Glastonbury standard tickets go on sale today: Top tips to maximise your chances of getting to the festival

Glastonbury tickets

It's that time of year again when people are frantically trying to get their hands on tickets for the Glastonbury festival.

Regular weekend passes for Glastonbury will be available for purchase starting at 9am today. The previously scheduled early November sale was moved because there were some issues with the registration procedure.

Tickets for coach transportation to the renowned event held at Worthy Farm in Somerset have already been completely sold out. The festival will take place from June 26th to June 30th next year. These tickets were made available for purchase on November 16th.

Learn all the essential details before attempting to purchase tickets.

. Not having registered yet means you're not eligible at this time.

Regrettably, if you failed to enroll for ticket purchase before the cutoff time of 5pm on Monday, November 13th, you will not be eligible to request regular tickets at the moment.

Even if you missed out on registering for Glastonbury this year, there's still hope. You can still get your hands on cancelled tickets by attending one of the festival's resale dates, which will occur before April 2024. These dates have not yet been announced, so keep an eye out for further information.

To request that, simply press on this link.

Where can I purchase tickets?

You can only purchase tickets on when they become accessible.

No other website or establishment has got any tickets, so if you come across anyone else offering Glastonbury tickets for sale, there's a good chance it's a fraudulent activity.

What kinds of passes are on offer and at what times can you get them?

Tickets that had coach travel included were made available for purchase at 6pm on November 16th. However, as of now, they are all sold out.

The tickets available for everyone will start selling on Sunday the 19th of November at 9am.

You can try to snag tickets again when the resale period opens up in April 2024.

If you opted for the ticket and coach combo, it's a must that you board the coach you specified, or else you won't receive your ticket until you do so.

If you happened to purchase multiple tickets last November 16, it is required that all individuals in your transaction take the same coach going to Glastonbury.

Kids who are 12 years old or younger can enter the festival without paying any fees. They don't have to present any ticket or sign up to be able to attend.

If you have booked a package that includes coach travel, then you will have to reserve extra seats for the kids.

What is the reason behind Glastonbury requiring attendees to sign up ahead of time?

Glastonbury has stated that the goal is to prevent the selling of tickets at inflated prices.

Each ticket contains a photograph of the individual holding it, making it unique to them and unable to be given to another person.

This creates a bigger challenge when trying to sell them for a profit, which is frequently an issue observed at other events and shows.

What is the limit for the number of tickets that I can purchase?

You have the option to purchase a maximum of six tickets per transaction. However, it is important that everyone you are acquiring tickets for is registered with Glastonbury.

To proceed further, it is required that you possess the registration numbers and postcodes of the parties you wish to deal with, alongside your own information.

What is the procedure for making a reservation?

After the tickets become available for purchase, everyone interested in buying them will be directed to a waiting page.

According to Glastonbury, users have to wait on the holding page until there is availability on the booking page. The holding page updates itself after every 20 seconds to check if there is any space available on the booking page.

Once you enter, you might observe a simpler, more minimalist version of the page where bookings can be made.

According to the event planners, this is a deliberate measure to handle a large number of users and it doesn't indicate any issue with the website being down. Therefore, do not hit the refresh button or exit the screen.

After landing on the initial page of the reservation website, you must input your registration number and registered postcode, as well as those of the other individuals you are trying to acquire tickets for.

Once you move forward, the information you have submitted will appear on the following webpage.

After ensuring that all your details are accurate, click on 'confirm' to proceed to the payment section. Here, you'll need to verify or modify your billing address, validate your payment info, agree to the terms and conditions, and finalize the payment within the given timeframe.

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Those who have signed up and are eager to participate should keep in mind that it's important to focus on the fundamental aspects.

If you have a goal of getting a ticket, you should definitely make sure to have these essential things:

To increase your chances of obtaining tickets, it is important to have a reliable internet connection so that you can navigate the ticketing process smoothly. Additionally, it is crucial to be punctual and ready to access the tickets page exactly at 9am on 19 November, even if it requires setting an alarm on the weekend. During the booking process, distractions should be minimized as there are time limits and various steps to complete, such as confirming payment information and accepting terms and conditions. You should also be prepared for potential security questions from your card issuer, especially if purchasing multiple tickets. Lastly, it is important to not give up until the tickets display as "SOLD OUT," as there may still be a chance to obtain tickets even after the message stating that "all available tickets have now been allocated."

Is it really beneficial to use several devices?

