources have suggested that he may take four to six weeks to recover.

In recent days, there have been some hopeful news about Sven Botman (£4.6m), who has been absent from the team for a while. This news is not related to international matches.


Last Sunday night, Gareth Southgate announced that Jarrod Bowen (costing £7.7m) won't be able to participate in the upcoming UEFA European Championship qualifier against North Macedonia, as he has withdrawn from the England squad due to unforeseen circumstances.

There's been news that the West Ham player, who's currently the most popular pick for Gameweek 13, experienced pain in his knee during training last Saturday.

The evaluation is yet to be conducted, but Southgate believes that it's not a significant matter.

Regrettably, Jarrod sustained an injury. I believe he first noticed it during yesterday's activities and then experienced it again towards the conclusion of our training session today.

We didn't have sufficient time to evaluate it comprehensively and make a precise decision prior to the game. As a result, we thought it would be best to keep him in England so that he can have a thorough assessment.

Gareth Southgate expressed that he does not believe the situation is going to be severe, but due to time constraints, they didn't want to take any chances. This was in regard to Jarrod Bowen.

Earlier today, some interesting news about Bowen came out of Jamaica. Michail Antonio (£5.8m) had to leave their Nations League match against Canada because of a hamstring injury after only 20 minutes. It's not clear how severe the injury is.

On Sunday, in West Ham's victory over Nottingham Forest, Bowen began in the starting position while Antonio was reserved on the bench.

Cameroon Goalie + Man Utd Striker

At some point in January, Andre Onana (valued at £4.8m) will not be available to play in a Gameweek due to his participation in the Africa Cup of Nations.

However, there are worries that he might not be able to play before that time as he had to leave Cameroon's victory in World Cup qualification against Mauritius due to a shoulder injury.

At first, the media stated that Onana's injury was minor. However, he subsequently left his national team's team due to the injury.

It seems that Marcus Rashford who is valued at £8.6m is doing well, even though he had to leave England's victory match against Malta on the same night due to crashing into a fellow team member.

According to Gareth Southgate, Rashford seems to be fine despite the collision. However, they took the opportunity to give Cole a chance to play. Southgate didn't do a thorough assessment, but he believes Rashford was fine when he left the game.

Rashford has, in fact, participated in training on Sunday.

The indication on Destiny Udogie's (£4.8m) name does not appear to be a significant issue either.

The decision to not include the left-back in the Italy team seems to be for safety reasons and goes against what the player wanted.

Regrettably, Destiny encountered a flexor issue during the home game against Sheffield United.

Tottenham put in a lot of effort to bring him back just in time for the game against Chelsea, but unfortunately, it ended up being a disappointing match. He was able to play for 60 minutes, but he got sent off. After that, the decision was made to not take any chances with his recovery, as there was a possibility of him getting worse again.

Stefano Antonelli, the agent of Udogie, shared that Tottenham's team was reluctant to let go of their player for national team duty. Udogie, who is only 20 years old, expressed his desire to be a part of history by joining the national team on their journey towards the Euros.

"New Signings: Ederson, Kovacic, Nunes & Ake"

We've already shared information about one injury in our City team. However, there are four more players who are currently injured, and we need to talk about them before Liverpool comes to play.

There are indications that Mateo Kovacic, who costs £4.8m, may be absent from the game for 2-3 weeks due to a quadriceps injury.

Nathan Ake, who costs £5.0m, was not able to play for the Netherlands during Gameweek 12 due to an injury. As a result, he also opted to withdraw from the squad. Ederson, who costs £5.5m and is a part of the Brazil squad, had to withdraw on Tuesday due to a foot problem. Additionally, Matheus Nunes (£4.9m) from Portugal has been deemed clinically unfit due to a muscle issue. This was reported by the team on the day following Ederson's withdrawal.

"Meet Football Stars Rasmus Hojlund, Christian Eriksen, And Diogo Dalot"

When it comes to Manchester United, Christian Eriksen (£5.9m) and Rasmus Hojlund (£7.1m) may not be available for Gameweek 13.

They both withdrew from the Denmark team for the Euro 2024 qualifiers this week due to injuries they sustained over the past weekend.

Eriksen got a knee injury, which will sideline him for approximately a month. Hojlund also experienced a muscle strain, so he is expected to make his comeback "prior to the conclusion of November."

Portuguese footballer Diogo Dalot, who costs £5.0m, has departed from the Portugal team for personal reasons, similar to Trippier.

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