Millstead: Two children from same Liverpool primary school die


The UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) has verified that two students from the same elementary school have passed away.

The kids had both gone to Millstead Primary School in Everton, Liverpool. It is a school for children who have special educational needs and disabilities.

Millstead Primary School is currently facing a high number of giardia infection cases, according to reports. However, the UKHSA stated that the deaths were probably not caused by the typical stomach illness.

Principal Michelle Beard expressed that the school community was deeply saddened to hear about the loss of two of their younger students.

"We have expressed our deepest sympathies to the families of both individuals," she included.

Ms. Beard mentioned that the children brought happiness to their classes while they were with us, and they will always hold a special place in our hearts.

Emma Savage, a specialist working with the health protection team in Cheshire and Merseyside for the UKHSA, expressed her sympathy for the family, friends, and school community.

She explained that the UKHSA had been collaborating with Liverpool City Council and other organizations after discovering several cases of giardia connected to Millstead Primary School, however, she mentioned that the fatalities are probably not caused by giardia.

She continued, "Giardia typically leads to a short-lived stomach illness that can easily spread within homes and schools."

Ms. Savage confirmed that they are still looking into the cases of the sickness at the school.

"We have given guidance and tips to the school and parents. Measures have been implemented by public health authorities to stop more cases from happening."

A spokesperson from the Liverpool City Council mentioned: "The school and health organizations are talking to parents and families directly about how to deal with the spread of the illness."

They also mentioned that there is no danger to the public as a whole.

Giardiasis is a commonly occurring stomach illness worldwide, which is brought on by giardia parasites pretending to be human cells. These parasites destroy cells in the intestines in order to nourish themselves.

People usually contract the illness by consuming tainted water or food that has been infected.

Signs of this condition may involve intense diarrhea, abdominal discomfort, swelling, gas, and tiredness, and can persist for weeks or even months if not properly addressed.

People with giardiasis can typically get better on their own or with medication.

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