Glastonbury 2024 tickets sell out in under an hour

Glastonbury tickets

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Around 210,000 individuals are expected to make their way to Worthy Farm for the festival scheduled for June 2024.

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In less than 60 minutes, the tickets for the Glastonbury Festival scheduled for next year have been completely purchased.

All the tickets for the 2024 event were purchased before 10:00 in the morning according to GMT.

On a post shared on X, which used to be called Twitter, the festival expressed gratitude to those who purchased a product while also expressing remorse to those who were unable to buy it. The festival further explained that there was a significant disparity between the number of people who wanted to buy the product and the number of products available at the time.

In the spring of 2024, there will be an opportunity to purchase any tickets that were canceled or returned.

Emily Eavis, who is responsible for planning the event, has suggested that a major performer from the United States will be featured as a headliner at the festival. There has been talk that Madonna may be one of the musicians who will take to the stage.

Eavis received backlash for selecting only male headliners for the 2023 event. However, he suggested that there may be a chance for two female artists to headline the Pyramid Stage, and another female musician for the legendary slot in the upcoming year.

The list of performers for the festival will be announced in the beginning of the upcoming year.

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There is a lot of talk that Madonna might be one of the main performers for the year 2024.

In the previous year, approximately 2.5 million individuals attempted to secure tickets for the festival held at Worthy Farm in Somerset. However, only a total of 210,000 tickets were attainable.

According to the festival coordinators, there were way more people interested in attending the 2024 event than there were available spots. In fact, all the tickets that included transportation by coach were completely sold out in just 25 minutes on November 2nd.

The sale of tickets for this year was postponed for two weeks in order to be fair to customers who were unaware that their registration had expired.

The cost for the 2024 tickets has increased to £355, adding a £5 charge for booking, which is higher compared to the 2023 event's price of £335.

People attending the festival must provide a deposit of £75, and the remaining payment must be made before the first week of April.

From June 26th to June 30th, a widely celebrated music event will occur, featuring over 3,000 performances.

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