I’m lucky to be here: Gordon Ramsay has ‘really bad’ cycling accident

Gordon Ramsay

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According to reports, Gordon Ramsay has recently gone through a terrible cycling accident while in the US. However, the famous chef shared that he feels lucky to still be alive and well today.

The famous cook was greatly disturbed by what happened in Connecticut. The unfortunate event resulted in him having a large bruise that seemed to occupy a considerable area of his chest and had a purple hue.

The host and proprietor of a dining establishment, aged 57, who leads the popular show called Kitchen Nightmares, posted images online of his attire being ripped apart and his headgear being shattered.

In an Instagram video he shared last Saturday, he passionately advised individuals to always wear helmets, even if they have a short distance to cover, as his hands trembled.

Gordon greeted his audience and expressed his desire to convey an extremely crucial message.

As a big fan of cycling and participating in triathlons and Ironman races, I experienced a terrible accident this week that left me shaken. I am incredibly fortunate to have survived.

The trauma surgeons, doctors, and nurses who attended to me this week at the hospital were astounding. However, I strongly advise that wearing helmets is a must.

No matter how brief the trip may be, I am insistent on helmets being worn. Even short rides for children require this necessary safety measure, despite the associated cost of purchasing helmets.

I feel fortunate to be in this place right now, but I am experiencing discomfort. The past seven days have been incredibly tough, but I am managing to move forward.

He mentioned that the upcoming weekend is going to be of great significance because Father's Day is going to be celebrated on Sunday. He used the word "massive" to describe the importance of this occasion.

In the post, Mr Ramsay also mentioned that he was "fine" and did not fracture any bones or sustain any serious harm, albeit he does have some bruises and appears like a violet potato.

He stated that he received medical attention at Lawrence + Memorial Hospital located in New London, Connecticut and the helmet was instrumental in preserving his life.

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