Las Vegas F1 Grand Prix 2023 Results: Max Verstappen Wins Historic Race; Hamilton 7th

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Although Max Verstappen may not have fully enjoyed his time in Las Vegas, he still managed to come out as the winner once again.

Max Verstappen has yet again taken control of the Las Vegas Grand Prix on Saturday and claimed his 18th win in the 2023 Formula 1 season. Verstappen has now surpassed his own previous record by three wins. This record was set by him in the previous season.

Currently, Verstappen is considered the most influential personality in sports, as he has achieved victory in 33 out of the previous 43 F1 races.

Do we all concur that we will never witness a chauffeur who can match Max Verstappen's skills? He is just in a class of his own ????.

In the current year, Max Verstappen achieved victory in every three United States races. He honored his accomplishment by sharing a tweet featuring Captain America's iconic shield.

They gave Max Verstappen a lot to handle! There were many media responsibilities to fulfill and he had to race on a course he dislikes. On top of that, the road conditions were poor and he had to wear a not-so-great racing suit. To make matters worse, he was also given a five-second penalty. However, despite all these challenges, Max Verstappen managed to emerge victorious. This is a testament to his incredible driving skills. Well done, Max Verstappen - you truly are one of the greats!

Wow! Max Verstappen made an impressive move and won the race over Charles Leclerc! This was at the Las Vegas Grand Prix for the Formula One race. He executed his winning strategy with such precision and it was truly remarkable to watch!

Verstappen expressed his pleasure about the large audience in attendance and hoped that they too had a good time at the race. He also mentioned how much he enjoyed the event and was already looking forward to a return next year with the possibility of replicating his impressive performance.

Certainly, Verstappen had a slightly dissimilar opinion before Saturday night. He expressed his dislike for the flashy Las Vegas-like display linked to the race, stating that it takes away from the opportunity to teach fans about F1 as a sport.

Verstappen expressed to the press that he comprehends the desire for fans to have additional activities available at the track. Nonetheless, he believes it is crucial to educate them about the nature of our sport, as many simply attend to revel in the festivities, indulge in beverages, and witness musical or artistic performances.

I have the ability to travel to any part of the world and engage in wild and reckless behavior. For example, I could go to Ibiza and indulge in heavy drinking while enjoying myself. However, this is a common occurrence, and those who attend may just come to see their preferred artists while enjoying a few drinks with their friends before engaging in an eventful night out. Sadly, they don't acknowledge the hard work and dedication required of us to deliver an exceptional performance.

No matter what he thinks about the occasion, Verstappen has once more demonstrated his superiority as a racer on a global level.

In the race, Charles Leclerc secured the second position, and Sergio Pérez came in third to complete the podium.

During the event, Lando Norris had a terrible experience as he crashed in the fourth lap. On the other hand, Lewis Hamilton had a disappointing day too. He collided with Carlos Sainz Jr. in the initial lap and dropped to the 14th position. Later in the race, he also suffered a punctured tire but still managed to finish only in the seventh spot.

Sainz completed the race in sixth place, but his week was quite hectic. The worst part was when he had to replace his battery after the first practice session.

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