Ederson reveals hilarious texts from Arsenal fans after the Man City goalkeeper had his phone number...


Ederson Shares Funny Texts From Arsenal Fans After Phone Number Leak Ahead Of Spurs Game

Posted: 10:24am BST, May 15th, 2024 | Modified: 12:13pm BST, May 15th, 2024

Ederson shared that he got several text messages from Arsenal fans before Manchester City defeated Tottenham. This happened because someone leaked his phone number.

Despite the efforts of Arsenal fans, the City goalkeeper had the final say in the match as Pep Guardiola's team claimed a 2-0 win over Spurs. This victory enabled them to take the top spot on the table, leading into the last fixture of the season.

Before the match on Tuesday, there was a lot of talk among Arsenal fans and players. They really wanted their biggest rivals to help them out by winning or tying against City.

Arsenal could have had an upper hand going into the final day of the season if they had achieved this outcome. However, now they have to pin their hopes on City losing against West Ham at the Etihad on Sunday.

Ederson was very angry when he was replaced during the second half of the game after a severe collision with Tottenham defender Cristian Romero's hip. However, after the game, he seemed happier and shared some funny messages he received from Arsenal supporters.

Ederson has shared the text messages he got from Arsenal followers before the victory of Manchester City against Tottenham.

During the match against Spurs, Ederson went through an exciting game. Unfortunately, he had to be substituted in the second half as he sustained a head injury.

After Ederson's phone number was leaked, Arsenal supporters sent him messages to try and unsettle the City goalkeeper.

The citizen from Brazil disclosed that his private phone number was made public before City's match against Tottenham. This caused a swarm of text messages from supporters of Arsenal, hoping to unsettle the goalkeeper.

Ederson shared a snapshot of his WhatsApp conversations on social media, accompanied by the words: "Some hilarious messages came in when my contact details were made public."

A comment left by an optimistic Arsenal enthusiast reads as follows: 'Greetings, oh magnificent deity of Brazil! What is the price for a pleasurable evening with you?'

A different statement at the beginning of the text said: 'Make sure you don't make any mistakes tonight, you fool. Let's go Arsenal'.

A third message was sent straight to Ederson and it was a simpler one. It just said "Arsenal Arsenal Arsenal Arsenal" with a red and white emoji.

The blog post discusses how some Arsenal fans are resorting to drastic measures in order to throw Manchester City off their game during the final stretch of the season. Their goal is to help Arsenal secure their first Premier League championship in almost 20 years. The recent text scandal is just one example of these efforts to unsettle their opponents.

Ederson shared the messages he received from Arsenal fans ahead of the game against Tottenham.

Fans of Arsenal have been making great efforts to assist their squad in surpassing City and winning the Premier League championship.

On Monday evening before their match against Spurs, Arsenal supporters ignited fireworks outside a hotel in London where they assumed City was lodging.

It was later disclosed that Arsenal enthusiasts had put in needless effort as City chose to remain in Manchester and did not journey to the capital until the scheduled game day.

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