Perhaps you've come across snapshots posted on various social media platforms, showing people seated before numerous devices such as telephones, laptops, and iPads, all engaged in loading ticket pages.

According to the Glastonbury website, it is not recommended to use multiple devices all at the same time because it is not in line with the festival's values and may result in wasting important resources.

The message advises that it's best to use only one device and one tab to prevent browser confusion when entering personal information. This will ensure a smooth and speedy ticket sale experience for everyone involved.

If you don't value the fest's principles or offering a hassle-free ticketing experience, keep in mind that you must have a dependable internet connection to utilize various tools.

It is advisable to use a single device with a strong and stable internet connection instead of using multiple devices that have weaker connections for your own benefit.

How about having several tabs open on a single device?

We mentioned it before, but it's important to note that Glastonbury has confirmed that opening many tabs won't make you more likely to succeed.

In reality, it has the potential to achieve the contrary outcome.

The website of Glastonbury has a statement cautioning that using several tabs of web browsers at once while booking tickets online can create confusion in the process and ultimately lead to the failure of the transaction.

We recommend that you use a single browser tab while booking tickets to prevent potential issues with your transaction.

What is the price of tickets? And, should I make a payment beforehand?

To attend the Glastonbury event in 2024, you will need to purchase tickets that are priced at £355. Additionally, there is a £5 booking fee that needs to be paid.

If you're buying standard entry tickets, you only need to submit a deposit of £75 along with a booking fee of £5.

Remember, the price mentioned is for each individual ticket. Therefore, if you are purchasing a total of six tickets, you will be required to pay the deposit and booking fee for each ticket separately.

In the initial week of April 2024, you'll be required to shell out the outstanding amount for your ticket(s), which amounts to £280 for each ticket.

What is the total number of individuals attempting to obtain tickets?

According to National Broadband, over 2.5 million individuals attempted to obtain the 135,000 available tickets last year.

See Tickets, the company that manages ticket sales for Glastonbury, had some technical issues during the sale period on November 6 of last year. They later expressed regret to those who faced challenges while trying to make bookings.

It was not made clear whether the reason for this was related to the volume of visitors to the website.

After the significant amount of individuals who were unable to obtain tickets due to the overwhelming demand, Emily Eavis, a co-organizer of the event, expressed regret and offered apologies.

Ms. Eavis informed us that at the end of 2019, approximately 2.4 million people had registered for Glastonbury tickets. This means that the high level of demand is not an unusual occurrence.

When can I expect to receive my ticket?

Tickets for general admission will be dispatched to individuals residing in the United Kingdom and the European Union during the latter part of May or early June 2024.

Those who have purchased a coach package along with their ticket will need to wait until getting on the coach to receive their tickets.

If you are not a resident of the UK or EU and purchase a ticket, you can collect it from the box office unless stated otherwise.

What happens if I secure tickets but am unable to attend Glastonbury?

Keep calm and utilize the resale window for this purpose.

If you've bought tickets but can't make it, you can skip paying the rest of the £280 per ticket before 11:59 pm on April 7, 2024.

Your money that you submitted as a deposit will be given back to you automatically. However, please note that a deduction of £25 will be made as an administration fee.

If you decide to cancel your reservations for a ticket and coach, you'll be charged an additional cancellation fee of £15.

Your pass will be sold to a different individual in the upcoming period.

You have the option to ask for a reimbursement at any point before Friday, May 3rd, 2024 by reaching out to the Customer Service Page of See Tickets.

Starting from May 3, tickets cannot be refunded.

It is not advisable to try and dispose of your tickets on your own. As mentioned before, all tickets are specifically designated and cannot be handed over to someone else.

What is part of a ticket package?

This is a roster of all the things that Glastonbury proclaims come with a ticket:

Get ready to experience the amazing festival with more than 3,000 performances on more than 100 stages! You can stay for the entire five nights without facing any early entry fees. Take advantage of the free programme, mobile phone charging, on-site newspaper, mobile app, and firewood. Plus, Kidzfield is the perfect place for all kids as they can enjoy free entertainment, rides, and activities. Not only will you have a great time, but you'll also be supporting charitable organizations such as Oxfam, Greenpeace, WaterAid, and many others. The festival also contributes funds to enhance its infrastructure and reduce its environmental impact.

According to Sky News in 2023, the sale of standard Glastonbury tickets starts today. To increase your chances of attending the festival, here are some useful tips.

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