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Grand Prix

Max Verstappen has been in control for most of the F1 season, but recently McLaren and Mercedes have caught up to the Red Bull. This has made the races more exciting, even though there is a strong possibility of Verstappen winning his fourth title in a row.

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Anything is possible this afternoon with the rainy forecast that could test the skills of drivers and challenge team strategies. Stay tuned for real-time updates from Silverstone with Standard Sport’s LIVE race blog!

Latest news from the British Grand Prix Stay up to date with all the exciting developments happening at the British Grand Prix. Find out the latest information and updates as the race day approaches. Don't miss any of the action, check back regularly for more news and highlights from this prestigious event.

British Grand Prix: Formation Lap

Alright, let's take a look at the competitors in the race. Sergio Perez will be starting from the pit lane, while Daniel Ricciardo managed to make it onto the grid after some last-minute repairs to his RB.

Rain is expected in the forecast and heavy showers can be spotted in the distance from the helicopter.

The racing surface is now dry enough for using slick tires, with the top 13 drivers opting for medium tires. Guanyu Zhou and Esteban Ocon are the only ones choosing soft tires, while Sergio Perez has selected hard tires.

We are going to see if the teams believe the track is dry enough for slick tyres. If it is, let's discuss the optimal tyre plan.

A single pit stop is ideal, but there is a chance of more rain coming soon. The timing of its arrival will dictate which type of dry tire we need to put on to reach the finish line.

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It's Time For The National Anthem

Silverstone is excited for the performance of 'God Save the King' by the talented Hannah Waddingham.

F1 Film Trailer Drops, Featuring Brad Pitt

The perfect moment for the F1 movie preview to be released, as Brad Pitt - who stars in and produces the film - recently made an appearance at Silverstone.

British Grand Prix Countdown

We only have 20 minutes left until the start of the British Grand Prix. The Red Arrows have already flown by and the cars are now on the grid getting some last-minute adjustments.

Daniel Ricciardo's Challenges

The Australian racing team's RB car experienced a significant issue when they tried to start it up earlier.

As time runs out, upgrades to the gearbox, energy recovery system, engine, and turbo are all being installed.

Russell Labels Track As 'slippery'

"Very odd," George Russell remarked on the team radio while he was doing his warm-up laps.

The driver in first place says there is no standing water on the track, but it is still quite slippery.

Let's observe how the weather changes in the next 20 minutes before teams decide which type of tires to use, wet or dry.

Sunshine Is Here!

Forget what we said before about the weather, the sun has suddenly appeared from behind the clouds!

The cars are putting on intermediate tires before they hit the track. They are aiming to create a dry path so they can switch to slick tires before the race starts.

Let's Go To The Pit Lane!

The weather is rainy and windy at Silverstone as the race officially begins with the green light signaling the drivers to start moving out of the pit lane.

Once they have completed a few laps to test their systems, they will gather on the starting grid to make final adjustments before the race begins.

George Russell pleased his fans by achieving an impressive pole position at the British Grand Prix.

The British driver remained calm during the unpredictable qualifying session at Silverstone, beating his teammate Lewis Hamilton by 0.171 seconds to secure the top two spots on the grid for Mercedes.

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