Giovanni Pernice and Anton Du Beke drop a HUGE hint about show future

Giovanni Pernice

On Monday night, the highly entertaining journey of Giovanni Pernice and Anton Du Beke's Adventures In Spain finally concluded. Interestingly, the duo subtly hinted at the show's future, leaving their fans to anticipate what's coming next.

Audiences witnessed the pair from Strictly Come Dancing journeying across the captivating land in each other's company. Eventually, their third and last escapade culminated in Anton's reunion with his significant other Hannah Summers, two offspring, and mother Ascensión for the concluding part of their expedition.

Once they arrived at Ascensión's hometown, they teamed up with the extraordinary Strictly professional dancer, Gorka Marquez, to put on an amazing show.

As the last part of the series drew to a conclusion, Anton exclaimed: 'Such a splendid and delightful way to spend the summer. Where shall we venture to next?'

Giovanni responded slyly by saying: "The location is inconsequential. The important thing is that we're in each other's company," implying that their program could be making a comeback on TV.

. The Spanish Adventure featuring Giovanni Pernice and Anton Du Beke finally wrapped up on Monday evening, and they gave a significant clue about the program's fate.

Giovanni recently broke his silence on social media regarding rumors that the producers of Strictly are having important discussions regarding his continued involvement in the show.

On Sunday evening, he didn't talk about the issue regarding the show on his Instagram, but chose to promote his BBC TV series featuring Anton.

Giovanni has posted a promotional message without any worries despite rumors that he treated his past celebrity partner poorly when he was a professional dancer on "Strictly". Recently, he faced new allegations of causing his fourth partner to cry, which resulted in a meeting with the show's executives.

According to reports, the dancer had an intense argument with Faye Tozer from the band Steps, who is 48 years old, behind the scenes of the show It Takes Two's spin-off in the year 2018. This caused Faye Tozer to cry.

According to an insider cited by The Sun, Giovanni's highly competitive spirit led to the singer becoming emotional and having conflicts during rehearsals.

During an interview, the individual disclosed that the dynamic between them was typically not smooth and frequently resulted in the woman experiencing sad emotions, particularly during the filming of It Takes Two. She admitted that she was unsettled by the way he communicated with her, as it came across as rough or harsh.

Giovanni and Amanda Abbington have already started a dispute. Amanda left the BBC program last year and claimed that Giovanni was difficult to work with during their training sessions. Her experience on the show even caused her to develop PTSD.

Additionally, it was stated that Amanda participated in a meeting with the Italian's previous colleagues, Ranvir Singh and Laura Whitmore. This gathering was described as an "emotional summit" where they shared their individual experiences of working with him.

People tuned in to watch the pair from Strictly Come Dancing journey through the picturesque country side, and in the last episode, Anton was joyfully reunited with his loved ones.

As the last part ended, Anton exclaimed: 'What a fantastic way to enjoy the summer. Where should we go from here?'

This news has emerged in the midst of rumors regarding Giovanni's time as a professional dancer on the TV show "Strictly Come Dancing". Recently, he has been accused of causing distress to a fourth celebrity partner, who was reportedly left in tears.

The newspaper called The Sun stated that Giovanni is scheduled to have a meeting with the higher-ups of Strictly on Thursday. The broadcaster is supporting the dancer as there have been no formal complaints made against him.

He is a skilled professional dancer, and it is anticipated that he will be included in the official lineup, which will be revealed later this month.

MailOnline has reached out to the representatives of BBC, Giovanni, and Faye for a comment at this moment.

Someone who is in contact with Amanda, Ranvir and Amanda has informed MailOnline that they are displeased with the manner in which the BBC is dealing with this.

According to the source, it's not enough to simply say they support him. They believe that Giovanni is being favored and given more attention in an attempt to make them disappear and stop speaking out. This feels like a betrayal.

They planned to meet in order to find a solution as they have no desire to give up and let the issue be forgotten.

Each of the three individuals has been affected in various manners by the event that occurred. They have come to an understanding to converse once more on the most efficient approach to take action regarding the situation. This is due to their sincere concern about the incident and the possibility of another individual experiencing the same trauma they faced.

Giovanni has already started a quarrel with Amanda Abbington, who left the BBC show last year. She accused him of being hard to work with during rehearsals.

At present, there is a sense that Gio is quite invulnerable, particularly because of his close relationship with Anton who regards him highly and is astonished by the negative rumors circulating about his friend.

The remarks were made following the BBC's endorsement of Giovanni's new popular program with Anton Du Beke.

Katie Hind from MailOnline stated that Giovanni was waiting with great anxiety to receive news about his future in the Strictly show. The reason behind this delay was Sarah James, who is currently on maternity leave and unable to make decisions about the future of the show.

Someone who works on the show told The Mail that things are a bit disorganized this year. Normally, they would have already decided which professional dancers they want to hire. But because their boss is away and people really respect her, they haven't made any decisions yet.

It would be inappropriate to make any choices without her input and it is not acceptable to assume that a person who is on maternity leave should participate in work-related affairs while they are absent.

Giovanni is in a position where he must bide his time to discover what will happen. The BBC has given him their support in this matter, as Amanda has not expressed any grievances. The situation has become quite peculiar.

However, he has not written his signature on the document yet. Giovanni, naturally, desires to come back. It is logical; isn't it?

Even though Amanda hasn't formally filed a complaint against Giovanni, her representative informed a tabloid newspaper that she had requested the BBC for recorded footage of their training sessions.

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