Heatwave bargain! Pro Breeze's bestselling tower fan slashed to under £40 - now 50% off on Amazon...

Heatwave bargain! Pro Breeze's bestselling tower fan slashed to under £40 - now 50% off on Amazon...

Hot Deal! Pro Breeze's Top Fan Under £40 - 50% Off Now

Blog written by Lydia Wheatley for Mailonline.

Latest News: 09:10 BST, 6 September 2023

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The heatwave in the UK, which was not expected, has come back and it is even hotter this time. Luckily, Pro Breeze has recently reduced the prices of their fans, coolers, and air conditioners on Amazon by as much as 50%. Take advantage of this amazing offer right away before the temperatures rise even more.

Our top choice? Whether you're looking to cool down a single room or an entire home, an oscillating tower fan such as this Pro Breeze 30-inch model is an excellent option to consider. And the greatest advantage? It is currently being offered at a discounted price, available for less than £40.

Experience the refreshing breeze of the Pro Breeze 30-inch Tower Fan.

Keep your home cool in a fast and effective way with the 30-inch Oscillating Tower Fan by Pro Breeze.

With the inclusion of three different speeds and wind modes, along with a remote control that operates wirelessly, attaining an ideal level of coolness is a breeze, ensuring comfort throughout both day and night.

Grab this fan now for a time-limited deal of £39.87 - an incredible discount of 50 percent.

for only £39.87 and save a fantastic £40.12 when you purchase this item. Start browsing and avail of this amazing deal.

This incredibly strong 60-watt fan features a broad 70-degree back-and-forth movement range, effortlessly bringing comfort to spacious sections of your house - be it the sleeping quarters and workspace or the cooking area and lounge.

With its selection of three fan velocities and three wind patterns, along with the feature of a super quiet sleep mode, you have the power to determine the amount of air circulation. Therefore, regardless of whether you're experiencing a blistering hot day or a stiflingly humid night, this product ensures a steady stream of cooling relief.

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Pro Breeze recently slashed the prices of their air conditioners and fans on Amazon, offering a whopping discount of up to 50 percent.

The Pro Breeze fan also includes a smart timer feature, allowing you to schedule its automatic shutdown after a few hours during the night. This way, you can conserve energy while sleeping without any wastage.

One satisfied customer wrote, 'I didn't have high expectations due to the affordable price, but I was pleasantly amazed by the excellent quality.' They further added, 'It emits a similar level of sound as my traditional fan (which doesn't bother me since I enjoy sleeping with white noise), and it effectively cools down my bedroom.'

The Pro Breeze 30-inch Tower Fan has a user-friendly control panel, along with a remote control that lets you customize the cooling air circulation effortlessly, even if you're far away from the fan.

"This has been a lifesaver," exclaimed another reviewer enthusiastically. "I'm thrilled with the remote control and the fact that it blows fresh air rather than circulating air. It has truly made a significant impact. I would absolutely love to have another one."

The Pro Breeze 30-inch Tower Fan comes with a user-friendly control panel and a remote control, allowing you to customize the airflow for your comfort without having to get up from afar.

Last week, I slept with it on throughout the night without any problems regarding noise. Although it does make some noise, it doesn't bother me while I'm working or sleeping. Overall, it's a fantastic product and definitely worth the price.

The Pro Breeze 30-inch Tower Fan also includes a smart integrated tray for essential oils, allowing you to spread pleasant aromas in your home effortlessly. This makes it a convenient and easy-to-use air freshener as well.

Stylish and compact, this fan will be a great addition to your summer home arrangement.

Pro Breeze Offers More Amazon Deals

Introducing the Pro Breeze 4-in-1 Air Cooler featuring a spacious 10 Litre capacity.

This incredibly efficient air cooling device features a cutting-edge honeycomb cascade mechanism that circulates chilled air by passing warm air through ice-cold water, thus evenly spreading the coolness all over the space.

It includes a mode for fans, a mode for cooling the air, a mode for natural airflow, and a mode for nighttime operation.

Additionally, equipped with a timer that can be set for 7.5 hours and offering the option to choose from three different fan speeds, this versatile fan is suitable for a wide range of air cooling requirements.

Now only £99.99 with a whopping £100 discount! Grab this incredible deal and start shopping!

The Pro Breeze 4-in-1 Portable Air Conditioner with 9000 BTU is a versatile cooling device that can be easily controlled through your smart home using WiFi technology.

This compact cooling device comes with a 9000 BTU cooling power, capable of delivering robust and efficient cooling to areas such as average to spacious residences, lounges, sleeping quarters, and workspaces, reaching as low as 16 degrees celsius.

Additionally, you have the option to link it to your mobile device and manage the temperature, set a timer for 24 hours, and utilize different air conditioning features using either the application or voice prompts.

Works with Amazon Alexa and Google Home for iPhone and Android.

now and enjoy a discount of £125 when you purchase at the price of £234.99.

Hot Deal! Pro Breeze Tower Fan 50% Off - Under £40 At Amazon

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