All the Francesca Bridgerton Book Spoilers for Everyone Who Simply Cannot Wait for ‘Bridgerton’ Season 4

Francesca Bridgerton

Imagine this: You've just completed watching the third season of Bridgerton and right now, (1) you're feeling pretty low, shedding tears over your unreciprocated affections towards Anthony, and (2) you're in shock over Francesca's connection with her spouse's family member. It's like we're in need of Lady Whistledown to deliver us the latest scoop from Scotland, because it's obvious that there's a romance developing!

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If you're in a hurry to find out what will happen next in Bridgerton or simply cannot bear to wait, there is some exciting news for you. We have some spoilers that can offer a sneak peek into the upcoming events. As we all know, Bridgerton is based on Julia Quinn's steamy book series, and for those eager to know about Francesca's journey, the book When He Was Wicked can provide valuable clues about her story.

In the book When He Was Wicked, John Stirling presents Francesca to his cousin Michael Stirling. However, in the show, we meet Michaela instead. While this is a pleasant change from the book's tendency towards heteronormativity, it's probable that in Bridgerton we'll see Francesca and Michaela's relationship stay consistent with the original story.

With that being said, let me tell you about the experiences of Francesca and Michael as written in the books!

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"When Wickedness Met Avon's Books"

Quick Bond, Love Struck Mate

During Francesca's marriage to John, she and Michael developed a strong bond. However, Michael's feelings for Francesca were not reciprocated. He was hopelessly in love with her, but she was happily married to his cousin.

To highlight Michael's infatuation, here's a verbatim excerpt from the book: "As soon as he laid eyes on Francesca Bridgerton, he was completely and utterly smitten, to the extent that he was taken aback and almost lost his balance."

Unexpected Death Of John Stirling

Francesca, at the tender age of 22, was left widowed and with child after the Earl of Kilmartin passed away just two years into their marriage. She was devastated as she suffered a miscarriage shortly after her husband's death and had very little support during this trying time. On the other hand, Michael, who inherited the expansive estate and his cousin's Earldom, was consumed with grief and was unable to cope with the fact that he had feelings for Francesca. For this reason, he decided to leave for India.

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Francesca & Michael's Love Story

The blog talks about the story of "When He Was Wicked" which jumps ahead four years after John's passing and follows Francesca and Michael in London. Francesca is on the lookout for a spouse and wants to have kids, while Michael has taken up his duties as the Earl. Unexpectedly, they end up in a romance that began as friends and eventually turned into passionate lovers. However, there is a lot of emotional turmoil and the two share a feeling of culpability amid numerous steamy sex scenes where they enjoy talking dirty to each other.

Michael decides to ask Francesca to marry him, and during this moment, they both share their romantic feelings, leading to the book's happy ending and the exciting elopement. This typical conclusion of Bridgerton novels can also be expected to be followed in the series, generating great anticipation for Season 4. We will likely witness a gradually developing love story between Francesca and Michaela, making us eagerly await its arrival.

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