Euro 2024: How do teams reach the knockouts? Group stage explained

Euro 2024 groups

The Euro 2024 tournament will soon begin and we are excited for the soccer event!

If you're pumped up for the tournament or rooting for any of the 24 participating countries (it's still disappointing that the Irish team didn't qualify), you should know the ins and outs of the group stage.

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At Euro 2024, 16 out of 24 teams will advance to the knockout stage after completing the group stage. Among these 16 teams, 12 will come from the top two of the six groups, while the remaining teams will be made up of the four third-place teams that have performed the best.

It's easy to qualify for the teams who finish third in their respective groups. The team that earns the most points out of six has a chance to progress as the top-ranked fortunate loser.

The runner-up position will be awarded to the contestant who comes in third place but has the second-highest number of points. The third place position will be given to the competitor with the third-highest score, while the fourth place contestant will be the next in line. In case of a tie in points, the decision will be based on the team's goal difference, number of goals scored, or number of victories.

If, by chance, the team that ranks fourth but takes third place and the team that ranks fifth are both equal in all other aspects, then their disciplinary track record becomes the deciding factor. This pertains to the number of yellow and red cards that they have incurred.

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If it is still impossible to divide them, then the determining aspect will be the performance of the countries during the qualification process.

In conclusion, in the event that Germany finds itself in this particular situation and is tied on those criteria, a draw will be conducted. This is because the hosts gained automatic qualification for the tournament.

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